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A New Site for the Woman Who Owns a Gun (and Plans to Buy Another One)

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2013

There is a new website that targets what I hope is a large and growing audience: women who own guns. These are women who inwardly cheered when Sandra Bullock warned hooligans in The Blind Side that she was packing. The hooligans wisely left her alone. The site is here: http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com

In a time of increasing violence, a handgun is a great equalizer. A man may be stronger than a woman. He is not stronger than a woman with a snub-nose .357.

Too many women are more afraid of guns than they are of rapists. Nothing much can be done for women who have that frame of mind. They want the State to protect them. They want an agent of the State to be there in a crisis. The gun control lobby wants this kind of woman to vote.

For women who are convinced that safety, like charity, begins at home, the new site will reinforce their feeling as well as provide news on gun-related issues of interest.

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8 thoughts on “A New Site for the Woman Who Owns a Gun (and Plans to Buy Another One)

  1. I am 74 and do not understand why women are afraid of guns…the gun is a tool and women use tools everyday…cars and buses and trucks and tools in the home…blenders and ovens and stoves and knives..in the laundry as in irons etc…a tool does what the operator wants it to do and one usually learns how to use them…same with a gun..it is an equalizer in an unequal situation..used correctly it can save the woman's life and the lives of her family…or she can remain defenseless and be a victim. I could go on and on but as I observe today's society and see what young women and girls do I am amazed that women would want to be victims.

  2. Seymour Kleerly says:

    This is opening a whole new can of worms. God forbid if you leave the party with a different woman.

  3. Go Women who want to own guns! Too bad there wasn't more women who felt that way? Lucky for Obama, Satan, & blacks, I suppose? Just saying, what is, is…

  4. Then again,... says:

    You catch on quick, Seymour. Pistol-packin'-people turn out to be a catalyst for for helping jerks to do the right thing when they might be tempted otherwise.
    Imagine the internal conflict that a stalker might experience when he realizes that he has followed her to her pistol practice.
    Or the frustration and sudden vulnerability experienced when an "upskirt voyeur photog" realizes that, not only is she wearing tighty-whiteys but she also has on a thigh holster.
    This turns out to be a "worm" deterrent.

  5. You GO Girl!!!

  6. The gun control lobby would rather have a woman lying dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, than to have the same woman standing over the dead would-be attacker with a smoking Beretta in her hand, explaining to police what happened!

  7. I would like to remind you those “tools” are designed by and made by men. Yet the article tries to clobber the idea that somehow it makes her stronger than men. Meh…..

  8. What an amazing post!! Thank you so much Ginger! I and lots of other women feel the same as you said.