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President Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot on Gun Control

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2013

North’s law of knee-jerk politics is this: “When you become a knee-jerk politician, you will eventually shoot yourself in the foot.” This is what President Obama has just done. He has decided that he is going to make gun control one of his two major issues.

The first issue is getting the House of Representatives to raise the debt ceiling. He has made it clear that he will not compromise in any way.

This is a safe political battle. The House of Representatives was willing to pass a bill to hand over $50 billion to Governor Christie and the other pork master governors of the Northeast, whose states got hit by Hurricane Sandy. That made it clear that the House of Representatives has no intention of cutting spending. If you vote to increase spending, and you refuse to vote to increase taxes, then you are committing yourself in full public view to the principle that a rising federal deficit does not matter. The deficit will soar, and the House will not fight this. Therefore, when push comes to shove, the House of Representatives will capitulate to Obama and will raise the debt ceiling.

The second issue is the Sandy Hook issue: a lunatic shot elementary school children in a local public school.

On this issue, President Obama shot from the hip. From what I can see, he has shot himself in the foot. He is telling Republicans in the House of Representatives that they must vote for a series of bans on assault rifles and accompanying paraphernalia.

Why do Republicans in the House have to do this? When almost half of American households own guns, and gun owners tend to be single-issue voters, why would it benefit House Republicans to capitulate to the President on this issue? He then becomes the great winner, and they become obvious losers. What incentive do they have to become visible losers?

Republicans in the House of Representatives who take a stand against Obama on this issue are going to make major swing voters in their districts very happy. But if they capitulate to him, they are going to make this same group of swing voters very unhappy. Congressmen are able to count noses. They know where their bread is buttered. Republicans’ bread is buttered on the side of the Second Amendment.

Obama has made a strategic error. He has said that he will overcome Congressional resistance by issuing executive orders. The average American does not know about executive orders. He has not heard that the President of the United States is in effect is a legislator, not merely an executive.

The next thing you know, some of them are going to find out the President is also a judge. The bureaucratic positions under executive authority which are known collectively as “administrative law judges” are a manifestation of executive power. The administrative law judge undermines the Western concept of law. That fact was made clear 30 years ago by Harvard professor Harold Berman, in his book Law and Revolution. In the introduction to that book, he made it plain that administrative law judges represent a break with the entire Western legal tradition. Obama will use administrative law judges to enforce his position on gun control.

When we look at the executive orders that Obama has signed, we see that they are exercises in impotence with respect to the gun control issue. They involve bureaucratic spending on irrelevant research boondoggles that one agency or another has cooked up to justify its existence. These executive orders represent no threat whatsoever to gun owners.

This being the case, it becomes clear that Obama is overplaying his hand. He is claiming to have the power to override Congressional resistance, but the actual executive orders indicate impotence on his part.

He has now given the National Rifle Association the greatest membership drive opportunity that it has had in two decades. The NRA plans to add one million names to its membership list. This is not out of the question. The NRA has said that this fight will be the fight of the century. I do not think there is going to be much of a fight at all. There is going to be a terrific fund-raising drive for the NRA, and Obama is going to come away empty-handed. This is going to prove that he does not have the votes in the House.

I think I understand why he is doing this. I think he has been forced into this by the Democrats’ position on disarming the citizenry. He knows he can’t win this battle, but he is supposed to go through the motions. He is now playing front man for Joe Biden, which is not a role he covets. But his knee-jerk supporters are forcing his hand — or maybe forcing his foot. “Look! My knee jerks just as spasmodically as yours does,” he is telling them.

Knee-jerk liberals have problems with jerking knees. The gun control issue is a classic knee-jerk issue for liberals. They simply cannot stop demanding gun control in the aftermath of some lunatic, suicidal maniac who gets his hands on guns and kills people. Liberals know that maniacs will still get their hands on guns despite gun control laws, and so will gang members. But, when you are a knee-jerk politician, you jerk your knee, no matter what.

Obama is going to demonstrate in full public view two things. First, he is going to demonstrate for everybody to see that his executive orders are all rhetoric, no substance. Second, he is going to demonstrate for everybody to see that the Republicans in the House of Representatives can keep him from achieving his goals on gun control.

He is squandering political capital on a fight he cannot win. But the jerking knees behind him have kicked him into action.

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91 thoughts on “President Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot on Gun Control

  1. I would prefer to think that he's shooting himself in the head. Any assault on the Constitution is a crime of High Treason. He should be arrested, tried, and executed.

  2. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    Did you notice almost everything he proposed will need addl federal employees and none of them would have prevented any recent mass shootings. Look at Chicago, they have very strict gun policies and did anything stop over 500 people getting killed in 2012. He is playing his games again. Bringing up a bunch of stupid orders making the people think he really wants to do something on this issue and then blaming the republicans if they don't go his way. I hear they do not have the votes in the senate,so now who is he going to blame. This just might backfire on him. And he did not mention the violence in the movies, TV, News and video games, probably the biggest reason there are so many people out there that are not in tune with reality.

  3. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    You know I grew up in the late 40's and 50's and we rarely locked our doors and I would bet that most of the neighborhood men had a gun because almost everyone I knew, their father's and sometimes brother would go hunting. But I was not afraid. Then around the 60's when we lost our values and morals, things started getting worse. I was afraid the foreign terrorists, then I became afraid of criminals and now I am afraid of my own government. Look up history and tell me what happened when any government or dictator took away the guns?

  4. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I wish this would not work out to the benefit of the NRA. They are a sellout organization, always willing to go along with "reasonable" restrictions on gun ownership. Gun Owners of America is much better. Better still is JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. It was founded by people who remember the Holocaust, and what led up to it. Check out their series of 10 comic books on the 2nd Amendment. Even adults can understand.

  5. Wrong body part!!!!

  6. Half-Track says:

    I find it ironic that this person can stand in front of us reading letters from children pleading with him to restrict honest, law abiding, decent, American adults, right to firearms, that does say RIGHT and not privilege, while that same person is still stonewalling about how it came to pass that HIS administration sold combat able weapons to drug cartels south of our border. Should not someone be prosecuted for that? Who in the sam hill does this guy think he is! Please tell me that as a population we are not this gullible. Oh wait he won the election we are that gullible my bad.

  7. One step at a time…

    Eyewitness to the Ayers Revolution http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/eyewitness-to-the-ay
    Posted By Bob Owens On October 28, 2008

    When Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn led the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground in 1969, a chance meeting led Army veteran Larry Grathwohl into joining the group. Grathwohl served as a courier, running messages between the group’s leadership (called the “Weather Bureau”) and individual cells that were to carry out attacks.

    Grathwohl was also an informant for the FBI.

    In an interview from the 1982 documentary No Place To Hide that recently surfaced, Grathwohl discussed what the Weathermen intended to do after overthrowing the U.S. government, including what they would do with those Americans who refused to embrace communism [1].

    I asked, “Well what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?” And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.

    And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.

    And when I say “eliminate,” I mean “kill.”

    Twenty-five million people.

  8. Bippy Bellito says:

    May Obama face the wrath of an angry, fed up electorate who finally realizes what a LightWeight Demogogue they have elected. Impeachment may be blocked in The Senate, but political pressure from several corners needs to continue until this man is shamed into walking away. May a Just God show No Mercy on this most Evil of Men.

  9. The sooner, the better.

  10. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You Right Wing cretins will believe absolutely anything. What a shame for America.

  11. The 60's were when mass immigration started… 1/3 of the population in "OUR COUNTRY"are not "AMERICANS"… combined with homegrown liberals & that's where the problems are coming from…

  12. roadtosurfdom says:

    An already fat bloated government just gained some more weight.

  13. What were the backgrounds of some of the most famous mass shooters of late?

    • Fort Hood @ Killeen, Texas: Registered Democrat; Radical Islamic Fundamentalist;
    • Columbine High School @ Columbine, Colorado: Too Young to Vote; Both Families Were Registered Democrats and Progressive Liberals;
    • Virginia Tech @ Blacksburg , Virginia: Wrote hate mail to President George W. Bush and to his staff; Registered Democrat;
    • Century 16 Multiplex Theatre @ Aurora, Colorado: Registered Democrat; Staff Worker on the Obama Campaign; Occupy Wall Street Participant; Progressive Liberal;
    • Sandy Hook Elementary School @ Newtown, Connecticut: Registered Democrat, hated Christians;

    It looks to me like being a Democrat is a bigger threat than has been previously reported.
    Maybe we need some laws about THAT!
    Like a background check before allowing people to volunteer for campaigns? In this case they embarrassed the democrats.
    If any of these guys had been 'teaparty' , 'gop' , or christian the media would be ALL over this stuff

  14. Could never understand why any Jew in this universe would ever be a liberal…You would think they would be the most Conservative of all Americans,armed to the teeth after being sent to the ovens for extermination by the Nazis… I just can't comprehend a Jew being a liberal…

  15. Better to contribute to all of them just to be safe!

  16. I think you missed the point – or you didn't adequately address it with "administrative judges". The main intent of his executive orders is 1) enable a vast spying apparatus to identify people he can administratively add to a "No Gun Buy" (and "No Gun Have!") list [ He has already gotten away with this illegal action with the No Fly List] and 2) Make it impossible for gun ownership to be anonymous, so the government can create a secret and illegal national gun registration.

  17. Exactly why the NRA got my renunciation of my Life Membership and the JPFO received my Life Time Membership.

    The NRA is a show with no Balls. They are politicians with good words but their actions reveal there true agenda….betraying us in hopes they will be eaten last. Or as Stalin said it "Useful Idiots." The NRA is trying to live off of its past while betraying its present and future. The NRA is its own worst enemy. Why else did GOA, etc even get started yet alone become the organizations they are? Cause the NRA is gutless, balless, cowardly, and afraid to fall on their sword for what is right.

    NRA "Put Up, Or Shut Up." No compromise, ever. Stop selling us down the river.

  18. you gotta shoot where his brain is

  19. Never underestimate the current republican party's ability to lose what should easily be won.

  20. i have been puzzled by this for years

  21. He did not mention anti-depressants or illegal drugs either.

  22. The angry, fed up electorate that you refer to is a minority in a democratic system. The opportunity was last November. The next opprportunity will be in November 2016.. Focus your energies there! Your ranting may make you feel better but it does not solve anything.

  23. Yikes, requires a high degree of accuracy to hit a pea…visualize whirled peas!

  24. and this doesn't even address the gun running scram that got our ambassador killed in benghazi

  25. all of the democrats have escaped to the republican party only the communist are left in the democrat party

  26. onewildman says:

    Obviously there needs to a new gun law preventing Democrats from owing guns. There was another democratic nut job in Michigan. He got so mads at Bush when watching him on TV he shot it. The majority of criminals and relatives of theirs vote democrat.

  27. Gloria. You hit the nail on the head. Every single tragedy that occurs is an opportunity to force higher spending on this nation. We saw it with Sandy and the pork added to the relief bill (no accident but directed effort) and now this. This is less about appeasing the anti-gun mob and more about expanding the federal government.

  28. What? He has a brain?

  29. john cummins says:

    And that is just for starters! This guy is no more the president than I am, and I am far more qualified being a natural born citizen for starters. We can’t impeach this miscreant, Kenyan, dictator so CaptTurbo’s idea is the best one.

  30. 2WarAbnVet says:

    I don't think Obama is being forced to take these actions in any way. Prior to the 2008 election, Obama sneered at those he felt were "clinging to guns and religion". He has attempted to undermine religion – at least the Christian religion – ever since. Now, in the euphoria following his reelection, he feels free to go after guns. It's all part of his plan to "fundamentally change" the United States into his twisted dream of a Marxist Utopia (Dictatorship).

  31. wrightclick says:

    The conservative electorate is not a minority. They simply didn't vote this last round because they were not going to sell out their principles and vote for a RINO.

    The next opportunity is not 2016. It is 2014 where we will sweep some more liberal crap out of the Congress.

  32. Wrightclick says:

    Where is this information from? Please cite your source.

  33. I see you are still seeing less , dumkolf !!!

  34. Texas Chris says:

    He's a very smart man. Problem is, all he knows is wrong.

  35. Texas Chris says:

    No, because the makers of those products are major donors.

  36. Not all Jews are liberals. I think the bigger question is why do so many of any group fall for the garbage the liberals hand out? It has become an issue of who is the better at persuasion and can talk the better game. Sad but true….so many have been fooled – very dangerous for our country and we the people.

  37. Paul Colby says:

    Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy but many more children are murdered by Illegal aliens "every year" Yet Obama grants them Amnesty.

  38. First comes data collection (gun registry)…next comes restriction…then comes enforcement….and then annialation….the republicans MUST stand up against this "Hitler, wannabee" and support our rights! Otherwise Obama will continue his extortion tactics and destroy this country.

  39. That doesn't refute what Guest is saying.

  40. Couldn't agree with you more!

  41. I don't think the Dems are embarrassed at all, and won't be until the media starts reporting these things….I'm waiting….

  42. Every one of the shooters has had serious mental issues. You could see the derangement in their eyes. Yet, none of the government people are looking at this issue. Why, because they are looking for an excuse to take our
    guns. Obama would then be able to continue destroying Anerica so he could be the Dictator in Chief. I don’t think they have a clue as to the strength Americans could have in a situation where the Government attempts to take over.!

  43. Not one item listed on his EO would have stopped what happend at any public shooting . These knee jerk libs are emotional thinkers and don’t use logic what so ever. Your artical was correct in stating that Laws won’t change thoes who want to shoot people, nor will it stop illegal guns in the hands of gangs, physiology challenged or criminals. It amazes me how stupid obummer and his evil fallowers think us Americans are. Smoke and mirrors. So, whats really going on while we have our eyes and anger pointed toward this issue..

  44. NH Redneck says:

    The Democratic Party has become a Communist organization and should be outlawed. Also the Republican party is loaded with Rinos, they are not true Republicans but wolves in sheep's clothing. They should be bounced out of their political seats. We should create new parties not made up of lawyers but of the common people who understand real life and how to run their family budget and live within their means.

  45. Shane, you don't need to use vulgarity in your posts. I realize it's standard vocabulary for the left, but this is a site with some standards of behavior. Observe them. Secondly, this "retard" happens to be a PhD in economics, and I suspect you'd be no match for him academically. So quit calling names. JUST CUT IT OUT, OKAY? Or take your sneers, mockery, belittlement, profanity and vulgarity elsewhere.

  46. In all reality, I believe Obama just didn’t like the ambassador, or he had something to hide from the Americsn Prople, or both. So, he sat there and allowed them to be killed. That should be an impeachable offense.

  47. Shane, please moderate your language. It reflects poorly upon you and your positions. It's also annoying.

    The President's Executive Orders permit intrusions into privacy. They allow political hacks in the CDC and other agencies to produce more politically correct science. One of them may be an illegal work around of the Tiahart Amendment.

  48. Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty. I hope that Dr. North is right. I will continue to pressure my Reps and Senators to resist this Elitist non-sense.

  49. I have had the privilege to meet a few ultra-conservative Jews who are armed to the teeth… both with weapons & law degrees…too bad they aren't in the majority….just not logical…

  50. Just look @ who the liberal Jews are comprised of…Bloomberg leads the pack…

  51. That's just what the NRA needs the most, a swift kick in the pants… Like to see Nugent made President of NRA!!! As a matter of fact RIGHT NOW!!!

  52. It's far more likely that he's using them personally.

  53. I hate to say it but the rural, white conservatives are a minority. This is 2013, not 1953. The very conservative wing of the Republican Party did not win the nomination, so staying away from the polls in November played into Obama's hand. Utter stupidity. In 2014, the conservatives will win some rural congressional seats. While the Republicans may be able to retain control of the House, they will not control the Senate or the White House. That is why I focus on 2016.

    To win, the Republicans must attract people of color, hispanics, independents, Jews, and even gays with sound, rational fiscal policies that will move the county forward. Republicans must be more than white Christians, quoting Bible verses.

  54. Trust me on this. Any Jew that would call them self liberal is no Jew at all. To be a liberal means you must forsake God and everything in the Torah.


    My above-posting of the same commentary TWICE was accidental. Sorry about that.

  56. Here’s what I’d like to know:

    O has now issued an Executive Order that says that doctors — and, perhaps by extension, presumably any and all other medical- or health-related personnel, which, I would also assume, would also include psychiatrists and perhaps other psychology-counselors and social-workers — are hereby authorized (and, in effect, not only encouraged but, IMO, also pushed) to ask (or to in effect pressure) their patients/clients as to whether those patients/clients own or use, or are interested in owning or using, or have even ever dreamed of owning or using, “guns” (or, perhaps by extension, ANY “firearms” or ANYTHING that could be classed as a “weapon”).

    And, at the same time, IMO, this Executive Order also has an additional — and it would seem INTENDED — set of very frightening, and freedom-destroying, effects:

    (a) It puts all these medical and medical-related personnel “on notice” that if they fail to file a report — EVEN A FALSE REPORT — CLAIMING that their patient/client may have expressed any “weapons-related tendencies”, then if that patient/client EVER becomes even SUSPECTED of carrying-out OR EVEN “EXHIBITING” those “weapons-related tendencies”, then that same medical- or medical-related person who had FAILED to issue the above report could be brought-up on CIVIL AND CRIMINAL charges — including the charge of defying a Presidentially-issued Executive Order and any related Federal agency-issued regulations; could lose his/her license to practice; could perhaps be forced to pay heavy financial penalties; could possibly be sentenced to even serve jail-time for violating that EO and those regulations as well, for “being complicit” in that patient’s/client’s alleged “crime”; and, in effect, could thus be ruined for life. But that’s not all:

    (b) Unless overturned and fully and immediately nullified, this Executive Order, IMO, also puts EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES “on notice” that, thanks to this Executive Order (and to Obamacare, and thusly to O himself), EVERY MEMBER OF THE MEDICAL- AND HEALTH-RELATED PROFESSION, IN THE UNITED STATES, is now effectively FORCED to become a “SECRET POLICE AGENT” OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (and ESPECIALLY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH). AND that, henceforth, in the United States, WHATEVER you, or I, or any American, reports to our medical- or other heath-professional — and perhaps even what we do NOT report to them, but which that medical/health person may inadvertently OR INTENTIONALLY mis-state in his/her report to the authorities — may lead to PROFOUNDLY FRIGHTENING REPERCUSSIONS not only against our FREEDOMS but also AGAINST US PERSONALLY, DIRECTLY, AND TERRIBLY.

    (c) As per my reading of the situation, Obamacare links DIRECTLY to this danger, as now ALL Americans — EXCEPT, of course, for such persons as O himself, his family, other high-ups in the Executive Branch, Members of Congress, and, also, EXCEPT for of a whole slew of Federal Agency bigwigs and politically-connected or politically/financially-influential persons or corporations who have been given “a pass” by the O Administration — are officially (and forcibly and, IMO, unConstitutionally) subject to Obamacare (or what remains of Medicare) and the labyrinth of MANDATED DIAGNOSTIC-, TREATMENT-, AND REPORTING-REQUIREMENTS that Obamacare, and this Administration, have now in effect placed on ALL MEDICAL AND HEALTH-RELATED PERSONNEL and on ALL AMERICANS (above minor age) in the United States.

    Thus, from this point on, thanks to these measures, in my view, in effect EVERY AMERICAN has thus been put in the position of being classified as a potential “criminal” and who now, as such, is subject to the makings (or worse) of a “police state”, and, unless this situation is immediately and completely reversed, and unless our freedoms that Obamacare and this Executive Order have destroyed are promptly and fully restored, NO American can ever again feel safe in visiting ANY medical- or health-related professional in the United States.

    The USSR had its KGB. East Germany had its STASI. Now the United States of America — once such a proud and, on the whole, freedoms-cherishing country (even despite its flaws) — has Obamacare. And this Executive Order (plus a whole range of additionally freedom-slashing, IMO, frightening, laws and Executive Orders not only from Bush II but also from O). And O himself, who, IMO, seems to not only have no qualms about issuing policies and actions that are in conflict either with the Constitution or with the fundamental ethical basis on which the Constitution, or even on which our inalienable personal freedoms and rights, stands.

    (d) And yet, even in addition to what I see as the above violations and grievances, is it also possible that this particular Executive Order is also itself a direct violation of Federal law, i.e., — hold your hats for this one — OF OBAMACARE ITSELF?

    An online-search on this point brings up loads of relevant observations. Allow me to quote a portion of one such source re the relevant Obamacare provision (Source: http://bangordailynews.com/2012/12/31/health/nra-… ):

    “The provision says that ‘wellness and prevention’ portions of the health-care law ‘may not require the disclosure or collection of any information’ relating to the “presence or storage of a lawfully-possessed firearm or ammunition in the residence or on the property.’ Further, the measure says the law cannot be used to ‘maintain records of individual ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition.’ It adds that the price of health coverage may not be affected by the ownership, possession or use of guns.”

    And, too, there are the following interesting observations posted by commenters at Breitbart (URL = http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/0

    — “What this amendment ACTUALLY says is that health care coverage, premium rates, and any participation in health and wellness programs shall not be affected by an individual’s lawful ownership, use, or storage of firearms or ammunition, nor shall such data be collected on individuals (Sec. 10101)”. (– Commenter: “Ken M”).

    — “The section goes further to prohibit government collection of data — but it is limited to government action pursuant to the health care law.” (– Commenter: Tom Caso).

    — “Well, it’s even simpler than that. All it says is that Obamacare does not grant any NEW regulatory powers to the executive branch, calling out some specific cases that are prohibited.

    None of the authorities provided to the Secretary under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
    Act or an amendment made by that Act shall be construed to authorize or may be used for the
    collection of any information relating to—
    ‘‘(A) the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition;
    ‘‘(B) the lawful use of a firearm or ammunition; or
    ‘‘(C) the lawful storage of a firearm or ammunition.”
    (– Commenter: sc2pilot).

    Reportedly, the above provision was placed into the Obamacare legislation at the urging of the NRA, and then the Act was voted into law, with that provision going unnoticed by the O people until recently.

    (NOTE: Just goes to show how Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement to the House, back at the time the plan was being put up for a vote, that the Act — largely unread by most members of Congress at the time — should be voted into law so that THEN we could all “find out what’s in it”, can so gloriously come back to bite its progenitors in the proverbial ass.)

    But here’s the point: Does O’s Executive Order, the one that authorizes or requires doctors (etc.) to ask their patients/clients about “guns” (etcetera), DIRECTLY (or even indirectly) VIOLATE THE ABOVE PROVISION OF OBAMACARE, which is now FEDERAL LAW? And if that E.O. DOES violate that provision of Federal Law, what does that action and discrepancy suggest as to where O, and this Administration — regardless of however many innocent sweet young children it gathers around itself to tug at our hearts — REALLY stands in regards to protecting our freedoms and rights?

    Related point: Regardless of whether or not O’s Executive Order is in violation of his own pet program Obamacare, there is the far-reaching issue of whether or not this EO (and various of the other EO’s that he issued at the same time, about “guns” etcetera) is an unConstitutional action that usurps the authority of the Congress and, as well arguably may be a violation of at least one and perhaps several provisions and Amendments of the Constitution itself.

    Postscript: Please note the above speculative analysis is purely based on my opinion, and that I am not addressing, or intending to address, whatever the MOTIVATIONS may be, in the issuing of this Executive Order or of that related portion of Obamacare. Rather, what I have hoped to analyze here is what, in my opinion, is the potential IMPACT of — and CRITICALLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS about — these decisions and actions, because, IMO, our consequent choice of a future may well be at stake.

  57. John Williams says:

    No , he is not playing games " again " , but STILL ; he has never stopped from the day he was elected . He sees himself as the modern version of FDR , and eventually it will do him in . I believe that he has revealed the real Obama with gun control EOs ! Th endless lines at gun shops all around the Country offers proof that he has unmasked the Marxist , and people are catching on to the threat that he is to America , and has been all along ; they are scared , and that's good for America and bad for him . By the way , if the published reports are correct , these 23 EOs will bring his total to about 950 ! Do you get the picture America? It will only get worse as long as the people keep silent ! Here is his Fascist philosophy of governing : " Any IDEA that can be imposed on the people , by force if necessary , is both true and good " . Why ? Because he says so ! So shut up and hand over your guns ! And the proof that he intends to do just that , is the adamant denials from Liberals ; they can not be trusted because they believe the end ( Statism ) justifies the means ! Are you convinced yet ? If not , you will be before long .

  58. Is there no avenue for the American people to declare "NO CONFIDENCE" in our government and "RECALL" these apethetic idiots. Make them all subject to the Law of the Land and our Constitution. Impeach and imprison before its too late to stop the liberal agenda to totally ruin this great country.

  59. You underestimate. One notable quality consistent among gun banners is patience. Obama’s not stupid. He made seemingly inconsequential executive orders in lieu of an outright grab for a reason. He still left Congress holding the bag for anything resembling effective measures so he can claim innocence. Or did he? Those seemingly innocuous executive orders have teeth hiding behind those gums. Authorizing gun violence research will load the magazine for the next gun control battle. Giving doctors (notoriously ant gun) autonomy in reporting vaguely defined mentall illnesses will remove many guns from otherwise peaceful citizens, besides setting up a tradeoff down the road. Through Obamacare, he will be able to deny healthcare to gun owners (supported by the research he just authorized). To recieve healthcare, you may not have a gun, as the research indicated risk is too great (by this time we will have full government healthcare, the point of Obamacare). Disarm the American public without having to do the unconstitutional heavy lifting. Don’t discount him so easily, he can be called anything but stupid.

  60. There is only one objective from Obama and that is take our weapons by any means//

  61. Any Executive Order against our Second Amendment is illegal. How does he skirt the Dick Act, H.R.11654 which protects our right to keep and bear arms and can not be repealed….. Our Constitution also protects those rights. d

  62. libertylouis says:

    ICETROUT: I was with you until recently I FINALLY found out. The Jews Culture has been affected also, just like ours and so many. (for example, Our Country with Morals and Values went DOWN in the 60's – Woodstock era, Remember Hillary Clinton at College burning the American Flag?) There is the Constitution Conservative Jew then there is the 'Lazy don't care' Jew. That's the reason. I believe we 'assume' the Jews Parents, grandparents have talked and taught their kids from one generation to the next, but they haven't just like any other Culture.

  63. libertylouis says:

    STEVE: you are so RIGHT. That's why the NRA is NOT supported by 'MOST' Tea Parties and Constitutional Grassroots Movements. They know and have done their RESEARCH!
    PROOF: NRA does NOT have MILLIONS of Members online or Facebook, cause We the People that HAVE been Paying ATTENTION in the LAST 4 YEARS know the TRUTH. NRA is suspected to be behind the UN AGENDA 21 PLAN – the BLUEPRINT of AMERICA'S DESTRUCTION.

  64. libertylouis says:

    Half-Track: Be a WHOLE TRACK and GOOGLE for ALL YOUR Answers with the past, present and YOUR future:
    "Tom DeWeese Agenda 21"

    Also, Our Culture has changed TOO! The Communist Party USA has 'infiltrated' into Education slowly from 1903 to approx. 1960's depending where you live. Example: New York Schools & Education: 40 to 50 years ago. Louisisna Schools and Education: approx. 1978 – 35 years ago. The Communist Party USA has also infiltrated into Office of MANY Political positions, Businesses, etc. Now because of this we Currently have OVER 50% of people that are uninformed, underinformed, uneducated to the REAL HISTORY of AMERICA and Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc These are the Zombies and sleeping sheep that have put Obama in office TWICE and 'may/probabaly' continue (until a Revolution on US soil).

  65. libertylouis says:

    CONTINUATION: IF WE the People don't start informing out kids, grandkids, nieces, newphews, neighbor's, co-employees, ETC about Hiltler, the Holocaust, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. It IS TIME to TAKE ACTION and Knock on DOORS and go to YOUR Local and STATE Reps and Senators in PERSON! The FOOT Work is what we have to do! We have already used the Social Network, Emails, Facebook, etc. and so how far it's got us? Sadly, Not too far. That's why I say FOOT WORK, MEET with your Senators and Reps. at YOUR State Capital. Organize Groups, Take a Day off of Work are find those that are NOT working (almost 24 % have lost jobs in the last 6 years, mostly 4 yrs.). [NOTE: the Dems took over 7 years ago, 2006, in the Senate and House (House – 2010 Repub.s won Back, BUT OUTNUMBERED with the 3 legs of legistration].

  66. libertylouis says:

    We have Gun Registration here in Louisiana and Background Checks. BUT what people need to understand, the gun registration here is up to the DEALER you buy from whether HE WANTS to Hand OVER the Registration over to ATF which the STATE and Feds would know who has a GUN. Most Gun Dealers in La are saying they will NOT hand over to ATF and have NOT so far. I was told just recently from a Gun Dealer that has a shop for 35 plus years that the ATF comes around every 3 months and ask him if he wants to hand over the Registrations. He continues to tell them NO, I'll wait to I have to by Law. But the TRUTH is he will NEVER hand over, just like other Gun dealers in La say they will BURN the Records, Registrations FIRST before they let the State or Fed's know the GOOD Citizens that have GUNS. It is NOT hard in La to go buy a Gun that the DEALER will NOT hand over your Registration in to the Local, State and Federal Gov't's.
    Registration means NOTHING, 'if' the Dealer that Sells that Gun to you doesn't have to by Law hand in to State and Fed Gov't. AND, he will BURN the Registrations FIRST before handing over. Go to someone YOU TRUST.

  67. Jacob Steelman says:

    This is a president who we understand meets every Tuesday to decide who in the world has been designated by his government to be the target of a hit, whose government has been buying millions of rounds of ammunition for use against its own citizens and whose government continues to be in Iraq and Afghanistan murdering people evey day.

  68. What he is doing is copying Hitler's program to confiscation of all firearms. One of Hitler's methods was to have Doctors ask children questions about what was going on in their homes (like do you have any guns in your house?)
    And why does he need an EO to assign a director to the ATF? There is no alter administrative requirements to assign someone as Director of the ATF. You just do it.

  69. Use a155 with grape shot!

  70. Obama doesnt give hoot about children or anyone other than those who can help him stay in power, all he wants to do is handicap any Americans who could stop his take over of the US. Taking our guns is one thing he could do….if we let him!

  71. hanginjudge says:

    You beat me to it, but shooting him in the head is useless you need to hit a vital organ. It is quite possible that by shooting himself in the foot he actually causes "Drain Bammage"

  72. Why are we putting up with this arrogant self servicing so called pres ;obama. and his cronies. Why isn't something done about him all of them. Why is everyone so afraid to take him down. He acts so high and mighty.

  73. If we cannot find cause for impeachment for this nitwit over his last four years of unconstitutional lunacy then we need to find some REAL lawyers somewhere and import them . IMPEACH NOW !!!

  74. The problem is that he and his owners want to destroy the country.

  75. Look at what taking away guns did for Mexico. Look at what super strict gun control did for Washington DC and Homie’s hood Chicago! The capitials of gun crime in this country.



  78. Just look at Mexico, very strict gun laws, but the criminals do not care, they keep shooting and beheading people without much fear…gun laws do not stop the trigger from being pulled, only the person behind the gun has that decision.

  79. Did you notice that those 'letters from children' were not written by children, but were written by Democruds?!… It's like Obama using children as his shield! Obama is a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, and a traitor! He still associates with known terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who should be in prison, if not executed, for their terrorist acts! Obama deserves a long, long vacation at club fed, aka Fort Leavenworth…

  80. I find it ironic that B.O. wants to give gun owners (figuratively) rectal exams, yet he has refused to come clean on his birth certificate, his social security number, and his selective service card.

  81. No… his objective is to destroy the USA.

  82. Libertylady says:

    Fiscal principles will not be enough. Sound principles must, by definiation,include and be foundationally based on moral principles. Moral degradation will always led to fiscal degradation. Don't put the horse before the cart, ro confuse cause and effect. Fiscal degradation is a result of moral degradation, and the two are inextricably correlated.

  83. Mental Giants at work on this domain. This is no time for division and splintering.All this bellyaching about
    what NRA should do makes me sick. Are you guys taking instructions from demo-cretins ? They would
    love to see us divided and they succeeded accomplishing just that with GOP. By all means if you want to join
    other organizations in addition to NRA, but don't weaken the support they are getting. NRA is still the most
    powerful representation we have. Write and petition them with your objections, but don't behave like
    spoiled brats in the sandbox.

  84. Bob Da Grouch says:

    OH BOY, ARE YOU EVER RIGHT! You can bet that anyone involved with organizing the JPFO has some personal knowledge of what happens after disarming the citizens of a nation.

  85. Bob Da Grouch says:

    Are you and I the only people in this once great nation, who are baffled that so many voters can put their faith and trust in an individual, who they know hardly anything about? Then there's, how many millions of dollars?, spent on covering up / sealing all records of this individual's personal history. Hmmmmmmmmmm!

  86. BobaDaGrouchinMA says:

    Be thankful you reside a little bit north of where I do.

  87. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Because that way he could get his buddy & co-conspiritor on Fast & Furious (Todd) a nice fat salary.

  88. Shooting's too good for him. Traitors deserve hanging. It's traditional.

  89. Anybody ever hear of Martial Law? If you think Obama is stupid think again. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    Having been trained in spec ops by the military it will not surprise me in the least to see the U.S. Gov't "set it up" for Obama to do this.

    If you think not then you live in denial or in a very naive state of life. If you think the gov't won't remove you if you are a problem think again. After all did Obama not kill three U.S. citizens without due process using drone attacks and two of them were children. Wasn't it strange that most of the Navy Seals involved in bin Laden's capture later died in a helicopter crash? His burial at sea with no witnesses? Maybe then trained me too well or BS'd you too well.

    God have mercy upon America.

  90. Gary North hunter says:

    Gary North's law of knee-jerk politics is this: “When you become a knee-jerk politician, and you listen to me talk or preach (I, Gary North, am an idiot) you will eventually shoot yourself in the foot. And you might as well finish the job, shoot yourself in the head or swallow your automatic weapon's bullets. Gary North another Tea Party coward who never served his country a day in his life.

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