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Gun Violence Is Urban, Inner-City Violence

Written by Gary North on January 21, 2013

We know where gun violence is highest: inner-city districts that vote Democrat.

Is there any way to get the guns away from gangs? No. We all know this. Even Congress knows this.

Democrats say they want to get guns away from dangerous people. They do not mean people living in their voting districts. They mean in Republican, suburban districts. They are afraid of armed Republicans, not armed Democrats.

Taking away guns in the suburbs looks easier than taking them away in the inner cities. Bureaucrats will go for the safe targets.

Visualize a 23-year-old white male recently hired by the Department of Homeland Security. He has a B.A. degree in sociology. He is in Detroit. He is there to get residents’ guns.

He knocks at a door. A man comes to the door. “Are you Willie Williams?” The answer: “Who wants to know?” He replies, “If you are Willie Williams, I have come for your guns.”

How many weeks will he stay on the job?

This is why gun control is aimed at the suburbs: safe enforcement. But the laws cannot be enforced even there. There are too many gun owners. There are too many voters who say this: “The police cannot protect me. I must protect myself.”

That is what they say in the inner cities, too.

Americans are armed. They are going to stay armed. This is not Canada.

For the statistics, click the link.

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34 thoughts on “Gun Violence Is Urban, Inner-City Violence

  1. Maybe they are right to be afraid of armed republicans. It seems at times they are the only ones wanting to keeo our freedoms and not settle for Obama freebies.

  2. Gee, I sold all my guns last week, but my cats chewed up all the paper work. Who did I sell them to? I can't really recall Can you coe i and look around? Where"s your search warrant? If it gets to that stage, thats my story and I am sticking to it. In the meantime, I am taking up the crossbow and putting a cutting edge on my decorative broadsword.

  3. Texas Chris says:

    Here I 100% disagree with Dr. North.

    The white, middle-class suburbs are where the gun-grabbers will be most endangered.

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    What is particularly interesting is that the Obama supporters in America's cities have surrendered their rights to the government long ago. The only people in those liberal cities who have ready access to firearms are the criminals and drug dealers. Decades of Democrat policies have stripped honest people of the ability to defend themselves. The only way remaining for them to express themselves, if they’re dissatisfied, is by burning their own city around themselves.

  5. ex ghetto nurse says:

    There will be no grabbers in the ghettoes. NY police stopped and frisked an Obama son's look alike last year, with a violent history, with a handgun. Case thrown out, Bronx NY Court decision. Activists continue to protest the 'stop and frisk' "victims" who are mostly inner city thugs. Look ar NY, Chicago, Detroit, Camden NJ, Newark, New Orleans, and any/all "diversity" tribal areas and the story is the same, trending upward.
    "Polar bear hunting" a ghetto pastime on the rise as whites attacked increased greatly in the last three years, as are flash mobs of shoplifters and whitey bashers. There can be no help expected from any where. Avoiding the areas and inhabitants is best. Relocating your selves if possible even better, leave the Dem cities to the leftists, advocates and libs. They'll make easier focus for the 'diverse' neighbors to interact with.

  6. Notice the gun violence is where obammy voters live, when you don’t have to work and have the IQ of 20 or less , what do youe expect !!

  7. You will be summarily executed when you cannot produce the guns. Too bad you let them do that background check.

  8. These kinds of statistics are not of the least interest to the left. All they are interested in is obtaining records (background check, registration, etc) of armed citizens. When their day comes they will be looking for you. That is why the Founding Fathers provided that the rights shall not be infringed.

  9. I dunno, it seems like a tossup to me. People in the suburbs (and rural areas) are habitually, reflexively law-abiding. This makes them very different from those in those 100%-vote-for-Obama neighborhoods. People in the 'hood realized long ago that the man wasn't on their side. The suburbanites and rural dwellers are just waking up to that fact. It'll be interesting to see whether law-'n'-order or principle wins out.

  10. "Democrats say they want to get guns away from dangerous people. They do not mean people living in their voting districts. They mean in Republican, suburban districts. They are afraid of armed Republicans, not armed Democrats.

    Taking away guns in the suburbs looks easier than taking them away in the inner cities. Bureaucrats will go for the safe targets."

    Perfect. Bravo.

  11. And there's a reason they aren't afraid of armed Democrats. An armed Dem is just a criminal thug. In the Soviet union they called them "socially friendly elements" or "friendlies" for short. They were used in the Gulag system as trustees to assist the guards in riding herd on the real prisoners, the "politicals". The politicals were dissidents, and the Gulag was created for them, not for the common criminals. Republicans with guns are dissidents. The Dem politicians, like Stalin, are afraid of the dissidents.

  12. Bob Marshall says:

    according toCenter for Immigration studies the gang MS-13 has 90% of their members as being illegal immigrants.i don't see anyone in government going after their guns.A.G. Holder wouldn't even think about it since he has protected so many terrorist members and organizations.

  13. Look at this video: figures from the fbi.gov site that back up the inner city numbers and compare the US to England. It's ugly.


  14. and just how many obozo voters are honest?

  15. ex ghetto nurse says:

    Yes, and this is only the beginning phase. We don't miss this, emigrating from Lib NYC, but still in the occupied US are safer, less 'diverse' areas. As Bloomberg News article stated "Death Spiral States" will never recover. Exodus of those who count increases, more expected w/higher NY taxes for example. It need not be as many as the tax and spenders fear, but enough to squeeze what revenue remains. Then all of these areas will look like Detroit, Newark, Chicago and so on.

  16. guest on this planet says:

    Why doesn t barry go door to door in the ghetto and tell the bangers to give up their guns, tht is without having the national guard holding his hand . He could also go to all the bathhouses that he went to to say hi to larry sinclair and friends

  17. My HK91 fell into the Chesapeake Bay while Duck Hunting…lol , Too bad Governor O'Malley you commie SOB!

  18. You would give them the chance to execute you? You wouldn't try to take as many traitors with you as possible,not much of an American…

  19. Where are you living @ to have that mentality, Montgomery Co.,Maryland… Don't get out much do you. The biggest mistake the government made was to drive the Militias underground back in the 90's when the Clintondyke was on her murderous rampage burning children & jailing Free Men …

  20. Beware of Universal Back Ground Checks as espoused by Joe Biden….This is trickery and will net prison sentences for many gun owners….Universal Back Grond Checks is the Essence of Evil!

  21. Be careful as to what you agree to , trying to be a good citizen these days. You may agree to become a victim, just trying to be a good law abiding citizen , if a stupid citizen. Just look at GB and the conditions there on the streets for victims against gang bangers who want what they have.

  22. I really love this, they create the image in these articles that a nice young man will show up and knock on your door and politely ask you to surrender your guns. This is not how it will go down folks. There will be a group of tactically trained SWAT type units who will converge on your home in the middle of the night while you and your family are sound asleep. In the midst of the quiet of the dark night, they will smash your door in with a battering ram, lob some flash bang devices into the darkness of your living room, along with some tear gas canisters. You won't even have time to react, let alone think cohesively in this situation, and chances are pretty good you will probably die from a heart attack from this type of stunning attack.

  23. Let the libs and demacraps have the big citys maybe they will kill each other and we will get rid of them that way I would not live in new york or californa for anything that is where the crimes are and that is where the corupt libs are Hopefuly all the libs will go to the big citys and stay there

  24. Erik Osbun says:

    So obviously and obviously so, the gun grab is not about violence; it is about politics.

  25. Bigolfascist says:

    Don’t believe what they say about keeping your guns; if a bill is passed that bans sale, transfer, or bequest of any weapons, all it means is long-term confiscation of firearms. It means that when a gun owner dies–if he/she complies with proposed national registration— is that the weapons must be surrendered to the BATF or IRS by the decedent’s heirs. The government will know about the death via social security. I suspect that any final bill will have attached an exorbitant tax assigned to all gun owners per weapon, easily identifiable by said compulsory registration. Feinstein probably consulted with Cass Sunstein on her proposed bill. Oh, BTW, don’t be so naive as to believe that your governmental rep or senator will fight for you. It didn’t happen in 1934 nor in 1968. Those gun laws were unconstitutional, but became law. Neither the public nor legislators blinked an eye. Neither law has ever beef struck down, and Feistein’s Bill is the last nail slowly nailing down the coffin on the Second Amendment, not to mention the Fourth.

  26. If I were an evil, power-hungry politician, I’d ban the sale and importation of “assault weapons”, then wait a few years and do the same with pistols and certain ammunition, then wait a few more years and pass some legislation heavily restricting and taxing all firearms and ammunition and require registration. Then, when most people have given up on owning and using firearms, I’d outlaw them entirely (by amending the Constitution, of course). And then I’d go about arresting, convicting, and imposing ridiculous prison sentences on anyone who violates the law. And at that point the masses would be afraid to buy, sell, or even talk about guns. And then I’d subject the subjects to whatever form of tyranny I choose. And after the gun-owning generations have died away, there will be no serious thoughts of rebellion or revolution. The “crazy” people will continue their murdering of common people with knives and blunt objects. Meanwhile, the UN will expand, and every nation will be absorbed into it until we eventually have world domination by a single governing body run by big banks and corporations. Everybody (the ruling elite excluded) will be made equal through collectivism; the rice farmer in china and the school teacher in America can enjoy the same living standards. And when population exceeds world capacity, I’d allocate living space based on need…and maybe begin extermination of the less desirable subjects if necessary. And then maybe in the year 2213 or 2313 there will be balance and equality.

    But I’m not an evil, power-hungry politician.

  27. Since cities kill, let's abolish cities!

  28. I SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE "CUT AND PASTE" this message and send it to everybody! Including whatever 2nd Amendment Organization you belong to!!


    I have had this one my mind for quite some time. While
    organizations such as yours do much to Defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms,
    I am afraid

    our past efforts have not only been inadequate; in fact,
    they've been futile!!!

    What do I mean?

    Well, Let me ask you a question. How is it that Dianne
    Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenburg or any other Senator or Congressman,
    appointed or elected official can swear an Oath to uphold the Constitution, and
    then go right to work in dismantling it; i.e. attacking
    the 2nd Amendment by introducing legislation repeatedly that INFRINGES upon our
    right to carry and bear arms?? Or the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments as well?

    Are these secured Rights, or are they selective for
    whatever Congress or the White House feels comfortable with?

    And WHOM are they meant to protect? The Bill of Rights
    are Prohibitions against Government, NOT THE PEOPLE!!

    And how is it that we've let them?

    Shouldn't we be suing each and every one of them, each and
    every time, for introducing Unconstitutional legislation that violates our
    Secured Rights? In spite of that very fact that it absolutely is a violation of their Oath? Shouldn't we be suing to have them removed from Office, PERMANENTLY,
    for introducing or even suggesting such repugnant laws? Lawsuit after lawsuit
    after lawsuit, time after time after time, jurisdiction after jurisdiction after
    jurisdiction. Persistence plus!

    Why haven't we been doing this? Instead, we take the
    cowards way out, pretending that it is within their scope of "duty" to provide
    such repugnant legislation, and then we

    end up fighting against it when its Unconstitutional, and
    therefore UNLAWFUL, in the first place?

    Why haven't you and the other 2nd Amendment Gun Rights
    organizations (i.e. NRA, CCRKBA, KABA, GOA, SAF, etc., etal) pooled together
    your resources and create a Legal Defense Team to go
    after these Congressmen and Senators that openly violate their Oath and the
    Constitution? Lautenburg and Feinstein should have been driven out years

    "2ND AMENDMENT DEFENSE ALLIANCE for the Preservation of the Constitution and All
    secured Rights Therein". Unite all your legal teams with these other
    organizations and go after these CRIMINAL POLITICIANS who defy the

    Unite these organizatons and then unite with The
    Rutherford Institutde, the ADF (Alliance Defense Fund), ACLJ, The Pacific
    Justice Institute, etc. along with the NRA, GOA, KABA, etc., to create
    a United Legal Front against Unconstitutional
    Legialislation introudced by far Left anti-Constitution criminals like Feinstein
    and Lautenburg?? Who do they think they work for, anyway?

    I am sending this exact letter to every organization I've
    suggested here. It's about time we HUNG TOGETHER in this Common Cause, rather
    than be separate and divided on it. It's the only way

    to achieve victory against this Leviathan that has been
    stomping the Constitution with its dirty feet!!

    LEGAL TEAMS with the organizations below and let's get something done,

    Certainly their are others as well. Can we stop playing
    patty cakes and get serious about this garbage????????

    Pacific Justice
    P.O. Box 276600
    Sacramento, CA 95827-6600

    Email: info@pji.org
    (916) 857-6900
    Fax: (916) 857-6902

    The Rutherford Institute
    Post Office Box
    Charlottesville, VA 22906-7482

    Phone: (434) 978-3888 (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST)
    Fax: (434)
    Email: staff@rutherford.org


    Alliance Defending Freedom website/contact: alliancedefendingfreedom.org/a…

    15100 N. 90th Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    Toll-free: 800-835-5233
    Fax: 480-444-0025

    American Center for Law and Justice

    P.O. Box 90555
    Washington, DC

    website: aclj.org/contact-us

  29. FURTHERMORE, I am also suggestion a State's Referendum
    for Petition to Amend the Constitution to bring all Elected and Appointed

    in compliance with the Constitution and the LIMITED
    AUTHORITIES of their Offices with this; an "enforcement clause" for the
    Constitution. I think you may like it:

    Amendment 28:

    "Congress shall not be
    exempt from any law that it passes: Congress shall make no law
    that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to
    Senators or Representatives; and Congress shall make no law that applies to
    Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
    United States. It is henceforth established retroactively to all laws previously
    passed by the Congress and signed by the Executive or
    passed by lawful majority if vetoed by the Executive."

    shall be Unlawful for any government official: appointed, elected, or hired, to
    use the power of their Office for personal gain."

    "Congressmen and
    Senators MUST FORFEIT all remaining funds in their Campaign Chests to the U.S.
    Treasury for Public Use at the end of any political

    "Congress shall write no law that
    does not meet Constitutional Muster: It must first be established that
    it is within the Scope of Authority clearly stated in Article I of the United
    States Constitution before the Congress can write Law. All Laws not listed in
    the Federal Registry are immediately repealed, null and void. All Laws found to
    be outside the Scope of Authority of the Congress are immediately repealed, null
    and void. Any law or regulation written by any Governmental Agency shall be
    immediately null and void, as only the Congress has any authority to write Laws
    or Regulations, except for agencies that may write regulations for strict use
    within their own departments, and have no context for any persons outside those

    "All Elected and Appointed Officials in
    their capacity for office must maintain high ethical standards in their personal
    life. Any infractions shall be cause for removal and dismissal from
    said office. This includes, but is not limited to: Drunken driving, drug use,
    personal indiscretions, philandering, bad checks and fiscal irresponsibility in
    their personal lives; and pursuant to the laws and standards of the communities
    in which they live and serve. All Elected and Appointed Officials shall be given
    mandatory drug tests 3 times yearly and shall consist of blood, urine, and hair

    "A Citizens Group shall be established to oversee
    and enforce the rules of this Amendment. They shall be selected from
    their separate states and shall be comprised of 5 members from each State. They
    shall meet regularly in their home State and review the activities and actions
    of their elected and appointed officials and receive remuneration in the form of
    Exempt Tax Status and a 5% share of the campaign chests, at their highest
    balance, of serving officials, during their selected terms. They shall have the
    power to review and recommend impeachment and removal from office any elected or
    appointed official that fail to meet the standards of conduct established by
    this Amendment."

    This Amendment reserves and reaffirms the
    first 10 Amendments in their original intent, meaning and scope, as clear
    prohibitions against Government Powers and not prohibitions against the States
    or the People.

  30. Michael Ejercito says:

    Gangbangers finance their operations by selling cocaine and heroin. Maybe if we made that illegal…

  31. A national ID card could be the mechanism by which all private guns are confiscated and total social control consolidated. Everyone would be compelled to present an ID for every transaction. No ID, no transaction! With barely a peep, Americans have already accepted this arrangement in order to fly, to drive and to buy alcohol.

    Just as secret NO Fly lists to keep us safe from "terrorists" have been compiled, barring about a million individuals from flying, secret NO work, NO shop, NO bank, NO anything lists could be compiled, denying government permission to anyone to go about living in a division of labor society. Having already accepted every imaginable government intrusion in their lives in the name of safety and security, upon what grounds will the public oppose this? The government won't need to have anyone going door to door collecting registered guns. Registered gun owners will be ordered to turn in their guns by such and such a date. If not? "I'm sorry sir, your ID scan has been rejected. Your name appears to be on some kind of a list. I'm not allowed to sell you those groceries. That's the law"

    For generations now, Americans have passively allowed themselves to be pushed around by government, compelled to register for this, that and the other until seeking permission from bureaucrats to do almost everything seems as natural as breathing. We have been conditioned by "experts" to believe that government issued permits and licenses to keep us safe are the foundation upon which civilization is built. How many gun owners object in principle to government land use controls, building permits, compulsory education, social security number registration, marriage licensing, occupational licensing – ad nauseam? How many gun owners allow themselves and their families to be gate raped and irradiated in an act of security theater every time they want to fly?

    Gun confiscation via national ID cards will be the last nail in liberty's coffin. Where was the many millions strong "from my cold dead fingers" crowd when all kinds of incremental assaults on our liberty were unfolding over a period of many years. Upon what principle will they now oppose the gun grabbers when they silently accepted the unconstitutional erosion of the other freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights? If they hadn't, perhaps there would not be talk now of a desperate last stand to save the 2nd Amendment.

  32. Doc Savage says:

    As I watch more of these documentaries that expose the corruption in DC and the coalition of the beautiful people ( celebrities) and politicians ( non statesmen) as the become the elite class, we the common man will have to fight for our freedom. That is why they want our guns. It has nothing to do with stopping violence. Throughout history this has always been the case,evil men and greedy men rise to power and try to suppress the masses. Not all celebrities and statesmen are on the wrong side but they are few. A statesman serves the people and does not expect the people to serve them as is the case in DC now. We are becoming the serfs of old. America was once a bold new experience in personal freedom. We had our bad times were we enslaved peoples of another race. But many great Americans fought to correct that shame. Now the evils of Old Europe have established strong roots in America. We must return to the ideals that first made America great. It will be a great struggle and we must band together. May God give us the strength to win.

  33. Yep….right out or marx's play book, except the banks and corporations part. Those will not exist.

  34. Doc Savage says:

    You forgot another group with guns, politicians. They either carry the gun or have body guards. We serfs do not count. If we die there is another to take our place. X-Green Beret