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“Gold, Silver, and Oil.” The Mogambo Guru Is Back!

Written by Gary North on January 4, 2013

In the first decade of this century, the Mogambo Guru was a source of great wisdom and lots of funny stuff about life in a paranoid’s mental bunker.

The Mogambo is the alter ego of Richard Daughtry, an investment professional who does not trust the U.S. government . . . or any government, for that matter.

He thinks that Ben Bernanke is dumber economically than Alan Greenspan, who was dumber economically than Paul Volcker. If you are expecting me to say that he also thinks that Volcker was dumber economically than G. William Miller, forget about it. Nobody was ever dumber economically than G. William Miller, except the man who appointed him. The Mogambo is not dumb enough to say anything different. Trust me . . . as the man who appointed G. William Miller so famously said.

Then, for no particular reason, TGM [The Great Mogambo] disappeared without a trace. He locked himself in his bunker and stopped telling us about what he intended to do to anyone who tried to break in to get his Cheetos.

But now he is back. He probably ran out of Cheetos. He is making a Sam’s Club run, so catch him while you can. He may disappear again.

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2 thoughts on ““Gold, Silver, and Oil.” The Mogambo Guru Is Back!

  1. Sounds like a “smart” man – after what has been transpiring in wash DeCandence – !
    AND continues to happen. ! .!

  2. The Chosen says:

    I like this guy!