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Gun Control: Not Enough Votes in Congress

Written by Gary North on January 14, 2013

Lobbyists favoring the second amendment say that President Obama probably doesn’t have the votes to get a ban on assault rifles. They do not think that Congress will even accept restrictions on ammunition magazines.

A specialist in gun control at Princeton University says that the longer there is no action on this issue, the less likely a ban is. People will forget about the Newtown murders.

The National Rifle Association has signed up 100,000 new members since the shootings.

Guns are selling very fast around the USA. This began with Obama’s re-election.

Senator Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia has called for a complete legislative package. He does not merely want gun control. He wants mental health laws, laws controlling violent video games, and therefore comprehensive transformation of the entire culture to reduce violence-related evil by federal law.

He says this: “An assault weapons standalone ban on just guns alone will not go anywhere in the political reality we are in.'” The law must be much broader. It must be a “comprehensive approach.” The issue is not merely guns. It’s a “culture of mass violence.”

If he thinks that he can get such a package of laws through Congress, he needs professional counseling.

Most Americans do not live in a culture of mass violence. They do not live in those parts of large cities that are in fact unsafe. It is not politically correct to mention these parts of town. But the voters know, especially those voters who reside in these parts of town.

I wonder: Who is going to be the low-level federal bureaucrat who goes into these parts of town and announces this? “I’m here to get your guns.” Would you like that job?

Gun control in Detroit. That’ll be the day!

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49 thoughts on “Gun Control: Not Enough Votes in Congress

  1. Clearly the American public doesn't want the usurper and his dog and pony show taking another dump on our Constitution.

  2. Actually it is the modest homes like mine to the upscale homes of many of my friends who are former military and are American Patriots where the government thugs will die by the dozens if they come to violate the Constitution. We will refresh the Tree of Liberty to its fullest. There are many, many more of us than them.

  3. Let me see:

    "Lobbyists favoring the second amendment say that President Obama probably doesn’t have the votes to get a ban on assault rifles. They do not think that Congress will even accept restrictions on ammunition magazines."

    What they think doesn't mean a hill of beans. Lobbyists is what you are asking/expecting me to bet on?

    Obviously you have never heard of Diane Fienstein, Charles "Chucky the Doll" Schumer, Henry "Witch Hunter" Waxman, at. al.

    Get a grip. Reality means nothing to Congress and what Lobbyist think have nothing to do with the American People who are utterly clueless to the political reality of how harmful Lobbyists are to Freedom.

  4. manmountainmike says:

    Approximately 11,000 murders are committed annually. 94% of those murders are committed by gangs. Though one life taken by any means is not really acceptable, compare that to nearly 1,000,000 deaths per year come from reported abortions.

    I call this the legalized murder of the unprotected, innocent unborn children. It seems to me that we have a much larger problem that is allowed by liberal/progressive thinking . . . . meaning that they have legalized this method of premeditated murder.

    This is where our lawmakers should focus their efforts if they truly want to save innocent lives along with eradicating violent gangs. Especially when they throw into the argument for gun control recent tragedies of loss of our children. How can they use this as a tool on one side and yet allow for the termination of them at the same time . . . ? Just asking!

  5. Dark Patriot says:

    If those gang members' mothers were subject to MANDATORY abortion we wouldn't have gang violence.

  6. That still doesn't preclud Pres. Obama writing an EO to cause us as much grief as he can – he won't be impeached no matter what – reid will never accept the charges from the house for a vote.

  7. You're right about the weasel, Reid not even allowing it up for a vote. Reid is as corrupt as they come.

  8. Just curious if these are the same people that said that "there is no way that Obamacare would pass in the Supreme Court"

  9. ken1lutheran says:

    they re-elected him. All he had to say was "the Republicans are for the MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES" and they ran right out and voted for him.

  10. Rabelrouser says:

    So as long as we as Freedom Loving American continue to provide factual information to others concerning the truth about "crimes committed with firearms" the more that the citizen will see the sham of the restrictions that they want to impose on us.
    Here is one way to do that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed

  11. People will forget about the Newtown murders until the ovomit administration plans another massacre. I believe the Aurora shooting as well as this one were government planned. Ever notice how these events happen when the heat from Benghazi and other things become too much for this illegal administration?

  12. What were the backgrounds of some of the most famous mass shooters of late?
    • Fort Hood @ Killeen, Texas: Registered Democrat; Radical Islamic Fundamentalist;
    • Columbine High School @ Columbine, Colorado: Too Young to Vote; Both Families Were Registered Democrats and Progressive Liberals;
    • Virginia Tech @ Blacksburg , Virginia: Wrote hate mail to President George W. Bush and to his staff; Registered Democrat;
    • Century 16 Multiplex Theatre @ Aurora, Colorado: Registered Democrat; Staff Worker on the Obama Campaign; Occupy Wall Street Participant; Progressive Liberal;
    • Sandy Hook Elementary School @ Newtown, Connecticut: Registered Democrat, hated Christians;
    It looks to me like being a Democrat is a bigger threat than has been previously reported. Maybe we need some laws about THAT!

  13. Its pretty clear Obama wants to seize everything he thinks he can get. First the semi autos, then the pumps, then the bolt actions, then the single shots. Congress needs to stand fast. But will they? I know I will.

  14. this clown and feinstein need to be paraded in public with their clown suits on carrying signs that say, " What Constitution?? we are Senators and do not believe in the Constitution."

  15. Evermyrtle says:

    Does the ban need to pass in Congress to save out guns. I don't think so! The Congress has not mattered so far for this outsider to get anything done he wants done.
    so many people does not have an idea of this. I mentioned something they would slip in the back door to my sister. She said, "Oh no, that would be illegal" She is not alone in this ignorance there are thousands of them.

  16. Well, the lobbyists would certainly seem to have more influence on our elected idiots then us tax payers. Wouldn't you agree?

  17. gvhparkridge says:

    O.K. examine Manchin's head…coo coo coo coo

  18. Most Americans may not live in a culture of violence, but we all live in a culture of a threat of violence – government violence. Government is everywhere and at all levels in our faces, pushing us around and picking our pockets. All this happens at gunpoint.

    Things have gotten so bad that even individuals who peacefully grow vegetables in their front yards are being threatened with $500 a day fines for disobeying the edict to grow sterile grass! Anyone who refuses to submit and obey whatever the petty and not so petty tyrants want of us will be visited by armed government employees sporting costumes and badges. Those who continue to resist will be shot.

    This is the reality of life in authoritarian America today. The threat of government violence is pervasive and getting worse. Look overseas to see how the American government's military killing machine is treating foreigners. We too will soon be in the cross hairs of their drones. What are the towering hypocrites in government doing to ramp down their threats of violence against peaceful individuals?

  19. Calf people have a recall and get that old witch out she is a teo face lier she has guns but wants to take are guns away she needs to go she has been in office way to long she thinks she is a god just like ovmit

  20. When the statists like Feinstein give up their tax-paid bodyguards and turn in their concealed carry firearms I will turn in mine.

  21. Clearly this reporter wants us to believe that the houses care about what the masses think, thus counting votes before they hatch. Well the Houses do care what the masses think and spend plenty of time and money researching the best way to control the masses thoughts. Information alone is not enough and that is why likeminded bodies are in our schools, elected and un-elected offices and in all forms of media. http://www.numbersusa.com / http://www.goooh.com

  22. Frankly, that's being tried. The abortion rate in the neighborhoods those gangbangers are from is much higher than the overall rate, and always has been. It goes back to Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of Planned Parenthood, who thought of abortion as a means of eugenics–improving the breed through the elimination of what she saw as "undesirables".

  23. When are the liberal dodos going to realize some that they have been mantracizing for decades???? YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY, and that's what this idiot senator from West Virginia is trying to do!

  24. Bill Smith says:

    Remember the dead children of Waco, Texas. Dead at the hands of our government!

  25. And that's the truth!

  26. All of the shootings, except for the Ft Hood one, involved perpetrators who were on prescribed psychotropic drugs (Ritalin, Luvox, Prozac, Zoloft)… SSRIs and antidepressants. 60% of American people are on prescribed psychotropic drugs. Has anyone made the connection that the joke of zombie apocalypse is not funny? What about the guy who ate the homeless guy's face off in FL… he apparently was on prescription drugs, too. It wasn't "bath salts". When the economy finally hits the tank (I'm estimating, March or April), and the dollar goes hyperinflated, our supply lines for goods will be cut off, because trucking companies who deliver to our stores won't find it economical to operate anymore. When we're out of drugs, we will have a bunch of druggies coming off their meds, and going psychotic.

  27. Even people who have no need for these drugs and were prescribed them will be undergoing withdrawals, and with the trend of shootings… it's only going to get worse. Government knows this… that's why they ordered the hollowpoint bullets (that can only be used domestically, not internationally) and the FEMA coffins that they keep denying. They are prepared for this country being openly psycho, and they will shoot first, ask questions later, if anyone is left alive.

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If the Right can prevent common sense gun control this time, they will loose power completely in 2014. Most Americans are squarely behind Obama on this. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!


  30. Silly blind Americans will support Obama simply because the media propaganda tells them they should. They are so easily manipulated. They cry and agonize about the school shooting of children but, turn a blind eye to other horrors. I have no respect for my fellow American who ape the stupid slogans of the liberal media.

  31. I'll say it one more time, politicians have all the protection of the government, but not our children! Societal ills cause mass murders not guns! Law is based on personal responsibility and which criminal or insane people do you expect to abide by the law? Over two hundred million Americnas own guns, stats say some own dozens, that is the largest political group in the country with a commonality. Do the people in government and all it's bureacracy know what political suicide is? Thirty Five States Have sued the government over Obamacare or some part of it, three more states signing on constitutes a need for a Constitutional Convention and a recall of all Federal elected officials. That's an Oh darn in anybodies book!

  32. Rabelrouser says:

    This isnt about crime, this isnt about protecting innocents; it IS about disarming the average American citizen so that their serfdom is more complete. This is about a Monarchy (if you will) that wants absolute control over the populace and the populace having no way to defend its God given Freedoms and Rights. Plain and simple.
    So what are Freedom loving American citizens to do? First, join together with others just like you. Those who see what is happening and have been preparing thmeselves for such a time as this. And, prepare yourselves too.
    Prepare to ride out the coming storm and prepare to defend yourself and your family.
    http:// Modernmilitiamovement.com is a good place to start, there you can meet others in your area.
    The future will be rough,to say the least. This nation will face more turmoil than it ever has, more internal suffering of the people and unless those who Love this Republic are willing to stand up and stand together united, the future will be that of economic slavery and a serfdom to a government that will control every aspect of your life. You are being warned.

  33. Wow, just a knee jerk reaction, but based on these revelations, I strongly feel that we need to ban Democrats. Maybe obamo will do an executive order to that effect!

  34. Texas Chris says:

    For Obama to defecate on the document mentioned he would have to admit its existence.

  35. Texas Chris says:

    They may get mine. But they'll get them empty and with smoking hot barrels, because they're going to have to kill me first. And trust me, brother, I'm going to take as many of "them" with me as I can.

  36. Texas Chris says:

    They do right now. But if they, the politicians, cross that invisible line and public opinion shifts from indifferent to violently opposed, they're going to either start listening to us, or turn into bullet sponges.

  37. Texas Chris says:

    Reid doesn't even have to be involved. There is no law that stipulates charges and trial being in separate houses. Boehner could (if he had a spine) charge AND hold trial.

  38. Texas Chris says:

    Even I believed that. then again, I was thinking rationally, and the SCOTUS obviously wasn't.

  39. Texas Chris says:

    Ban them? I say we ARM them. Looks like the problem will sort itself out.

  40. Texas Chris says:

    He can ban all he wants. His goons are gonna get the bullets first.

  41. It's one thing for "executive" orders for thing not SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the Constitution, but it's another to try to execure those orders AGAINST something very SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the Constitution with it's Amendments

  42. If Obama tries the ex. order route. 'He should be impeached immediatly'!

  43. most americans are being lied to. as usual, the left points to one tragedy – never waste a good crisis – and then punishes 100 million PLUS honers people.

  44. NO Constitutional Convention !!
    You think our rights are being eroded now? You let the libs hold a CC and ALL our rights go away. there is NO LIMIT to a CC, the whole document can go down the tubes.

  45. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What guns will the Gov. take from you? Are you trusting the NRA. backed Right Wing Hate Media? Think harder please.



  48. It's funny as I have British Lee Enfields. This great bolt action rifle has 10 round detachable magazines so maybe they'll call IT an "assault rifle" because of that? LOL. I certainly know how to rapid fire them and with 5 round stripper clips plus additional magazines…..I'm just a little slower than an M-1. At least in WWII re-enactments,heh. .303 is nothing to laugh at I think,etc. 🙂

  49. And her definitiion of "undesirables" was "blacks". Maybe she'd expand it today in seeing all the illegal mexicans that have invaded and taken root with their anchor babies? In any case, Sanger was sick.