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Drones with Guns: “If It Can Be Done, It Will Be Done.”

Written by Gary North on January 15, 2013

Over 16 million people have seen this video.

Seeing is believing.

Start viewing at 60 seconds into the video.

Have a nice day.

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33 thoughts on “Drones with Guns: “If It Can Be Done, It Will Be Done.”

  1. Not to worry…If it fly's,it dies…

  2. This thing is horrifying. Nothing like this should be made available to civilian law enforcement. What have we come to that such things are possible. Looks like the technician is very proud of his deadly little toy. God help us!

    • Phillip the Bruce says:

      Nothing like this should be available, period. Government has no innate rights. It has only rights that have been delegated to it. If they say I can't have one of these, then they can't have it either

    • Actually, it is rather cool looking!
      Think of the amount of imagination it took to create this thing!
      But no, I do not think it should be readily available to just everyone…….!!!

  3. Cool. This looked pretty basic since all the kills were within the line of sight. It does open the imagination.

  4. Looks like a target for skeet shooters to me.

  5. wonder how many drug lords got their orders in already?

  6. Interesting note: The guy filming this video, Keith Ratliff, was found shot to death on Jan. 3 (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/11/us/keith-ratliff-gun-enthusiast-of-fpsrussia-is-shot-to-death.html?_r=0).

  7. Robert P. Churchill says:

    They did the same thing, with the addition of rocket launchers, on Rocket City Rednecks. In a few hours.

  8. Edward Shick says:

    It makes you think about what these nut jobs that kill children watch ,

  9. I like Skeet shooting. I still don't know how to cook those thing, although I rarely have much left to eat. These things will come down with a shotgun or a 22 cal. Still what bothers me it the Startrek Phenominom. Some things thought up and shown in Startrek, a fictional TV show, has now been created by our government. If we do not have these now you can be damn sure that some yahoo in government is siting in a chair thinking about how to make these in real life.

    • All the more reason to find ways to defeat whatever the government crazy's think up… forget which amendment that's in…"the ability to destroy anything a tyrannical government deploys against it citizens shall not be infringed upon"….

  10. Scotland The Brave says:

    Line of sight puts you pretty close to the bad guys. The NOISE alone would give someone a heads-up. With a sub-machine gun, anyone better than 300 meters or so should be out of range. One wonders how stable it is in windy conditions. Might have some limited applications…but you could knock it down with well-placed rifle fire…or machine gun fire. Hit one rotor and it will lose 25% (or more) of its maneuverability. Could be handy for clearing 2nd and 3rd floor rooms; coordinate an assault with good guys cooing in through one door (or window) and lay it into the bad guys trying to get out the other side. Did he tell us how much it weighs? Other thoughts; someone has to CARRY all that gear, including the SMG Magazines.

    • You have to have a gun first – the way things are going in the U.S. You WON'T

    • LOL… I was thinking the same thing about the noise. It looked pretty toyish to me. You would definitely be able to hear it coming and get out of the way. The drones our gov. already has do way worse then this. This guy is a bit behind the times.

  11. […] Drones with Guns: "If It Can Be Done, It Will Be Done." […]

  12. Barry Corke says:

    Looks great! Can we get them in Australia for shooting kangaroos?

  13. Bob Marshall says:

    There are to be 30,000 drones in the air over the U.S. by 2015. We are be becoming a nation under surveillance by big brother. this is happening in ways of which most people have no idea. Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulatory Czar,want his agents to undermine talk on the Internet while Homeland Security is monitoring facebook,Twitter and Drudge. Google is implementing a plan to mine personal information about user e-mails,videos and social networking services. The Library of Congress and our friends at Twitter have agreed to archive every single tweet since the inception on March 21,2006 when the first tweet launched. As for the scanners used at airports by the TSA, a Columbia University expert states that these scanner may cause cancer.Homeland security is monitoring pro-family activist blog. RFID chip are being tried in some of our public schools.We know that the government records our telephone and cellphone conservation and can track us when we use them. it has been proven that cellphones can cause cancer. A fact the government always denied. how much radiation will be coming from the white vans used to scan vehicles on our streets? Arm the drones and we give up our guns! Hell no!

    • freedom-booster says:

      They will be able to x-ray your house too while they are on fishing expeditions. We must get Congress to stop this abhorrent use of technology but it seems our reps are heavily biased towards allowing 24/7 surveillance of everyone. The government wants to know our lives biz in detail while it hides behind a wall called "national security."

  14. I bet the secret service is a bit nervous about now! Oh happy days are here again…would not want to be guarding the most dangerous man in the U.S. now or in the future of his retirement…

  15. hanginjudge says:

    Can this thing be outfitted for deer hunting? :)

  16. David Parker says:

    What is the effective range? Everything he did was close range.

  17. Big Brother says:

    Bob Marshall: we're watching you.

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