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Joel Skousen on the Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2013

Joel Skousen has provided an excellent analysis of the video on the Sandy Hook massacre. This appeared in his World Affairs Brief for January 18.

The re-posted video is here: http://bit.ly/UKaQHw

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This video has gone viral on the net questioning if the Sandy Hook shooting actually happened:


which over 10 million people have watched. Google has branded it as offensive.

My problem with the video is that it fails to distinguish between the evidence that points to a government coverup (evidence of multiple participants and falsifying the weapons used), and allegations that the shooting never happened at all. All of the evidence gets lumped into the main allegation that the shooting was a hoax, not real. Some of the evidence they present is good investigative reporting, but they draw the wrong conclusions when they suggest the shooting never happened.

While I am convinced there is an ongoing cover-up by state police who refuse to allow the public to see what the school security cameras show inside the school, or discuss the other 3 persons arrested and hauled away, I don’t have any doubts the mass murder happened.

It is notable, by the way, that the first official excuse explaining away one of the other persons arrested has surfaced. The Newtown Bee newspaper inserted this little piece of police propaganda into a story about Police Union funding: “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.” That’s pure baloney. Notice that they say “spotted” when, in fact, he was taken down and arrested. If he really was police, he would have shown officers his credentials and the police would not have led him away in handcuffs. We can probably expect more lame excuses like this as the police concoct more false stories to cover for these arrests.

Let’s look at the main claims that the authors suggest points to a shooting hoax:

1. Video coverage showing no ambulances or children. Actually there was one ambulance, but it was not close enough to the school to be caring for anyone, they say. They also point to the lack of hundreds of children milling around after fleeing the school. The problem with both these allegations is that there is no time frame on the videos they show. To me they look like the crisis is already at the mature stage— none of the cars are moving, the children already gone, and the ambulances are gone because there was only one wounded survivor—an adult. The dead children had probably not been removed yet while investigators did their work (which later disappeared into a black hole).

2. The Parker Family: this is the linchpin of the entire claim. The oldest daughter presumably dies in the school shooting and yet is seen days later in the arms of Obama when he comes to visit the victim’s families wearing the same black and red dress she wore in prior family photos. How could she be alive days later?

This happens to be the only conflicting case that I had the ability to verify with near first-hand information. One of my best friends is an MD in a neighboring town to Newtown and he goes to the same church as the Parker family. He has confirmed that the oldest daughter is dead. He’s very aware of the evils of false flag operations by government and is no Pollyanna about these types of thing. He looked into it in detail and knows the claims are false.

How about the picture of the daughter with Obama? It wasn’t her. The picture was of the middle and younger daughters—not the oldest. They look very much alike so it is easy to make this mistake. The middle daughter is wearing one of the two red and black dresses the family has for the girls. She does look similar but it is not the oldest daughter.

How about the father joking with others before making his tearful statement to reporters? The video claims he and others may be actors. Not true. Mr. Parker is not an actor, but a typical soft Christian who makes the most of forgiveness, as evidenced by his remarks, and is capable of both smiling and being cordial to his ranking religious leader who was there with him, and breaking up in front of the camera.

3. The other couple who are smiling and talking with CNN host Anderson Cooper: What disturbed me about this depiction was that the sound was not on, so no one could tell what they were talking about, while the narrator wondered how they could possibly be laughing about a daughter being killed. Certainly if the couple were talking about the tragedy directly, laughing and smiling would have been inappropriate. But in fact, when you see the actual interview, they are reminiscing about how wonderful and happy their daughter was, with appropriate vignettes. It ceases to become suspicious when you actually hear what is going on. Besides, people are all different. You can’t draw such extreme conclusions about how people react differently in front of a camera.

4. The Sandy Hook Relief Fund being created two days before the tragedy: There was also a Facebook page created two days before the shooting in memory of one of the victims. The time-date stamps for page creation are done automatically by computer servers. This seems to be good evidence of something very unusual that cannot be easily explained away. While a programmer can intervene and change such a date, conspirators in this plot would have no reason to do so since it would only raise questions when the direction has always been towards cover-up. The next day a video appeared documenting how the creation date information was suddenly not found by a Google search. The same search suddenly failed to produce the page showing the creation date associated with this relief fund page, and that’s very good evidence of conspiracy—especially since the search result only returned one site showing the page creation data but with the date missing.

Rather than being a proof that the tragedy didn’t happen, these two instances are more likely evidence of foreknowledge by dark side agents who were preparing to make the most of this diabolical massacre before the event.

5. Other Actors: Much is made out of one neighbor who says he took children in who were outside with a bus driver. The video claims he is part of the local actor’s guild. While it does seem strange that a bus driver would let a strange neighbor take children into his home after this tragedy, I can’t confirm enough of the details of this story to make a judgment on it. Neither does it seem to point to any particular conclusion—it only raises unanswered questions.

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25 thoughts on “Joel Skousen on the Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video

  1. Yeah so what is your point? Unanswered Questions? We already know that. So Gary get to specifics will ya!!

    I have one for you. How did an autistic child, with ZERO firearms training, fire as many rounds of ammunition as alleged and change magazines multiple times within the time frame given? I am not only a combat veteran of three wars but also a law enforcement firearms instructor and would like an answer to that question. Cannot be done. Humanly impossible. So WHO fired that many rounds in so short a time?

  2. i've seen reports that indicate that his mother took him to shooting ranges, so presumably he didn't have ZERO training. but you're saying regardless, number of rounds is not possible. interesting point.

  3. Number 1 is partially true. I have seen video where there are at least four ambulances. Also you are correct that those taken to the hospital were probably taken before media got there. Thanks for numbers 2 and 3. Number 4 is not necessarily true. I post things all the time to my site and have the date set to two or three days before I post, even though I'm posting two to three days after that. This is so they won't show on the front page. Nothing far fetched from that at all. Also, when doing google searches, one often finds the search with information you want to see and dates, but when you click through you are taken to another completely different page. Here's my take on some of the questions with answers verified by LT. Vance to me: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/01/clearing-up-a-f

  4. Maybe a readily obvious problem, or sadness, is that we believe this Goverment is capable of sacrificing our children as a means to an end? I do.

  5. the problem with this "evaluation" is that we're relying completely on broadcast news of this event. How do we know we can trust any of it?? This was a staged event, by DHS, who'd been practicing these scenarios for years. Who's going to verify the bodies? Or the facts of Adam Lanza and his mother? What about the LIES the school nurse told about Dorothy Lanza being a wonderful kindergarten teacher when she never worked there at all? The multitude of .223 casing found on site (according to whom?) or the fact that Lanza's Bushmaster was still in the trunk of his car when he was allegedly killed in the school? What about the wonderful lack of witnesses? Or security video? What about the "official" story form the Connecticut police threatening anyone who says otherwise? And sorry, I don't buy the story on Emily Parker at all, especially after watching Robbie give his "eulogy" at different times. I would think any parent would be incapable of discussing it for weeks or at least unwilling to go on camera and discuss it. This is sick.
    Fraud by DHS and Journalistic Fraud and Malpractice. We've been duped and it sickens me how people will come out to defend it because it might upset their belief system!
    This was a DHS backup plan to create public outrage against guns, the 2nd amendment, the NRA, and whoever else because the F&F failed to do it!! Government is now complicit in creating crisis and conspiracies in the news in order to manipulate the public. And we've know for years that we can't trust the Media or the Government, but now we're working to defend them in our minds. Who can you trust?? No one. Not anymore!!

  6. __

    Video games that promote violence are no different than someone stating that they want to kill the president. Congress has already passed a law that provides imprisonment for anyone who makes this statement publicly.This comes under Article II section 8 of the Constitution concerning "Insurrections" such as incitement to riot or incitement to commit murder.The Supreme court is WRONG on their decision to consider these games to be " freedom of speech".The creator of these games by his actions is guilty of [ INSURRECTION ]and should be proscecuted to the full extent of the law.He is as mentally disturbed as the shooter of Sandy Hook,Adam Lanza and even more so; expecting teens lacking proper control[programming] by parents,church,teachers,or Scout Leaders to RESIST being Hyptnotised by the instructions and music provided by these games.The game in question,KINDERGARTEN KILLER Promises improvement in health by the number of children killed.In addition the game cannot be won because of the short time limit even if each shot is counted as a kill.

  7. This would explain why Adam Lanza destroyed his computer and went to the school where he believed he could win and improve his health because there would be no time limit.There is also the question of the police arriving to see all the carnage and pools of blood and being unable to resist shooting the armed killer! If you were one of the police officers that responded,would you be able to resist shooting Adam Lanza? The police reported that he shot himself but did he, REALLY?

  8. This was another case of a teen allowed to play these games UNSUPERVISED for hours on end and being programmed by the video game without being previously programmed by teachers,sunday school teachers,scoutmasters,and parents as to acceptable conduct in the REAL world.In addition,the many violent movies shown on TV and ones made just for TV add to the confusion of teens as to what is seen to be acceptable conduct

  9. Applauded by the movie industry as best pictures by best actors and supporting actors and actresses,these violent movies are presented to the public,teens included as the hero's and Icons to be worshiped and immitated.When westerns were the rage,children played cowboys and Indians.When WAR movies were the rage children played war games and shot each other by yelling pow,pow,pow you're dead using toy guns and ones made of wood.Now the movies show kidnapping,murder,and gang violence.

  10. If Hitler hadn't started the Nazi movement,the movie industry would have folded years ago for lack of material and story plots to SELL to the people.Now it has evolved into TV and Video Games to "ENTERTAIN "??? Like children,some have to be the hero and the rest play the bad guys.Only previous education [programming ] keeps the game from becoming a reality.If the brain/mind is not properly programmed,it programs itself by what it sees and hears and uses it to produce dreams,nightmares,and hallucinations,as well as visualizing creations of scenes and creations of inventions and immagination scenarios like a new house or car design.Even psychiatrists are unable to grasp the total capabilities of the mind and because of this often misdiagnose their patients and prescribe medications that make the situation worse as evidenced by the many suicides often unreported or blamed on other causes.

  11. Here's another issue that hasn't seemed to surface much, yet.
    The "Crisis Management Institute issued a guide on December 10th titled TALKING WITH YOUR CHILDREN/STUDENTS ABOUT SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SHOOTING. This was distributed to and posted by Arlington School District in Ohio. The Google cache has it posted on 12/10. I captured the image and the document had December 10 and it now reads December 13th. <a href="http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:sFg-ITDrjT0J :www.arlingtonlocalschools.com/news/2012/12/10/talking-with-your-child-about-the-sandy-hook-tragedy+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us” target=”_blank”>http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=ca…” target=”_blank”>:www.arlingtonlocalschools.com/news/2012/12/10/talking-with-your-child-about-the-sandy-hook-tragedy+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us.

  12. Sorry, the link didn't copy correctly.

  13. A cover up like this, seems to me would be very difficult to keep secret. Personally unless I had absolute proof that this was a hoax I would never insinuate this ever.
    Do I believe this administration would sacrifice innocent children to achieve their gun ban agendas, instigating, or have knowledge of possible attacks like this, yes; and I believe Fast and Furious is proof IMO that this administration has a moral superiority complex that would justify their actions, the end justifies the means.
    I have great concern when all computer evidence is destroyed, yet other mass-murders have left tons of computer or other evidence.
    Still I’d be hard pressed to say these horrible mass-murder was a hoax but I do have questions concerning, if there is more entities involved with this mass murder than just Adam Lanza.

  14. Quit reaching for excuses. Video games are not the problem. Arm the teachers that want to be armed (with proper training) which would put the odds in the kids favor of getting home at the end of the school day.

  15. the stranger says:

    This has been my question all along. One child was hit multiple times. It doesn't seem possible to hit one of the victims as many times as he did and still have time to get to the others unless there was a full auto weapon or multiple shooters.

  16. Isn't that what they have done in the government run schools for decades ?

  17. The day it happened FNC was reporting that the mother was taking the kid to the range, so he did have training. He also was an active shooter for a minimum of 15 minutes ( it took longer than that for the first reponders to show up and he was already dead).

  18. IMO-not a hoax. But a false flag staged by people in the federal, state, and local government-yes. Mostly staged by the feds with complicity by the state/locals and of course, it has to have the media minions to spread the lies, excuse, me truth, as they want you to know it. Sad, sickening but true.

  19. After looking at the video it is OBVIOUS that the creator of it IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!! As are ALL those that believe it is so kind of conspiracy. The MEDIA was reporting any IDIOTIC thing they were told. If one knows much about guns one can tell the weapon that was taken out of the trunk of the car was a SHOTGUN!!! NOT an AR-15!!!

  20. If that is true, we have a much bigger problem in this country than we think we do.

  21. What I find puzzling is how could there have been only one wounding? I'm sure there must have been much panic with children and adults running around trying to escape, making it very difficult for the shooter, who had little to no shooting experience, to hit his targets. Yet, all but one casualty was a fatality. What's the probability of this outcome in such a situation?

  22. davidusromanus says:

    MetaCynic. Right. Remember the movie The Great Escape? In the end when they tell the British CO that 50 men were shot and killed "trying to escape"? He asked, "How many were wounded?" The answer proved the crime. None were wounded. The idea that only one person was wounded is almost beyond belief if there was only the one shooter. If it's a false flag, much more believable, since dead people are not witnesses.

  23. aubreyfarmer says:

    Two Mossad agents were arrested driving a van full of explosives toward the George Washington Bridge on 911. Held 9 weeks and released by order of Michael Chertoff, dual Israeli citizen and head of DHS. Chertoff made a bundle after leaving DHA and going to work as a consulatant for RapidScan the full body x-ray macihines used in many airports. Was Mossad also involved in the Sandy Hook massacre? Was Mossad also involved in the Norway slaughter? Did Mossad provide Anders Brevik with the explosives and weaponry? Zionists murder children because it has a lasting effect on the parents of the murdered children. The intimidation factor is unequaled.

  24. absofuckinglutely dipshit

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