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7 thoughts on “Swindled: How the GOP Establishment Took Away Ron Paul’s Votes

  1. the republican party is dead the establishment ( progressives ) killed it. time to start a new conservative party is now or never. better yet is the libertarian party!

  2. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Paul is one of the few honest politicians in America. I totally respect him and most of his views. I think his "Waterloo" came in the 2008 primaries when he was strong and the only Republican smart enough to understand what the "Neo-cons" had done to the Republican party and America with the Iraq blunder. This was strictly VERBOTEN and he was eliminated from the next debate run by the "FAIR AND BALANCED" Fox News!

  3. They are all crooks Mitten didnt want to be president but tey pushed it on him Paul was treated bad as far as I am concerned the republican party is dead If they dont change and fast they will be wiped out I have been Republican along time but I will be changeing partys because I cant see anything they are doing to fight Ovmit I hope a new party starts up I will vot with it The republicans lie cheat and most of them are Rinos they havent listened to the people for along time we need new partys

  4. Ron Paul was America's last chance !!!

  5. Bob Marshall says:

    The GOP by doing this gave the victory to Obama, but why? I don't believe we have Democrats and Republicans any more. They should be called Republi-crats. Much in the same way congress has turned their backs on the American people,so has these two parties if they really are two? I saw a survey that stated the American people gave congress a rating of 10%. Personally,i think that is too high.

  6. The GOP is a lost cause, they must be completely replace from top to bottom.

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The display of ignorance by the Far Right in the primaries sealed the deal. What started as a hysterical clown show turned into a scary movie for most of America.