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Help Me Locate Great TED Speeches

Written by Gary North on January 11, 2013

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It is an educational organization that features 18-minute speeches.They are technically superior speeches.

I plan to feature an introductory course on public speaking on an online homeschool site that I will be managing. I hope to have the site ready for the public on March 31. That is not much time.

In the public speaking course, there will be videos of great speeches. They must be shorter than 30 minutes. The course will critique one speech per daily lesson.

I am looking for recommendations for great speeches — speeches that are worth viewing more than once. I think TED speeches are the best place to start looking.

Here is the TED site: http://TED.com.  Snoop around. See if you can find something interesting to you. Watch a few minutes. If it looks good, watch all of it.

If you can find a speech that you think teenagers would find interesting, send me link. Send them to:


Put this in the subject box: TED Speeches.

The goal here is to help students identify what makes a good speech.

Here is a great speech.

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Locate Great TED Speeches

  1. Sharon Minton says:

    This sounds like a wonderful idea to educate our young people about past, present, and future economics. It might be a wonderful opportunity to finally change the point of view about our political representatives and leaders.

  2. Just FYI: The TED organizers have recently sent out word that no speeches on non-mainstream, gov't approved health care will be allowed, and espcially no speeches on vaccinations. To me, this impinges on the veracity of TED as an organization–they are banning areas of science topics that they dislike or consider to be politically incorrect. I could not use TED as a homeschooling tool (I am a homeschooling Mom) without at least making sure my kids are aware of that disclaimer.