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Double the Effective Size of a City Apartment or a Rural Retreat Cabin

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2013

There is no question that I will buy this for my retreat cabin.

Say that your space is limited: 420 s/f. Do this.

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7 thoughts on “Double the Effective Size of a City Apartment or a Rural Retreat Cabin

  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Innovation is always needed by the modern prepper, the ability to store those supplies that will allow you to ride out a disaster (natural or man made) is tantamount to personal survival. Limited funds always make this a necessity. Many today see that the future does not look promising for the nations economy and are making the efforts to be better prepared. Just reading the articles on this site alludes to what will transpire in the future; only those who are of a decerning nature will be able to understand. The others who will pooh-pooh these ideas will wind up as victims of their own inability to view the conditions in the nation today.

  2. DockyWocky says:

    Meanwhile, as Americans are shoehorned into smaller and smaller living boxes under ObamaPlan, King Obama celebrates his Golden Anniversary as President and dedicates the new family quarters of the new "Northern Wing" of his White House. The Northern Wing, consisting of approximately 250,000 square feet of living spaces carpeted with nearly 225,000 square feet of Arab themed patterns to match the Arab themed wall coverings and new overstuffed furnishings.

    Specially "hardened" elevator areas are dispersed throughout making it an easy run for family members rapidly descend to the highest level security spaces far below ground level and staffed 24/7 with immediate medical care and heavily armed ObamaGuards who have sworn to protect the Imperial Family at any cost.

  3. 600 lbs!! It doesn't look like a water bed to me. My cast iron full cabinet table saw doesn't even weigh 600 lbs. Maybe more like 60 lbs.

  4. I can appreciate the innovation, but Americans like their space, and this kind of seems like living in an Ikea showroom.

  5. Agenda 21

  6. Huapakechi says:

    The "Murphy Bed" has been reinvented. Again.

  7. SumerianMan says:

    You know the ole saying, "it's good to be king!". Bastages All!