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“Send New Jersey Our Bailout Money, You Cheap SOB’s!” — Gov. Christie

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2013

New Jersey’s Governor Christie, heart throb of conservative Republicans, wants his bailout money.

Hurricane Sandy’s victims are owed $60 billion, Christie says. “Fork it over!” he screams at the House of Representatives.

Boehner is supposedly stalling. Christie yells: “Fork it over. . . . now! No more stalling!  You owe us! America owes us!”

He literally said this: “There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: The House majority and their speaker John Boehner.”

But what about the innocent taxpayers, who will be required to sign on the dotted line to cover Boehner’s IOU? Christie’s implied answer: “Nail those fat cats!”

This is the state of politics today: endless calls for bailout money. Nobody is responsible, so taxpayers are responsible.

You and I are responsible for Sandy’s victims. We did it. So, we owe it.

The welfare state mentality is alive and well in state politics in the Garden State.

There will be a $1 trillion federal budget deficit this fiscal year. Christie wants it hiked to $1 trillion, $60 billion.

There is no hope. The federal government will go bankrupt. Count on it.

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18 thoughts on ““Send New Jersey Our Bailout Money, You Cheap SOB’s!” — Gov. Christie

  1. the founding fathers never intended for the federal government to be the states or we the peoples insurance company. they believed in personal responsibility which is the basis of freedom for without personal responsibility you are a subject and slave of the government. social security, medicare, welfare, food stamps, farm bills, bailouts, government funding of the states/businesses/education, etc,… have destroyed personal responsibility and our country.

  2. Where is the insurance companies in this issue? If we all have insurance shouldn't they be screaming at the insurance companies for the money? Or do the people who are improperly insured expect the tax payer to pick up the tab? It seems to me that Government can make certain that life and death issues are provided. But, I personally couldn't care less if the beach property and roller coasters are rebuilt.

  3. You do realize that after any natural disaster, the federal government almost *always* comes to the aid of the victims, right? John Boner IS the cause of Sandy's victims' continued suffering. Sandy hit TWO MONTHS AGO. The fact that rebuilding efforts are still being stalled by the GOP after two months is unconscionable.

    Proof positive that neo-cons in the GOP want nothing more than to let the country die while they bleed it dry, all while pointing the finger at the latest scapegoat and saying "look at that instead!"

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    I don't know where you get the "heart throb of conservative Republicans" bit. For Ann Coulter and the Washington – New York corridor Establishment maybe. For Conservatives – not so much.

  5. Teapartyjoe says:

    I think Christie has finally proven he he is democrat in sheep's clothing

  6. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Chris Christie is a RINO and is showing his true colors.

  7. I carry insurance for these kinda of things.

  8. Ask Baracko Clause for an Obama Phone that should satisfy you.

  9. Anyone who lived on the beach and does not have flood insurance, does not have a brain.

  10. And I used to like Christie! No way could I afford to live on the beach, but if I did I certainly would have insurance, as I do where I live now. Same goes for businesses. Infrastructure I can understand being big bucks to fix, but there again an emergency fund should be held for things like that. I really don't know all the fine details and may be speaking out of turn, but it doesn't seem so.

  11. Tea Party members better cough up the money or there will be hell to pay. We know the Tea Party candidates and the Tea Partiers. They are proteseting, not fighting overseas for their country.

  12. Hey Christie since when has it come down to that America owes these people anything? You need to be stepping on the throats of the insurance Companies. We don't get all that kinda money here in Florida when disaster strikes. So you might as well go ahead and tell your people up there that alot of you will never get rebuilt and get back to normal it's the way it is. Look at Katrina, it's still not all cleaned up and will never be totaly back to normal. 60 Billion they want to give you and it's loaded with pork barrel spending that has nothing to do with you. Like fixing an aiport in Colirado and alot of other BS.
    And by the way you are beginning to show your true Democratic side Christie.

  13. I say to Christie what Boehner said to Reid. newsandopinions dot net

  14. Shane, do you understand that the 60 some odd billion dollar sandy relief bill offered to Congress by Oblamer is about twice the amount that is needed to rebuild? This is why the house is balking at passing the bill. If obama and the Democraps really wanted to help the sandy victims they would have submitted a 30 billion dollar bill to Congress, not one with a lot of pet pork projects in it. Why don't you put on your big boy pants and tell us how shameful it is for obama and the Dems to waste the taxpayers money instead of ranting about the Republicans. It would seem offering a bill with an additional 30 billion worth of extras is as you say bleeding the country dry by the dems and obama.

  15. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Christie needs to wake up and read some (at Least) of the United States Constitution.It does not say anywhere in it, that United States Tax Payers, are required by Law, to support Citizens that live in places where Disasters often occur. Anybody that lives on or near the Ocean Front, should be required to have their own Insurance that covers everything in case of a Monster Storm like Sandy. These people were notified several weeks in advance that this Storm was going to be a Severe one and still they did nothing to prepare. They did not fill their vehicles or gas cans when they were told. I'm sorry that they were not prepared as they should have been, but the rest of the United States Citizens are not responsible for their actions.

  16. mrsgunnut10 says:

    You are right Stan. When you live in dangerous territory, you need to have Insurance Coverage. My wife and I live in Southeast Missouri, close to the New Madrid, Missouri Earthquake Fault. We have Earthquake Insurance and all of the other Coverage that we need on our Property. So far we have not had to use the Earthquake Coverage yet and it has been over 40 years. We have had to use other coverage on account of hail, tornados, ice and snow, and Insurance is very nice to have – but Expensive. TSgt., USAF Retired

  17. Dave Bowman says:

    I believe the “insurance” they are hollering for is National Flood Insurance, which is guaranteed by the Government.

  18. Stuff New Jersey… go hug Qbama!