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59 thoughts on “Social Security Tax Hike Hits American Workers. Surprise!

  1. Southern Son says:

    Here ya go, somebody has to PAY for all those freebies, guess who gets to foot the bill AGAIN !!!!

  2. Bull Manure. The tax cut of 2% which was your contribution to Social Security that is now going back to what it was and you cry? How dumb can the American People be? To believe returning your Social Security back to what is was is a tax hike? Hello here wake the heck up. You have been lied too and you bought it, hook, line, and sinker. The American People are truly too stupid to hold a job. The Fed Chair was correct in that statement. And yes the sarcasm is intended. You piss and moan about a tax that screws you either way since Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme anyway and the American People don't get it. God have mercy on the stupid.

  3. Obama BOUGHT the jack n jill worker vote last year with the temporary reduction (read THEFT from social security)
    Now no more elections, so no more 'mr nice guy' watch the taxes go up up up!

  4. Okay Mr. and Ms. Taxpaing Americans who voted for Obama; how's it working out for you AND there are more surprises to come!

  5. and the other taxes have not kicked in yet, how much ? $3500. Oh and the manure about health care reform paying down the debt, that is a classic

  6. The Social Security tax rate should never have been cut in the first place unless we were gong to make substantive changes i the way that system is financed and operated. With no changes in the system(and there have been none) the end result has been an accelerated incrase inthe national debt and an expedited cure in the rate at which SSA is going broke The talk of trust funds is BS. There is no money in the trust funds, just IOU's against the national debt I worked for SSA for over 40 years-I know what the govenment line is and I know the truth. When given the choice to switch from Civiol Service retirement to SSA, I declined to switch. I get a much higher monthly benefit now than those who bought the govermnet hype encouraging the switch. If the debt ceiling is not raised, my benefit will stop while those who are on SSA will still get something Even so, I STILL OPPOSE ANY INCREASE IN THE DEBT CEILING

  7. guest on this planet says:

    I cant wait to retire and grab my ss , I woll be one of the lucky ones to receive it . By the time I die there wont be any more ss let alone america , I hope all of the wothless people left starve

  8. Common Scents says:

    God have mercy on the stupid? Heck just peel off the warning labels on everything and let things sort themselves out…It'll be nature's way of taking care of our "stupid" problem.

  9. There's no money left in SS and hasn't been for years. The SS withholdings are deposited into the general fund and spent as soon as they hit. That letter you get from time to time showing you your Social Security trust fund "balance" is just cooking the books!

  10. Social security is NOT an entitlement. It was EARNED by hard working Americans since most of them started working. BUT…our wonderful cronies in Washington had to delve into in back in the 60's. if they ad left their sticky little fingers out of the till…there would not be a problem with social security today

  11. Exactly to what "freebies" are you referring? My husband and I worked our butts off for over 40 years and paid the maximum amount into Social Security. The minute amount we are now receiving from SS is ours. It is not an entitlement. It is not a freebie. Don't know why that is so hard to understand.

  12. I keep saying this to the people whining about a tax increase. Even the author calls it a tax increase. It is not a tax increase. It is simply the S.S. tax returning to the level it should have been all along. The money was robbed from the older people when the tax was reduced, and now it has returned to what it should have been all along. The money lost by S.S. in the temporary tax reduction will never be made up, yet these people whine. I paid S.S. taxes for over 50 years to support someone else's Granny, now it is their turn. They need to shut up, and pay their taxes just like the rest of us did, and we did it without whining.

  13. I keep saying this to the people whining about a tax increase. Even the author calls it a tax increase. It is not a tax increase. It is simply the S.S. tax returning to the level it should have been all along. The money was robbed from the older people when the tax was reduced, and now it has returned to what it should have been all along. The money lost by S.S. in the temporary tax reduction will never be made up, yet these people whine. I paid S.S. taxes for over 50 years to support someone else's Granny, now it is their turn. They need to shut up, and pay their taxes just like the rest of us did, and we did it without whining. Bunch of dang cry babies.

  14. I AGREE, since the prez is threatening to without checks to SS & vets unless the debt ceiling is raised with NO cutbacks, I am on SS and I say NO INCREASE IN THE DEBT CEILING UNTIL MAJOR GOVERNMENT COSTS ARE CUT. They can start with all the illegals getting $$ and healthy people on welfare and cut duplicate departments that do the same thing.
    AND STOP CALLING SOCIAL SECURITY AN ENTITLEMENT, We paid into this all our working lives IT IS OUR MONEY.

  15. that is so sad that you hope for starvation

  16. notaboomer says:

    No, it is not, and you are foolish for believing it is. Show me your agreement with the government to hold your money in trust. You can't. You made a non-agreement with a nonentity (democratic government). You tolerated (and perhaps voted for / supported) a ponzi scheme retirement system that spends all dues into the general treasury in each collection year, thereby putting the actual financial burden on your children and their children.

    The boomers, and the "Greatest Generation" before them, have been great at producing a ruinous, war-loving and decadent culture that naively allowed the state to grow to historical levels and replace the traditions, morals and self-governance of the private sector.

    Understanding where you are today will help you get through the trials ahead. My post may not reflect it, but I wish you the best of luck in supporting yourself and your family, and may God be with you and yours.

  17. " It is simply the S.S. tax returning to the level it should have been all along."

    Which is higher than it was last year. So that makes it a tax increase.

  18. Harsh words but very true my friend. I have put into the system for 28 years so far and I have no hope of social security being solvent when I retire. I have really started investing much of what I make per year. It does no good to save. They destroy the dollars value and purposely keep interest rates low.

  19. I don't know. There is a part of me that wants to watch them suffer. I am in misery with this government taking my rights from me and stealing from me so why shouldn't I find happiness in the suffering of sorry people who voted such a government in? Even the peasants in the middle ages were only taxed at 25%. Of course I get to suffer with them but that"s ok because I am suffering now.

  20. Theft from Social Security includes giving a free ride to Illegal Aliens,drug addicts,legal immigrants who had never paid a cent into it… Why no outrage on that issue???

  21. You don't understand! What you paid was a tax and was spent by guvmint before you earned it. The tiny amount you are receiving now, was someone elses hard earned labor that was forcibly expropriated from them ( a tax) and bestowed to you. This will go on and on until it is broke and takes out the economy or people realize it is not sustainable and look for humane ways to phase the program out.

  22. I agree, why are we not talking about cutting Government retirement. Most retire at 55 or 58 and collect a large percentage (70 – 80) of there salary.

  23. Why not, they voted for it when the reelected the worst president in the history of our country.

  24. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Obama supporter: "But, I thought he only wanted to take THEIR money!"

  25. The original Social Security "Insurance" passed under FDR guaranteed the money would be in a trust fund. The tax was 1% and was considered by some to be enough to guarantee about 60% of your wages when you retired. That 1% tax has certainly increased and it was LBJ's Great Society that raided the trust fund and put it in the general fund where congress spent it for other things. Clinton added insult to injury by starting to tax the benefits. When we talk about "ENTITLEMENTS" SS and medicare are the only two programs that the beneficiaries paid for. Originally SS was a voluntary insurance and later changed to a contract forced upon all workers by the government. All the "IMPROVEMENTS" such as raising the tax, raiding the fund, increasing retirement age and lowering the benefits came under democratic administrations.

  26. Bob Marshall says:

    " When the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic." George Washington. People who are calling for an even larger government with more entitlement programs is not going to help solve our national debt problems.Today there are 80 entitlement programs.is not going to help solve our debt problem. The government creates problems and the majority of people look to them to solve the problems they created. Congress has always had a spending problem. The ability for the treasury dept and the fed to create money out of thin air with nothing to back it up is going to blow up in their face one day and it will make the great depression look small in comparison. Each new administration leaves this problem for the next and it just gets worse. Smaller government, better immigration policies and a yearly audit of the Federal Reserve would be a good place to start while we still have the sibilance of a Constitution to protect our liberties and rights as citizens.

  27. Oh Dumb me…..All my life I was under the impression that anything put into a trust was safe…… WELL!!!! then along come LBJ who like Obummer couldn't balance a budget (like the rest of us poor peons have to) so he opened the trust fund and put it in the general fund. For my husband it added insult to injury he is a Notch Baby. Most people don;t know what that is. They are American born between 1917 thru 1926. They receive a lesser Soc Sec payment. There is an organazation working on this but doesn;t seem to be getting anywhere. Seems Congress can't pay them the money that LBJ stole from them, but they can come up with money for everything else (countries that hate us, lifetime security for past Pres and their families, $7 million dollar vacations for the impostor and on and on and on, there is no end.

  28. My son complained that his paycheck was $150 short because of the tax increse, and asked if he could borrow money and pay me back after next payday. I had to say no, because next payday he'll be $150 short out of that check, too. I asked him, "Rememember last August when I told you you needed to go register to vote? Well this is what that was all about."

  29. The problem with retirement plans "managed" by the federal government is that, unlike private companies, the federal government can abrogate a contract anytime the weasels in Gongress are all of the same party as the weasel in the White House. Like Darth Vader, they "alter the bargain" at will. And you can't even sue, because it's all "legal."

    weasel LBJ was like weasel Obama — he had a Democratic Congress that would rubber stamp anything he asked for, regardless of whether it was moral, or even ethical — because party loyalty and power comes before the American people. The money that LBJ spent ended up supplying the N. Vietnamese with enough military hardware to make it the best armed third world nation in the world, after the U.S. pulled out of that useless war, and left all the military hardware behind. The social security trust fund went to arm an enemy country — Communist Vietnam, just as Obama is spending money to arm the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

  30. Enough's Enough says:

    What a shock for loyal Gimmecrat Obama-supporters earning over $50,000! But I have to believe that their beloved CNN and MSNBC will find *some* way to blame it on Republicans, thus circumventing any annoying blame-assignment for The Messiah!

  31. Renenber, the FICA tax cut was put through as an economic stimulus, but it also had the effect of changing Social Secutiry from and earned right into just another welfare program. Now people are back to paying for what their share of the pie was intended by congess to be. Thar does not change the fact that Social Security has been turned in to the world's largest Ponzi scheme. As presently structured, it can never be self supporting and will always be a drain on the economy. I doubt if we will ever elect members of congress that will ever have the intestinal fortitudeto address the problem as long as the left has the ability to assemble vast hordes of little old ladies in sneakers to protest(even though the reforms proposed would not effect them)By the way I am 69 and retired

  32. Yup…."low-information voters". They only hear what they want to hear.

  33. To spell messiah with a capital "M" is an insult to the real "Messiah". b.o. is a self-proclaimed "messiah".

  34. Actually, JD, civil service retirement won't go unpaid, unless the entire US government collapses. Tax receipts are far greater than the "interest on the debt", which, by law must be paid FIRST. All the hype about not paying gov't. employees, military or SS payments is just a political "scare tactic" BS…something the Obama admin. is very adept at using.

  35. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Obama supporter reaction: "But, I thought he only wanted to take THEIR money!"

  36. If you paid into SS and Medicare then it isn't a freebie. Welfare and food stamps are freebies.Elected officials voting them selves raises in a bad (or even in a good) economy is a freebie for them. Have they taken any pay cuts, let go of any of their employees? Even spent less on their pet projects? Maybe if we didn't stop collecting SS at $106,000 income we could close the gap. Both parties are a mess. What we need is a real TEA PARTY!!!!

  37. If you paid into SS and Medicare then it isn't a freebie

  38. Bob Marshall says:

    Exit polls 2008 and 2012 showed Obama knew his sheep. Again,Project Vote/ACORN was a huge success. George Soros and his Open Society Institute used their funds wisely. Obama may not be the president many thought he would be but he proved America has millions of ignorant voters. because of this and millions of people who are willing to trade votes for government handouts, Obama will find a way to get a third term in office therefore completing the Islamization of America. 'When the people find they can vote themselves money that will be the end of the republic."George Washington. Does everyone think Obama was joking when he said," I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction?" Remember his speech where he said." you will not see your taxes go up one penny." He failed to mention the amount of dollars our taxes would go up because that would not have gotten the votes he needed. America has its first Muslim president. Think not? Read the January 2013 issue of whistleblower publication. WND.COM There are 18 more taxes to come according to White House sources from the Obama administration. Don't complain, you who voted for Obama, when he goes after your 401K and pension plans. More taxes on Social Security is just the tip of the ice berg. Will Obama get his new "living progressive" constitution eventually because of so many ignorant voters?

  39. The IRONY here is that the S.S. fund was solvent and full of money to pay its obligations. Then came Lyndon B. Johnson , DEMOCRAT,who raided the fund and put a bunch of I.O.U.'s in a lockbox. If the S.S. scheme, which is really a tax when one reads the law, is to survive, the funds must by law be exempt from politicians' raids. Many folks who bought into the idea that S.S. was a retirement program should know that it was originally a supplemental program, not a primary program. If you really wnt to solve S.S. issues, pass an amendment that makes politicians have S.S. and the other programs thay foist upon their constituents.

  40. Not so, JDH, there are so many babies being murdered in the womb, there won't be near as many people collecting social security, but then, there won't be as many paying into it either. I think it's about time the people demand they quit stealing money from ss, and put it where it is supposed to go. The dems started the theft of ss, and it's time to stop it.

  41. How about focusing on the high cost of illegal aliens instead of essentially griping about seniors who have actually paid into the system for years? Odd that the cost of social security that seniors paid into the system when spoken about in dollars and cents is always lumped together with medicare that many seniors could care less if they had. It is wrong to blame seniors and/or the spouse of seniors who have paid into the system for years, for breaking the piggy bank. Look first at the many proposals for pathway to citizenship to those who have broken our laws, and for many, dems and reps who suggest bringing even more guest workers and immigrants to add to our already low jobs numbers???

  42. Thank you – I keep trying to tell people this exact same thing, yet it’s so difficult for these morons to comprehend. Gary North, especially.

  43. More than 50% are stupid,right?

  44. The only ones that were surprised by this, are the ill informed. The administration didn't want you to remember that it was cut by 2% back in 08, 09 so they never brought this up & guess what short memories are what got obam,a re elected

  45. Dumb enough to re elect obama that's how stupid a majority of 51% is in America today

  46. SS has NEVER added one penny to our National debt. They have made several "LOANS" to the fed, all of the debt is not to outside or foreign countries, most of it is owed in house don't you realize how much money this administration (politians of BOTH parties ,spend

  47. Korean War Vet says:

    It’s difficult for the Welfare Queens and those who have never worked a lick in their lives, Doc. They think that those of us who sre existing on Social Unsecurity are getting that for free, thus Southern Son’s appellation, “freebies”. Some people just don’t get it: You get nothing free from the US Government, unless you are a Welfare Queen, unless you are born of welfare “royalty”: generation after generation of welfare handouts. Those who are in this group know exactly what I’m talking about.

  48. Korean War Vet says:

    You’ve got a problem understanding what the Greatest Generation and the generation following has done for you, my friend. I’m one of the “in-betweens”, if you wish to call us that. Too young to serve in World War Two, but just right for Korean service, which is where I come in. You’ve got one hell of a nerve, you know that? The generations you speak of did not “produce a ruinous, war-loving and decadent culture””; we had no choice but to serve our country, and gladly we did. Thousands of my countrymen never made it home again, just so that ignorant know-nothing folks can go around, blaming other people for the problems existing in their filthy culture…you made the culture what it is, with all the rotten liberalism to go along with it….your generation is to blame for all the pornography and filth in the movie industry…so don’t tell us how “WE” caused these problems you are so quick to blame us for!

  49. Cut illegal aliens & cheats off the rolls & see if we don't get a surplus back into the accounts…

  50. Bo's "living progressive constitution" will be marx's manifesto. You watch and see.

  51. Any time taxes go up, it is a tax hike. There is no "supposed to be" rate. Obama took credit for lowering SS taxes. Now he must take the blame for hiking them.

    The money all goes into the general fund, so the SS tax name is merely a ruse. in effect the income tax rate was increased 2% for workers.

    Finally let me say this. Any tax increase must be looked at as to how it helps or hinders the economy. This 2% will be devastating to an already fragile economy in the coming months. Watch for an increase in business closures resulting in an even higher level of unemployment.. Those people will also place a further drag on food stamps, unemployment and welfare enrollment.

  52. Social Security Tax Hike Hits UNINFORMED American Workers. TO OTHERS, IT WAS NO Surprise!


  53. gvhparkridge says:

    A good thing that union members don't pay social security tax……..

  54. Evermyrtle says:

    I am not surprised, the only that surprises me is that he didn't do it earlier., like 3 years ago.

  55. all of you out there that voted for Oboma are going to get just what you deserve. Higher taxes are comming, the SS tax that returned to the 6.2 is not a tax hike I paid that for years.The freebies that you are now getting will not last forever, If the unemployment freebie had not been extended I bet 90% of the unemployed would be working at whatever was available. I was raised when there was no freebies we worked at what ever put food on the table and survived. Americans needs to get their pride back and not rely on the goverment.

  56. The Social Security tax is redistribution, but real economic growth will suffer due to at least two factors: 1) Higher taxes produce a marginal incentive to work less, and 2) The people redistributing the money are being paid to do so, but produce nothing of value. The bogus statistic called GDP will change very little because it measures money spent, and the money will be spent.

  57. this is a crime and a looting on the American People. I suppose since we're so used to be cheated and scammed by government criminals, who laugh as they get away with it, that it's no surprise. Social Security is a tax on your income!! Then when you "collect" it they tax it as "income". How insane is this?? Consider that the average SSA recipient will receive about 4% of what they paid in, it is a crime. And then when they die what happens?? GONE FOREVER, not even given to their surviving spouse!! COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM!! AND LEGISLATORS SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR THIS!! And this is just one of their numerous and wonderful "gifts".

  58. Anyone who believed the lying usurper when he told us that only the rich would be taxed more deserves the pain. The rest of us do not.

  59. It is hard to believe that the majority voted for Obama
    We all know what kind of individuals did not want to see the danger of this administration . Just wait a few more years and see what a mess we are in. Today beside the money problems no one knows about Benghazi , today we are sending planes and ammunition to Egypt?????? Even if we promised things have changed . Egypt is a danger to us and to Israel . What a mess