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Hyperinflation in the Afterworld

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2013

There are a lot of Jewish comedians who broke into the comedy business as stand-up comics.

There are a lot of Jewish economists who broke into the field of economics as sit-down drudges.

Yoram Bauman is the only Jewish economist who broke into the field of economics as a stand-up comic.

Here, you see why. This is from a meeting of academic economists, several of whom were gentiles.

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4 thoughts on “Hyperinflation in the Afterworld

  1. <LOL>

  2. davidusromanus says:

    Why Ron Paul supporters?

  3. Most interesting "lecture" on economics I've ever heard. Had no problem staying awake.

  4. Be Reasonable says:

    Yoram may have a future in the afterworld….