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23 thoughts on “Obama’s Second Inaugural Address: An Unofficial Translation

  1. cherokee_warrior says:

    Obama, true to form, the continual snake oil salesman. Lots of words, and no truth in them. Look at the Libya situation,
    four brave Americans, dead and basically now forgotten by Obama and his cronies. Should be interesting to hear Hillary testify. she has certainly had a lot of time to determine what she will say, to sound convincing. But true to form, she will give her 'all' to cover Obama's A**.
    Then, we have the most recent 'terrorist attack' on the BP Oil facility, where more Americans were killed. What is Obama going to do about that? Don't hold your breath, for you cannot hold it that long.

    Things are going to get tougher and rougher, but, I remember from my early Army days, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, Then, look out.

  2. barb patton says:

    This makes very very dismal reading. It is unfortunate that the lemmings and all the people who wasted their time going to see this fraud place his hand on a "bible'? and lie to God and the people continues to lie and spin gobbeldy gook and the lemmings simply piddle in their pants and drool at the mouth. Shame on you ayatollah barack hussein (I wish i could use my middle name)(muslim) obama – you are on the road to successfully destroy America – The Moo and her kids must be very happy in their designer clothes.

  3. Won’t read this – scrolled thru quickly to leave my comment. No one wants to make him prove his eligibility … the mere fact he spent millions to conseal his “records” is proof positive he hides his INELIGIBILTY! As Congress won’t IMPEACH for his fraud and deception, they SHOULD IMPEACH for his MISUSE OF EXECUTIVE POWER AND OUTRIGHT TYRANNICAL ACTIONS AGAINST OUR COUNTRY AND THE CONSTITUTION! Whatever he stated – whatever happened with this MOCKERY OF AN INAUGURAL . . . ALL FOUR OF HIS TAKING AN “OATH” WHICH IS AND WAS (2009) NOT CONSTITUTIONAL, I want no part of knowing nor did I turn on my TV since last Saturday! Won’t watch any news until the hoopla is over!!!

  4. Please view the video below. Hope it comes through OK. It is a re-enactment of a gestapo-like, para-military aggressive raid on a small business called Mountain Pure, a water-bottling company. It also talks about Gibson Guitar Co. and Duncan Outdoors, Inc. This happened approx. 8 months ago and I never heard a word about it. The only one I heard about was Gibson Guitar. It is about 22 minutes long, so allow yourself enough time. It is scary!!!


  5. Cherokee_warrior … have a question for you and Military: As obummamaniac continues to deceive and snubb his nose at the Military … did NOT allow their “votes” to count … could there be an uprising … a Military coop or a muntiny toward overpowering this fraud and imposter in order to save our Country preserving our Constitution and Constitutional Rights???

  6. Dr. Kathleen Barlow says:

    Thanks for your cogent analysis. I totally agree with you.

  7. nightlight says:

    I stopped watching the news and, to be honest, all TV in 2008 when this clown-from-hell was elected the first time. When I turn on my computer, if a picture of Obama or any of his family shows up anywhere on my computer screen, I quickly do whatever is necessary to make it disappear. I wish the real Obama could be made to disappear.

  8. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I hope you're just a foot Doctor!

  9. 2013 Watcher says:

    Inasmuch as the TeaParty Economist did not have the time or space to completely analyze the tribe, we need a news service that will publish the true translation, without the original, and drop it as leaflets on the menions of those blue, jacka.. states who voted for him. This expose as an inaugural speech reviews his first four years as a total attempt to dismantle the US government, and control the American people. The first half of this cursing at the American people is sufficient to pull hard evidence of his failed leadership in an open publishing of his deception, without the BO voters even knowing its not the real thing. The BO voters need to be educated, and if they could not understand his trash talk, a translation would probably be welcome. Does anyone remember Gipsey Rosealee from the momentuous World War II? Where there is a will, there is a way. All internet news services pool their funds, form a printing house to print a real newspaper, and drop it from the sky. Cute, huh?

  10. Bill Smith says:

    What really made me sick was listening to the media swoon over the meaningless speech and the circus goings-on from beginning to end. Our Washington government is completly worthless as far as positively advancing our country.

  11. Gary, your worth as a translator is next to nothing.

  12. Go away, Shane.

  13. Go away, Seymour

  14. J Bartlett says:

    Why have we not been hearing all this hatred and belittling of our nations leaders for the last twenty plus years. I really don't see anything different except the awakening of the American people to the workings of a Government that has favored the wealthy and white-collared criminals for decades. Perhaps it is because Obama is a minority president, or is it because those who have prospered with the status quo are now being called out by the masses.
    I beleive any change is good for this country, shake it up a little and see the roaches scatter. Only the true Americans will remain standing while the blaspheming vermin will fight to continue their relentless destruction of everything good for their personal fortune.

  15. Lorraine Fitzpatrick says:

    In other words; his same old BS ..

  16. Narcissism is o’s middle name…. his mental illness is so very dangerous .. Enough said…

  17. gary your worth is next to nothing

  18. and you are a proctologist

  19. Bob Marshall says:

    I promise,your taxes won't go up one
    penny. Social Security taxes just increased fro 4.2% to 6.2%. National debt up $5.6 trillion in Obama's first four years.

  20. Well…BO DID call those killed at Bengazzi "not optimal"……..what does that tell ya?

  21. Sooooooooooo……..you support "any change" including obama and his attempts at dismantling our constitution? You support his attempt at dictatorship? You know many of us in the middle class voted for OTHER "minority" candidates. Your racist card is a straw man at best. WE don't care WHAT color a person is running for president! It's about policies and ideals. BO is a communist born and raised and is now attempting to rid us of the 2nd amendment then the entire US Constitution. HE is the "white collared crimminal" here. HE and his cohorts are the "wealthy" here except the difference is they've become wealthy on OUR DIME!! Please move to N.Korea or Cuba? We will fight you on the battlefield to save our freedom and capitalist way of life. GET a CLUE….MARX is wrong!!! You think BO is "punishing the rich"?? NO…..actually he's punishing the middle class. Again….get a clue!

  22. Seymour Kleerly says:

    It's only going to get worse for you my friend. But that also means better for America!

  23. Clintonian says:

    Only you wouldn't understand. But then again, you are not in Afghanistan, coward Tea party members. Put your head back in the sand.