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Teachers Line Up for Handgun Training in Texas and Ohio

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2013

It is legal in both states for teachers to carry concealed weapons. Almost 1,000 have signed up for training in Ohio. About 400 signed up in Texas.

Why thousands more have not signed up is a mystery.

Utah has a similar law. Why the other 47 states have not passed such legislation is also a mystery.

These teachers are first responders. They increase risk for armed invaders. It is good to increase risk for armed invaders.

When school districts start mandating such training and then mandate the carrying of a handgun as a condition of employment, we will know they are serious about protecting students. Do not hold your breath on this one.

Homeschooling is the obvious solution to schools that do not have armed teachers.

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17 thoughts on “Teachers Line Up for Handgun Training in Texas and Ohio

  1. Bob Marshall says:

    Since the possible shooter know a teacher is armed guess who the first shot will be aimed at. Just a thought. the real issue should be mental health and the heavy use of prescription drugs in America. Especially anti-depressants which according to The U.S. centers for disease and control are the number one drugs used by age groups from 18 to 44. Goggle SSRI Stories/Anti-depressant Nightmares.what the news paper won't print, the news media won't say and the government doesn't want us to know.

  2. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Maybe the NRA can convince America to arm priests during church services.

  3. Winghunter says:

    "I then pointed out that, in the entranceway to their church, they had a framed, colour picture on the wall, of early American settlers walking to church, carrying their rifles with their Bibles. I reminded him that many churches in America, in the 17 th Century, fined men if they came to church without a rifle! 1 Timothy 5:8 requires men to make provision for their family and declares that any who fail to do so deny the Faith and are worse than an unbeliever. Churches penalised men who showed such irresponsibility as to fail to carry a weapon for the defence of their family."

    "Far from Christians in the previous centuries having an aversion to firearms, not only were swords and firearms freely brought into many church buildings, but the pastors were often some of the best shots in town. During the American War of Independence, many pastors served as officers in the Continental Army under General George Washington, fighting for Independence." http://www.frontline.org.za/articles/Faith%20and%

  4. Winghunter says:

    What makes you think (no pun intended) that teachers are not the primary target of the nutcases? The evil and insane (drugged or not) will ALWAYS live amongst us and the ONLY thing that stops them is an immidiate lethal response.

    Put on your big boy pants and deal with reality.

  5. Perhaps we can ban nut cases!

  6. Bob, actually it needs to be a combination. Armed guards/teachers and more emphasis on finding the mental cases before they go off and do a massacre. If the President, Politicians, and media stars can have armed body guards, then why is it not also important for the children to be protected?

  7. Or the people who attend the church services. A Minister, armed in South Africa saved his congregation when armed men stormed the Church. They did not expect anyone inside to be armed.

  8. I think they should allow, but not mandate, concealed carry by teachers. That would keep the nut cases guessing who has a gun or whether they do or not.

    "I know what you're thinking…did he fire six shots or only five? Tell you the truth, in all the excitement, I lost count myself…But…you've gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?"

  9. I wouldn't jump all over Bob like that, especially your demeaning final statement. That was uncalled for. His response is a good point, IMO. And I'm in favor of concealed carry.

  10. Old Texas Cowgirl says:

    Havn't heard of any church mass shootings. Perhaps because there is no posted admission that no guns are allowed in church.

  11. Old Texas Cowgirl says:

    You're right on that. You can't force someone who has scruples against it to carry and use a gun. But here in Texas I'm sure most teachers, especially the men, would be only to happy to oblige. Funny, we haven't heard of any school shootings in Texas, have we? Maybe some have already been carrying without making a big deal out of it.

  12. Burn a Buck Nanke says:

    I would rather have UNCOVER X law enforcement (several) in the schools. We will pay extra for the teachers that do have the ability to carry. Maybe not now but I'm sure it will show up in the contracts SOON! I trust x law enforcement to be able to handle the situation much better then a person with children all day.

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    And really angry people!

  14. Arming the teachers will force the nut case shooters to other venues, but at least they will be away from our kids.

  15. Homeschooling is the obvious solution to schools that do not have armed teachers.

  16. Bonnie@gmail.com says:

    I am in favir of cincealed caery, too, but to mandate teachers cuts into their freedom of choice. Let all who choose to do so get trained and armed.

  17. Probably! After all, it's Texas!