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If Your Child Were Being Taught History by This Teacher, Would You Pull Your Child Out of School?

Written by Gary North on January 8, 2013

The president of the victorious teachers’ union in Chicago gave a speech last year. In it, she said that American labor leaders — meaning trade union leaders — in the late 19th century were willing to kill the rich: “Off with their heads.” The crowd laughed.

This is utter nonsense. The Knights of Labor and other trade unions were not revolutionary. That was special about North American trade unionism. It was a bread-and-butter movement. The unions wanted better working conditions. The Communists never did organize any major union.

She then went on to say that today’s rich people want to kill workers.

Consider the median pay of Chicago’s teachers before the 2012 Chicago teachers strike. It was around $71,000 a year, meaning payment for 8 months’ work.

This woman knows nothing about American trade union history. She is fanning the flames of class hatred.

Why would any conservative allow his children to be taught in a school system run by teachers who would elect this woman as president of the union?

But they do. They will not pull their kids out. “It’s not too bad,” they say. On the contrary, it is very bad. “Ideas like hers are not representative.” Then why is she the president of the union?

What will it take to persuade parents to pull their kids out?

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34 thoughts on “If Your Child Were Being Taught History by This Teacher, Would You Pull Your Child Out of School?

  1. Texas Chris says:

    IT will take a total collapse of the entire government system in the US for parents to finally take responsibility for their kids' education.

  2. DocktWocky says:

    If anyone has any doubts that fellow-travelers and outright Communists have captured the teacher's union in Chicago, please stand by for it's cancerous spread to your local school system – f it isn't there already.

  3. The children or should I say victims of this system are unable to hold jobs . These public schools are the laughing stock of the world . We had the best school system in the world not too long ago (before the creation of the Federal Dep't of Education) and now barely hang on to number 24 . What is wrong with these people ?

  4. TaxmanCometh says:

    Sad, she ignores the FACT that Sam Walton started out as a "worker", as did Bill Gates, Steve Jobs to name a few. They made it, as did Justice Sotomayer, by their own hard work. Not via a union, personal hard work.
    The "zillionaires" she refers to are actually the people she suppports – John Kerry (married his money), Al Gore – daddy started him to being rich, Pres. Obama, not sure exactly how he made $4 million,other than getting US Embassies to buy his book and croked Chicago real estate guys funding his home.
    But then reality and honesty never were a hallmark of modern unions. Unions have long lost their credibility. And that is sad because they did serve an honerable purpose at one time, improving conditions and helping insure quality work at a fair price.

  5. Well, at least someone got her on video and could put it on YouTube! Shows her and their real colors! Just crazy how when things are said enough times, even when untrue, people start to believe them and rally around the lies.

    It would probably take a complete collapse of the federal government for most people to give up the "free daycare" for the kids they don't know how to handle, and learn to teach them on their own.

  6. she looks like a sefl gratifying slob

  7. concerned says:

    I would not like my kids to be anywhere near this Pig!

  8. My kids are homeschooled because of people like her. I used to teach in a public school, but after I saw what was being sold as an education I felt it was time to leave when I started my family. If you don't know history, please don't teach it. If you are an idiot please don't enter the field of teaching. And as for unions, thank God we have Walker in Wisconsin. Oh, and if you are doing it for the kids…you don't skip a day of teaching to go protest at the capital for your union. Then you are in it for the money. Quit lying to yourself.

  9. Just another useless effing union thug………who needs to be UNDER the cement! And NOT teaching anyone anything…….not even obedience classes for dogs.

  10. Bob Marshall says:

    I can remember when i was a young lad and i would go to the little school where my mother was a teacher. A one room school house where she would teach three grades at the same day using three separate black boards.

  11. Whoever counts the votes, elects the president. Time for parents to decide if they want their children raised by a government that turns its back on its allies, mocks religion and wants to re-write history and the Constitution.

  12. She's obese! Indicates a lack of self esteem, self control, and discipline!! Usually these people are unpleasant and viciously opinionated and mean to children!!

  13. olduglycarl says:

    Another progressively created USELESS IDIOT. Communist takeovers via liberal or progressive guise were used to create useful idiots but after 100 years of progressively progressive education has truely produced stupid idiots that are no longer useful. The robber barrons she mentions were political businesses not free market value creators. Lies disempower you from responding differently via free choice and therefore deny your nature given underlying humanity. Those that create and perpetuate these lies are the greedy ones.

  14. its obvious that this female does NOT manage her diet according to the "rules" they impose on the kids for their lunches. Another sign she is part of the elite. One rule for YOU, a different one for ME.

  15. redmeatstate says:

    Not only does she want to kiII the rich, SHE WANTS TO EAT THEM, TOO!!!
    Why do these public sycophants who attain some power and authority always turn into an Obese, blood-sucking human tick? How many Union bosses have you ever met that didn't weight less than 350 lbs??? Not many!!!
    This larval mooch fits the description of pig in every possible way!!!

  16. Moochelle should tie her to a rock in the WH back yard, then she can "fix" her!!!

  17. unions killed the economy..we weren't competitive in the world cause unions drove the manufacturing prices up simple economics my dear Watson

  18. Public servant unions don’t understand how much damage they do to the economy. They get paid high wages (higher than their private sector counterparts), they have health benefits that non-government employees can only dream of, they receive ridiculous retirement pay that increases with inflation, and the current and future tax payers foot the bill.

    This is the cycle: Government pays employees more than private sector employees. Government ties their pay to inflation. Government creates money out of nothing to pay employees, causing inflation, or simply raises taxes on commoners. Government employee wages, tied to inflation, (particularly retirement payments) rise with inflationary government spending. Taxes rise to cover the deficit created by government spending. Private sector employers must lower wages and raise prices to compensate for higher taxes and the increased cost of goods and services due to inflation. Government employee wages rise to compensate for inflation…and the cycle continues.

    Our economy is in decline largely because government keeps hiring more employees that just become a burden on average Americans.

    Who suffers when government employees unionize? Answer: Everbody trying to make a living in an economy where taxes and inflation keep rising to overpay the unionized government employees.

    Allowing government employees to unionize was the worst thing that ever happened to the US economy.

    If anything, government employees should be paid based on GDP or another market index that indicates the over success (or failure) of the nation. Our current system for paying public servants pays them more as the circumstances for average Americans decline. It’s in their interest to see prices rise, to have a private sector class of cheap labor they can abuse. What if their pay declined with their performance results? I bet we’d see better policies and performance geared toward helping the common man or woman succeed.

  19. This woman /president/whatever sounds like she has a mouth full of rocks when she speaks. Go back to the ghetto!

  20. A very boring speech for it is the same old communistic babble one can expect from a a union person. Are the
    people in the room really teachers ? Now that is child abuse ! – for they have nothing of value to teach.
    SomeDude above covered everything very well – thank you.

  21. I started in post-office, no union. A few months later we demanded union. Thru the union, we got some needed improvements. As years went by, we got better working conditions. The union kept asking improvements. The day came when I was surprised at what the union wanted. I noticed that the employer was more and more pointed out as an 'enemy'. The worst men at work became leaders of the union. Luckily I finally could go on pension. I still believe in proper unions, where people demand needed improvements; but then we had to strike for demands which we did not really need, or for some 'public action', that had nothing to do with our work. It seemed to me, the union wanted more money for the members, then demanded the members to support items that had nothing to do with our work. It became a question, not of co-operation but of "power', against co-operation with the employer. A true picture of leaders "we want more for you, and you get a little bit of it",

  22. JIM TAX Yes, parents wake up, for the good of your children.

  23. Wow — I've been teaching 15 years in a small town in Texas and I finally reached the 40K mark this year in salary and no insurance! That's with 10 months of direct instructional work. Stop your belly achin', wench!

  24. And she's not following Michelle Obama's school diet…..

  25. how many parents have gone over their kids school assignments, homework or read through their school books ? most schools are not letting students take books home anymore or have homework to keep parents out of the loop on what they are indoctrinating the kids with. how many students now get their assignments back to keep after being graded?

  26. i don't believe it is only in chicago

  27. OBESE!!! She is a MORBIDLY OBESE FAT PIG and obviously Wallows in the MUD with all of her ILK!! The TRASH and IGNORANCE that spews from her is DESPICABLE!! Typical LIb Dem Obamabot MORON!!

  28. Ole FATSO DUMBO sure Proves your theory! What a piece of human refuse!!

  29. Jacob Steelman says:

    The ability to form private association of workers is fine but where the union movement went astray was the special labor laws and regulations which gave them special legal powers to use to intimidate and threaten employers having 1 or thousands of employees ( as well as threaten other workers). In a free society and economy employers should have the right hire and fire whomever they want – after all employers have at risk their capital and thus their savings and wealth and their well being and the well being of their family. Public education is little more than a questionable babysitting service. The internet is well suited to be the channel for education and thus replace public bricks and mortar schools.

  30. She's right! The attack on working men and women is relentless. It's the unions attacking and driving up costs and taxes. Jim

  31. whatadummies says:

    let's kep it simple: she is just fat, ugly, stupid…BITCH

  32. Here goes – call me a racist but I have seen several incidents like this in the last few years & will someone tell me why these teachers are all black women? Just saying.

  33. This is who we are "educating" as teachers due to Affirmative Action. What about the black teacher in NC who told a little girl her daddy was a murderer because he was a republican & served in Iraq (also taped on You Tube). What about the boy who was berated by his black female teacher because he said his father did not agree with obama (also seen on You Tube). Too many incidents to be just coincidental. Thanks to Bill Ayres we are PAYING to "train" these women who would otherwise be cleaning toilets. WHY DO WE STAND FOR THIS?

  34. What happened to my blog? It was just deleted because I pointed out that most of these incidents involve blac female teachers. The truth hurts, right?