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UN to Discuss Mali. Nobody Cares.

Written by Gary North on January 14, 2013

War is escalating in Mali.

Who cares?

Could you find Mali on an unlabeled map of Africa?

French voters could, of course. They have a stake in Mali. They have a stake because the French government says so.

What is that stake? Do you know? Do you care? I don’t.

This is standard. The UN has no power, fortunately. It will debate what should be done about Mali, as if the UN could do anything.

The UN could send in peacekeepers wearing blue helmets. Then a couple of them will get shot. Then the UN will announce that there is no further role for peacekeepers. It will pull them out.

Why do Americans’ taxes go to pay for the UN?

Why do the U.S. media run lead stories on Mali and the UN? Look at Google News.

In 1958, Tom Lehrer said it best. The Kingstoin Trio sang it then, and they sang it again in 2011. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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7 thoughts on “UN to Discuss Mali. Nobody Cares.

  1. guest on this planet says:

    Get us out of the un and get the un out of the us .They are totally against the us and we pay to get sand kicked in our face by them

  2. "Who cares?"

    Mali is mineral-rich and has gold mines. Same with Timbucktu. That is why both countries are "of interest" to France and the US. For the same reason the US is invading (or gearing up to invade) all the Mideast countries sitting on top of big oil reserves.

    The excuses given for public consumption are "We want to bring them democracy — their women are forced to wear burkhas!" and "We believe our mercenaries — errr — 'Al Qaeda' has terror training camps over there! We simply MUST invade!"

  3. MontanaMel says:

    Maybe for the gold… BUT…for oil?… We have over 3 or 4 TIMES as much as OPEC does right now!
    Anyway…I agree…get the us out of the UN…then, get them out of the USA… way past due.
    While we're at it… The house controls appropreations… have them DEFUND THE UN payment within our State Dept budget!
    See how they like paying their own parking tickets, eh?.

  4. You're right about the ridiculous head lines the MSM puts out. A couple weeks ago in the local paper there was this big, bold headline: NEW CONGRESS CONVENES (!!!!!!). Wowser, was I intrigued! I just had to find out WHAT WAS GOING ON–You mean to tell me, they were going to bring back Congress after the Christmas recess?! There was this big color photo accompanying the article showing all the new Congresscritters being sworn in. Swearing on oath to defend the Constitution (although the caption didn't say that). Will wonders never cease? This is the sort of silliness that's driving people away from the mainstream to the web.

  5. Danno, AQ has 65 (I think) training camps on US soil, so go figure. Our corrupt elitist govt. runs all over the world on the tax payers dime to places some have never even heard of yet does nothing about muslim terrorists in our backyard or the many in high security govt. positions. You can thank the illegal in the whitehouse for all of this because he is one of them, but our elected do nothing. Citizens need to unite and arrest this illegal, his criminal czars and all complicit with his plan to take down our country.Fast and Furious, abuse of war powers (Libya bombing), Benghazi, unconstitutional amnesty to illegal criminal immigrants and too many too mention here, but you get my drift. Enough is enough!

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    Where would the UN and the IMF be without the dollars that come from U.S. taxpayers? "The illegal we do immediately.The unconstitutional takes a little longer.The New World Order cannot happen without the U.S. participation.yes! There will be a New World Order and it will force the United States to change its perceptions." Henry Kissinger World Affairs Council Press Conference April 19,1994.

  7. The Third World has always been a losing proposition — for the French, for the English, for the Dutch, for the Belgians, for the Germans, for the Russians, and everybody else. Third World countries have no use for European contries except to take the Europeans money in exchange for nothing, and to export their whopping surplus populations there.

    The best way to have population control is for European nations to close their borders to all foreign immgration. Then, when the third world countries start to overflow with their own human product, they'll think about giving up sex for a while. As Goldie Hawn said, "The population explosion will end when there is standing room only."