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When Women Drive Tanks, Will They Be Afraid of Guns?

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2013

The outgoing Secretary of Defense has authorized women to serve in the front lines.

From now on, women will be allowed to serve in tank crews. They will be in foxholes with the guys. They will even be in elite commando units if they qualify.

Question: When they come back home, will they be afraid of guns?

Will they get all shaky when someone suggests that a woman should carry a handgun in her purse?

When you know how to drive a tank, will a concealed .357 seem way too aggressive?

Will they freeze in terror when some guy pulls a knife on them?

The Obama Administration is sending out mixed signals: (1) uniformed women are as good as men when dealing with armed terrorists; (2) civilian women should beĀ  kept unarmed and defenseless in the face of criminals.

For women who don’t want to drive a tank, but who are not afraid to carry a gun and use it, this site’s for you: http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com.

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13 thoughts on “When Women Drive Tanks, Will They Be Afraid of Guns?

  1. What I find amazing in this whole discussion over the last two days is zero mention of the fact the two of the services are prohibited by law from having women in direct combat roles and the other two services have a policy to align themselves with other two.

    So should we not be asking why Panetta thinks he can override the Congress; the branch of Government that makes the laws?

    And did anybody really ask the women if this is what they want? Cause if this goes down the draft will have to apply to women as well under the 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Laws.

    Be careful what you wish for. You may have to live with it. Or in this case die because of it.

  2. Wonder is they are having trouble with the folks not voting Demcrat and with the free birth control and abortions could it be they are fishing for votes?? I just don't know what game is a foot anymore with this bunch

  3. No, women should not be drafted! Women are not men. I do feel that women can do many supporting roles in the Military. But on the whole, women are not cut out to be soldiers. A woman who volunteers for such duty is an exception. And if she qualifies to fill that roll, she should be given the chance. I also feel that until our country actually declares a just war, in defense of the U.S., that men shouldn't be drafted either. Our boys are dying and being maimed for life for Political reasons. Our country has taken on the roll of the aggressor in the world, creating more problems and killing more inocent civilians everywhere they go, making the US. a target. If we really wanted to help these countries, we would be offering economic and Diplomatic help to solve disputes instead of bombing the hell out of them. Until the U.S. (without the UN) changes their roll in the world, I wouldn't support a draft for our men or women. The only one winning in these undeclared wars are the Defense Contractors and the Banksters who finance the wars.

  4. Bob Marshall says:

    The majority of women voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012.They will have to live or die as the case may be with their choice. Unfortunately,those women who did not vote for Obama may also die in wars and conflicts. I expect before Obama leaves office the second amendment will be repealed and Obama will serve a thrid term. I also believ Obama will be able to appoint three new judges to the supreme court and the Constitution we once knew will be replaced by a new "progressive living" constitution as asked for by Obama,Soros,Cass Sunstein and Holder.

  5. No. They should be drafted. Since they can vote they can suffer and die like the men. They should also be required to sign for the selective service. I'm sick of w"women have choices men have obligations" bigotry. Maybe only then will people care what happens to our veterans. No one seems to care when its men.

  6. Sam D Hunter says:

    Hence the end of OUR freedoms we know today. Obamy will become the Fuehrer of the Divided States of America. Where NO one is free to live but Required to PAY Taxes for Obamy's vacations. Thanks to the fools that voted him in OR allowed him to take office a second time…!!!!

  7. David in MA says:

    obama has destroyed the military and now needs a show he is supportive by allowing women in combat roles…..first the able bodied (until they are rejected), then the old and infirm(until they are all dead), then the children's brigade (until they too are dead, starved, or captured and enslaved)……..damn, this reminds me of nazi germany!

    I swear this SOB is following Mein Kampf along with certain communist applications……
    THAT"S IT! obama is applying his utopian version of eclecitic government, wow, maybe van jones is right, obama is a communitarian——–(I Agree, obama is a communist)!

  8. The Bible says that it is a cursed nation that sends its women to war.

  9. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Women in combat is a mistake. Tank crews, OK. but not much else.

  10. Good points. Like any other law the Obama admin will just ignore it. The law will never stand in the way when kissing up to a constituancy.

  11. Red Wing 55 says:

    We're so happy to know that you passed high school biology and realize that there is actually a difference between men and women. Most women can't fulfill the requirements to be in the infantry, armor, or special operations units, they may be able to meet some of the requirements, but very, very few can meet the majority of them. And exactly what do you think is a "just" war, because by your definition, we have had very few of them. As for trying to help out the rest of the world, check out how much money Uncle Sam spreads around the world and you'll still find that we are hated by a lot of those countries that get plenty of our money. So don't be so sanctimonious and act like you have all the answers, most of what you say just doesn't cut the mustard. Any other country should understand one thing, attack us and yes, we will be the aggressor!

  12. Please give me the scripture. Thank you.