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The Four Business Gangs That Run America

Written by Gary North on January 9, 2013

You probably knew about three of them. Economist Jeffrey Sachs lists them, and adds a fourth.

1. The military-industrial (-Washington) complex.

2. The Wall Street-Washington complex

3. The oil-transportation complex.

There is a fourth. Guess what it is.

If you are stuck, you will understand perfectly when you click the link.

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10 thoughts on “The Four Business Gangs That Run America

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I saw that one coming. The revolving door between Big Pharma and the FDA may spin even faster than the Wall St/DoTreas/FED one does.
    I would add another – Big Agra. Monsanto, ADM, etc in cahoots with USDA and corporate farms for subsidies and so much more. Many countries have banned GMO's. We can't even get them labelled in the US.

  2. So what do these big business/corporate screamers want? No big business? No big corporations?
    The downside to these huge entities is the manipulation that humans create in order to solidify their own material comfort zones and/or positions of power. So what? Do not the politicians do the same thing? This is only human nature, which is terribly flawed, yet is the only thing on the planet that can create the goods/services and comfortable lives for all humans.
    Nothing is perfect…no one is perfect.
    So get over it. This whole article is more about demonizing those who make things that WE use than it is to find solutions to everyday problems we face in life.
    Get over it.

  3. Sachs and the columnist appear to be leftists, yet they can see what American conservatives refuse to see.

  4. Small businesses create jobs, big businesses create barriers (frivolous patent lawsuits, paying off congress to create crazy regulations). Their lawyers help write the laws that congress signs without reading. It is at the heart of American corruption so I wont get over it. And unlike you I wont make excuses for human nature.

  5. MetaCynic says:

    And a 5th, the largely government owned and regulated school complex, makes all the others possible.

  6. ccfonten, well said. When Gittins wrote about "reckless deregulation and the lack of government oversight" I lost
    interest as Australia is not a hotbed of liberty. Today we may ask what is more corrupt: corporations or government ?
    Right now it seems as one corrupt group is making nice with the other. However, in the meantime businesses
    create the jobs we all need. Agreed, no one is perfect. But we should try and improve. (It's hard, but I try).

  7. Good point, Meta.

  8. 2WarAbnVet says:

    How can there be a military-industrial complex when the country has driven away all industry, and there's d*** little military.

  9. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Included in the top five, or even the top "one" is … big government. Running amok, without any real check or balance. And it will be big government that will be the down fall of this Nation …

  10. Gary correctly identifies the fatcats, but misses the least common denominator that has flushed the economy down the toilet. Greed and corruption have been bedmates since the days of Caesar (not Sid, but Julius). The movers and shakers hire economists who cut their teeth on John Maynard Keynes, whose real world results were as profitable as Maynard G. Krebbs' . Really read Steve Allen's DUMBTH in front of a fool-length mirror. Take it to your group therapy session, Why do you think America twice elected a smug, ignorant, left-wing racist to the Presidency?