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From Vitality to Death: Detroit’s Cass Tech High School in Photos

Written by Gary North on January 8, 2013

A photographer discovered filing cabinets filled with old photos of Detroit’s Cass Tech High School. The school had been abandoned.

He pieced together photos of the very same rooms, then and now. Each photo is a composite. In most cases, the color photos are older.

If you want to see what high taxes, government bloat, and total mismanagement can do, go through the photos.

What is the answer? Homeschooling online.

Click the link to get started.

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15 thoughts on “From Vitality to Death: Detroit’s Cass Tech High School in Photos

  1. So where are the pics @ ??????????????????

  2. DocktWocky says:

    Exactly how Obama wants to see just about everything in the former US of A. Naturally, no paint and plaster falling off the walls of his official digs. Does he look in the mirror and see a tyrant? He sure doesn't see any solutions that don't benefit him, personally.

  3. The old Cass Tech has been torn down and a new one built nearby.

  4. I wonder this. There is a lot of "stuff" in those rooms to that could be used elsewhere? Does the city own this now? I guess money is just throw away to them. They (our feds) can just print more. I know our city would not just let that happen. We would use what is useful to save money.

  5. Hey, the schools need more money don't you know? The government needs more of your hard earned cash to toss to the wind, or to flush down the toilet.

  6. Cliffystones says:

    I’ve been to numerous state, county and school district “surplus” auctions in Colorado. You’d be shocked at what these folks deem no longer usable. but what the heck! We’ll just beat more money out of the taxpayers!

  7. You've been misled, Gary. Those are photos of the "old Cass Tech building." The school moved to new quarters nearby quite some time ago. Any reports of its death are premature. The old building remained standing for years for want of funds to demolish it. There was some speculation that the school district was hoping to sell it to the preservation fanatics or a developer. Anyway, it's the wrong example to sustain your position. In fact, Cass Tech was (and is) a magnet school that has always drawn students from the whole Detroit district. To gain admission takes high grades and test scores. As public schools go it has always been rather unique. I recall Cass as the first integrated school I knew of because admission was based only on academics, absolutely nothing else.

  8. Ralph, you missed the point. This is what was done with the taxpayers dollars, waste and destruction. As to the report of it's death being premature, take a closer look at the figures in the link you provided. Only 73% of the students who enroll in the 9th grade make it to the 12th grade no less graduate. At best, the patient is on life support. As a parent I would consider any school with that level of performance "dead".

  9. Judging by the photos, I wouldn't call Cass Tech integrated.

  10. And you missed the point being made. Yet once again Gary did not tell the whole story. Just like his story about Moscow…never mind anybody that actually lived there !!

  11. Bob Marshall says:

    I saw this same kind of abuse of schools and its property by black students just before i graduated from an all white school in 1962 here in upper South Carolina. Blacks were demanding a more modern school so the state built one of the most modern of its time here in the county. My school was founded in 1929 and had not seen a lot of changes other than a more modern gym. It was sufficient for our needs at the time. It didn't take long for that school the blacks demanded to look like one of these school in these pictures. Why? Because, now,they were demanding to be integrated into the white schools in the area. Integration did seem to eventually work but it was the taxpayers of our county who paid for this unwarranted destruction Take a look at Detroit today.only 25% of the students in their schools graduate.

  12. During WW2, Detroit was a vibrant city as we bombed German cities to bits.

    Now, Detroit is in shambles from neglect, fraud, union activism, and Democrat leadership while all of German cities are doing fine.

    IF the people of Detroit throw the Democrats out of office, Detroit MIGHT survive. If not, no way !!

  13. kalamawashington says:

    One thing that would be interesting would be to have photos of the kids in the new school, and compare them with the kids in the old photos. I was thinking of dress. And also I noted that the students were almost entirely black, and the teachers/staff were almost entirely white. A little history: Was the a lot of animosity and racial strife between the black students and the white teachers/staff. Also, when were the "old" pictures taken? Anyone with any information on those questions?

  14. Bill, if 7% of the students simply move out of Detroit and enroll elsewhere every year, that's 21% in three years. If I lived in Detroit, I'd be trying to get somewhere else. So really, that 73% remain after three years isn't a reason to call any school "dead." How many freshman in your own high school stuck around for graduation? Check that number – I'd bet it's close to 70.

    The photos of waste and destruction were from an empty building that had yet to be razed. The school had moved up the road a half block. The building was beyond repair. It was cheaper to start over with a more energy efficient envelope and mechanical system. This occurs 100s of times yearly in America. Nothing unique here.