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Water on Mars: The Endless Search With Our Tax Money Goes On.

Written by Gary North on January 22, 2013

Two more scientists have said that we — meaning American taxpayers — are close, very close, just-around-the-corner close to discovering water on Mars.

Water means life is possible. Life being possible means more money spent to discover life on Mars.  Life on Mars means that the the Bible’s version of life has to be wrong.

Anyway, that sequence has been the underlying motivation for NASA’s endless Mars projects for 20 years. For 20 years, American taxpayers have been exploited by NASA’s attempt to keep alive the Darwininsts’ dream of water on Mars.  About $40 billion have gone down this rat hole.

So far, nothing. Not a drop.

So, the Darwinists cry out for more exploration, and therefore more tax exploitation.

To see the latest non-evidence, click the link.

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25 thoughts on “Water on Mars: The Endless Search With Our Tax Money Goes On.

  1. Just because you have water doesn't mean life exists, many more factors are needed. Comets are mainly
    made of ice but no life exists. Mars is a barren planet…no need for humans to waste their lives going their.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    If one cell of organic material is found on Mars, the headlines will scream LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!

    A 9-month old child still in the womb, though… NOT life. No, no, no, that's a woman's right to choose, but not something alive. Surely not…

  3. Texas Chris says:

    There may be life on mars. Sure. Why not?

    But why do I have to be robbed to pay for some nutcase to have his curiosity satisfied on the matter?

  4. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Forget Mars and rebuild America. Of course there's life all over the universe in trillions of forms. Are we still under the authority of the Catholic church of the 17th century? We could find similar life in a crashed spaceship and the Church would have to deny it. Of course the Liberals would not accept such anti-Science efforts.

  5. Just because life may exist on other planets does not mean the Bible is not true. Remember angels existed long before mankind. I am not aware of any scripture that precludes life being created beyond our little island.

    That God created mankind after angelic creatures and that life exisits in every corner of our world from volcanic vents deep under the sea to the arctic tundrea suggets to me God more than likely created life else where.

    This does not diminish his glory but demonstrates his power and glory even more.

  6. And where exactly does that $900 billion go every year? The military industrial complex and lining the pockets of CEOs. You're a joke, Gary, completely and utterly.

  7. C.Jay Engel says:

    Shane, your language is classless.

    Also, North has spoken and written much on the military industrial complex. In fact, he understands that even the two WWs were a farce. He understands that the pentagon spends way too much and is a Ron Paul supporter, meaning he would like to bring all the troops home from around the world. Nice try.

    Before you yell at people, do some research. Thank you.

  8. Bob Marshall says:

    The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfield announced to congress that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion. This wasn't announced to the public until Oct. 2002 and that was only one time by CBS.The Inspector General also later said the military cannot account for 25% of what it spends.

  9. Stop worrying about this. The search for life on other bodies in the Solar system shows their desperation. Exploration is good, no matter what the purpose. Let them search for life. They won't find it and they will, at the same time, be doing lots of good scientific research – research more than worth the money spent.

  10. I think they’re really looking for oil. Water is just a cover story. At least 15 years ago Dick Cheney said they thought there was oil on Mars. That’s why Bush promoted Mars missions.

  11. I should have said: That’s why I believe Bush promoted Mars missions.

  12. until it is more feasible for private enterprise to explore space, I think this is a legitimate endeavor for govt. We should never have stopped with the lunar/Appollo project. Who knows where we would be?

  13. Apparently this really upset you or do you use this languageall the time?….for your good health, maybe you could decide if anything is worth this anger????

  14. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What happens when the Alien tells us about his cultures "son of God". It happens all the time and everywhere there is "intelligent" life.

  15. How'bout we Taxpayers vote if we want to keep OUR money here or 'Lost In Space' and let's see how fast that dollar gets spent on #$%ing Mars.

  16. awkingsley says:

    Our government does not need to be funding exploration with tax payer money; however, exploration to find life on Mars also has nothing to do with Darwinism. To my knowledge, God never said that earth was the only place he created life. Maybe the following will help to clean up the author's misconceptions: Judeo-Christianity inherited a tidbit of Vedic knowledge in the Creation Story in the Holy Bible. We all had the Vedic knowledge at one time, but through the passage of thousands of years, and with the coming of Jewish Prophets and our Christian Jesus Christ, we deemed it important to remember only the Holy Bible. This has come back to bite us in many ways because of the controversies surrounding the Creation Story, to which Christians usually have inadequate answers. However, the answers were passed down for millions of years by Vedic Pundits who memorized the Vedas. That was their job. The Vedas predate Hinduism and are our earliest human record. Hinduism is built on Vedic knowledge, and the Hindus are the current conservators of Vedic knowledge, but not the progenitors. The Vedas are non-chronological historical records. Here are some very interesting URLs stating the facts of a separate creation for modern man and the evolution of an ape-like man, Neanderthal who died out. http://www.stephen-knapp.com/out_of_africa_theory
    Information in the Vedic Ramayana describes an elephant that lived 2 million years ago and construction of the Land Bridge between India and Sri Lanka 1,700,000 years ago. http://www.oocities.org/trueworldhistory/ramayana
    The world was created in 6 Days means in 6 "God Days", days of "Brahma the Creator", our God. (It should be noted here that the Hindus tend to call all enlightened people or Avatars "gods". Even renunciates who are on a spiritual path but have not yet reached enlightenment are called “godmen”. They use the term "god" very loosely.) http://www.webonautics.com/mythology/brahma2.html

  17. No, there are many better reasons to realize that the Bible is not a magical book, but what does any of this have to do with the Tea Party? I'm against the government wasting money. I'm against the government driving itself into default by borrowing. I'm against the government pretending that the constitutional limits on its power don't matter. That's what the Tea Party is all about, that is saving the country from obvious deadly problems. Why must you bring this irrelevant religious crap into the mix? It has nothing to do with these other issues and the one thing it will do is make millions of people like me who are serious patriots who don't accept your religious views away from the main cause here.

    If you think that this stuff is more important than saving the country from these actual threats then by all means, express yourself and fight for what you think is right in groups that care about those things. The Tea Party is not about abortion or religion. People trying to make it about that are a much bigger threat to the movement than the left is.

  18. The rule of thumb seems to be that private companies can do anything NASA can for around 10% of the cost. I'm all in favor of getting the government out of the space business, but opposing it on religious grounds is ridiculous and counter-productive.

  19. Why go to mars if you cant even get to the moon with manned spacecraft.

  20. Life on Mars does NOT equate to the bible being wrong on creation , because ALL creation , including mars is part of GODS creation and all the way to infinity .

  21. You may well be smarter than me but I don't think that there are people on any other planet.

  22. I enjoyed Star Trek as much as anyone else, but I think the only legitimate endeavor for govt. is to protect our rights. Public fireworks displays and trips to the moon make good entertainment, but are a waste of money and resourses. Private enterprise will explore space when there is a genuine reason to do so.

  23. Jim McClarin says:

    I'm not a huge fan of Biblical creation zealotry. The Old Testament's Genesis is an abbreviated and heavily spun retelling of the much older and more detailed accounts of the earlier cultures of the region. The earliest know version was written on clay tablets by Sumerian scribes millenia before the Israelites. I am more inclined toward the earliest accounts and these quite clearly undermine the Earth-centric concept of creation.

    I am not entirely on board with strict Darwinian evolution due to evidence there has been wholesale tampering in the human genome, which the Sumerian accounts also aver.

    I think there has likely been life on many planets, though not necessarily brought forth from inert chemicals. I rather like the panspermia concept, rudimentary life being broadcast through the cold, empty reaches of interstellar space to "take root" wherever conditions were hospitable. Whether the "creator" in such a scheme was the almighty God of Judeo-Christianity or one of his lesser intelligent minions who can say?

    I expect we will find signs of past lifeforms and maybe present lifeforms on Mars but, like others here, I am keen on this being done by voluntary, non-tax-funded means. The recent formation of private space companies is therefore of great interest to me. More power to them. NASA at some point should withdraw from the field.

  24. markrkreitzer says:

    If you have read Walter Brown's Hydroplate theory, then there should be water on Mars. This will be one key test of his theory. We should also find evidence of terrestrial life on Mars having been blasted out of the earth's atmosphere by the "fountains of the great deep."

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