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Rand Paul Sticks It Good and Hard to Hillary

Written by Gary North on January 25, 2013

He said the obvious: no one got fired for the disaster at Benghazi.

I take responsibility,” she said immediately after the disaster that she had overseen. That meant: “I get a free pass.”

Ran Paul took away the free pass.

He compared Benghazi with 9-11. No one got fired after 9-11, either.

There is no responsibility at the top in Washington. There is insider, bipartisan agreement: “No one in high places should ever take the fall for total incompetence.”

YouTube lets the good guys at least inflict some embarrassment on the incompetents at the top.

I have kept my mouth shut on Hillary Clinton for 20 years. I have always regarded her as the non-power behind the throne. She was not Bill Clinton’s backbone. She was his victim. He treated her like dirt, but she said nothing in public, bimbo after bimbo — a dutiful wife with zero self-esteem, a woman who desperately needed the limelight that her husband provided for her. But it is now time to say something. Hillary Clinton is an incompetent. Men died because of her. She should have been fired.

They fired the female brigadier general who was in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison. They demoted her to colonel. She invoked the Sergeant Schultz defense: “I knew nothing. Nothing!” It did not save her. Hillary Clinton also deserves to be fired.

Watch. Enjoy.

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44 thoughts on “Rand Paul Sticks It Good and Hard to Hillary

  1. Hillary has not the dignity nor the self respect to resign; to "fall on her sword" so to speak. What she lacks, in a word, is honor.
    If she ever has had even a shred of honor, she gave it up long, long, ago. She is naught now but a poor cow.
    The fact that she serves in this morally bankrupt administration is fitting and damning, to both she and this President. She is cold blooded; a disgrace to her gender, humanity, and to the United States of America.

  2. Good for Sen Paul. I'm sure she didn't expect to hear this, but finally someone comes out and tells her the truth, along with the American public, these people died due to incompetence, her's, and to be more honest, those above her. The buck doesn't stop with the Sec of State.

  3. Amazing how in the military the commnader of a division,captain of a ship,pilot of an aircraft are ultimately responsible and are relieved of command in every case of poor or lack of good judgement. But in the Government no one is accountable for anything. Having spent 14 yrs in the military and 21 as a commercial pilot I am dismayed at the total lack of leadership and responsibilty of our current political class. They are a disgrace and history will record them as losers and be judged so by future generations. Unfortunitly we have to hope and pray the country can recover from this empty chair we have in the WH.

  4. Sam D Hunter says:

    And,,,, Obamy didn't lift a finger to send in anyone to help the embassy. Just went to bed to rest up for his upcoming debates with Mitt. I bet Mitt would have done something!!! But, we will never know since obamy and his team STOLE the election through FRAUD, Tampered machines, Bullying (black pansies), etc…

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Good for Paul! I wouldn't want to be the one who had to "Stick It Good and Hard to Hillary".

  6. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I agree with nearly everything you said, total lack of honor and self respect, cold blooded and a disgrace to her gender, by the way WHAT is her gender? a disgrace to the US and if possible to get that low a disgrace to bill clintoon the former potus.

  7. Honor and integrity; you can find this in Senator Paul. Now try to find an honorable democrat that hasn't been prostituted by the pimp in the White House.

  8. I first noticed this with Janet Reno and Waco. The story was all over the news. Janet Reno steps to the microphone and says, "I take fully responsibility." End of story, literally. News coverage ends and Reno kept her job.

  9. Rand Paul isn't even qualified to check her eyes (check his malpractice lawsuits), let alone pass any judgment on Hillary for what happened at Benghazi. He's barely been a senator for 2 years, and a terrible one at that.

    Anyone comparing Benghazi to 9/11 is slapping the thousands of Americans who died in 9/11 right in the face. The fact that you're even entertaining Rand Paul's line of bullshit "questioning" is completely absurd.

    Did you bother listening to the rest of what Hillary said? She goes on to say "We need to figure out how this happened so we can prevent it from happening again." Everyone wants to know exactly what happened, and pretending otherwise is proving yourselves fools.

  10. One Word… Traitors…

  11. He kicked back & watched the murdering of Americans @ Benghazi in real time as if it were an action video…

  12. Also to paint her a a victim of Bill playing around is just more BS designed to draw sympathy for her. No she is not a victim she is the cause, if she had done what most wives do, & that is to "take care" of her husband (in the bedroom) Bill may not have messed around with all of the ones he did it with. To bad she enjoys doing the same things Bill does, yeah to bad for her. How do you stay married to someone like her is a mystery to me, but then again I am not a politician where divorce is looked down upon

  13. I totally agree the though of "climbing that mountain" Oh just the thought of that has made my stomach churn

  14. Wow, Shane….I'm actually embarrassed by your willfull ignorance…! I don't think countering your thoughts would mean anything to you, and your blindness is obvious to most everyone else…

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I heard on talk radio that the whole Obama family watched this tragedy on TV. and were heard many times clapping and cheering "Kill da Whities" Naturally the MSM did not cover this. Rise up America, you're next!

  16. So this bureaucratic dissembling, "We need to figure out how this happened so we can prevent it from happening again", really sounds substantive to your ears? You can't be serious. This is standard boilerplate in situations like this. Like Richard said, wow, Shane.

  17. Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

    I mean no disrespect to you. However, I completely disagree with your characterization of Obama as "an empty chair in the WH." An empty chair would designate an unfilled position; would be an individual that is not present. Fact of the matter, Obama is in that chair and has been destructive on many levels. Would to God that that chair was empty. Even Biden would be an improvement. We have hope, and the country will recover when we rally to put out those who have created the Obama-nation (abomination) that we daily experience.

  18. Oh, Seymoure…certainly not clapping!! But I agree with Sam..the election was STOLEN.

  19. Yes, an empty chair would be better!
    And with 1940: So true! When a plane goes down or a ship, even if not really the pilot's fault…he is fired. People don't realize this is how it works!

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Well they were at least high-fiveing each other.

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Still waiting for Dick Cheney to take responsibility for any of the horrors he brought on America.

  22. And you think malpractice suits are a real grade – what like an F? – in a culture of gimme, gimme, gimme, useless slobs that will sue if their nose runs when they get a cold?

  23. Chris Branco says:

    The election was not stolen from Romney. Romney and the Republican party sealed their own fate when they stole the nomination from RON PAUL. That was the nail in the coffin of the Republican party. There will be no recovering from that. And if anyone believes that Rand Paul will somehow be the saviour of the Republicans you need go no further than his recent neocon comments on anyone who attacks Israel. The apple does indeed fall far from the tree. If it walks like a duck and quack likes a duck…

  24. Sure hope she liked it!!!

  25. HORRORS?????

  26. He would have lost big time.. Paul was NOT ELECTABLE!!!

  27. parklitch212 says:

    I don't believe Hillary or ANYBODY will be reprimanded over this incident, because the MSM won't persue the matter, and Sec. Herself has managed to put enough time between the occurance and the testimony to count on an apathetic response from the world at large.
    By the way, they KNOW what happened. They are trying to figure out why their version of the tragedy wasn't accepted by the American Public.
    They had ALL their mouthpieces, talking heads, and supporters ranting their story on every news program, political column, and support blog on the planet. That should have satisfied the Great Unwashed. right?
    Blasted Foreign Press !
    How DARE they contradict our Government Officials!
    They nearly cost Obama the election!
    Well, not exactly, but if he was a Republican, it would have.

  28. parklitch212 says:

    This administration hasn't taken responsibility for ANYTHING that would tarnish its image since 2007. The MSM is in it's pocket, the Soros-Controlled websites never contadict the stories the WH comes up with. So, WHO'S to challenge or demand responsibility ? Rush? FoxNews? The career politicians in Congress?
    Come on !
    We wait until 2014.
    God bless America until then.
    You get the government you deserve.

  29. Rand Paul came the closest to doing a good job but needed to ask her and have her respond to where and why the 25-30 (and there should be an exact head count) survivors of Benghazi have not been vetted by Congress? What was an ambassador and CIA doing there in the first place . Gun running? Or trying to retrieve weapons we gave al queda to assassinate Kadafi? This coverup
    makes Watergate look like a parking ticket!

  30. It's a real shame that no one wants to believe that Ms. Clinton had anything to do with this…. she even stated that she doesn't read all of the 1 million emails that come into the State Dept. Do you truly believe that the email that came in from Benghazi from the Ambassador himself didn't get a top priority with the State Dept.??? Seriously?? Stop taking the MSM lack of investigation into this matter at their word. To even believe the stupid hogwash about the video was what caused this is truly criminal and and the buck doesn't stop with Clinton….Why is it that you low information voters want to give everyone in the Democrat Party a pass no matter what??? Start opening your eyes and ears bc you are going to suffer just like the rest of us who don't buy their BS. If you ask anyone who has been in the military service of any kind, they will tell you that Clinton, and Obama, knew in real time everything that was happening there and they CHOSE TO DO NOTHING!!!

  31. To Hilary: "What does it really matter now?" (as in "I don't care"). It matters becuase the non-investigation was mired in obfuscation and finger-pointing, It matters becuase it was left hidden (FBI) until after the election. It matters because we may have had a different election outcome (including representives and senators). But it matters mostly becuase we could have avoided several unnecessary deaths.

    It matters…

  32. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the "political animal". She plays the media like a maestro violinist. Only the densest and most rabid liberals will accept the story that she was/is Bill Clinton's victim. She is a hard-shelled, scheming, bloodless, individual who cares only for her own agenda and personal advantages. She was fired from her job as a low-level lawyer on the Watergate investigation because she lied and falsified documents. It's been shown that her unethical conduct with the Rose Law Firm should have seen her disbarred, but her connections saved her. As First Lady, she violated laws that would have put a private employer in jail…or bankruptcy court. She is the Lucretia Borgia of American politics

  33. Chris Branco says:

    Romney and the Republicans were the ones who “lost big time.” As for your claim of Ron Paul being “NOT ELECTABLE!!!” I guess we’ll never know because the nomination was stolen from him.

  34. Am I correct that Hillary lost her law license and that Slick Willie did too ? Also Obama and his wife ? If so, the moral terpitude of their party is unbelievable. When was the last time any of them visited our injured troops in the hospital ?

  35. They H and BO know exactly what happened and they caused it! They sat on their buts and let four people die!

  36. Hillary 's performance has proven she wants the limelight and the power but none of the responsibility. May she fade into oblivion.

  37. This makes two empty chairs at the seats of power…

  38. Wow…you are a zombie.
    Figure out what happened….it's pretty clear what happened. Why was Gen. Ham relieved of duty when he wanted to go rescue them? Why were requests for more security denied?
    There is plenty of money in her budget to do it.
    She's a habitual liar and an incompetent.
    She always has been.

  39. Yeah…what was that stand with Israel baloney….we have never stood for any other of our allies to that extent. And they didn't do half of the treacherous things Israel has done to the U.S.

    Maybe Rand thinks he can't get elected president without the Israel lobby or maybe he plans to have a change of heart once if he does. He must just want their money for now. Surely he can't be THAT stupid

  40. I don't

  41. You said it all Magnum. Best comment on here !

  42. She will take "full responsibility" when she stands before the Lord.

    I read in that book The Truth About Hillary that Hillary was the one that ordered the attack on Waco because the siege was taking too long and distracting people from her health care agenda.

  43. Seymour Kleerly says:

    She'll rule the world from 2017-2025.

  44. Actually he was NO-Where to be found ! Another reason to blame Bush I guess! Its always someone else s fault…right? Now its someone else s fault again, she didn't do anything wrong… right? She didn't know…right? Yet, we all know nothing will be done to her except praise for the job she has done. Exactly just what did she do as Sec. ? Seems to me that any 12 year old could go around the world and be introduced to represent the U.S. and do a better job! Can anybody tell me what hillary did for the betterment of relations between other country's and the U.S.? Anybody can write a check for Billions of dollars to give away, even a 12 year old can do that, don't ya think?