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Welfare State Young Greeks Whine Over Liberty. Tough Dolma.

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2012

One of the things I love about the black market in labor is that it makes things better, despite whining from state-educated kids who want a free lunch.

In Greece, there is 56% unemployment for young adults. Why? Because the unions have closed the job market to them. So has the government.

They expected an easy life of job protection and high wages if they just got liberal arts college degrees from state universities. Ha, ha; the joke’s on them.

So, they have to work at jobs that pay them exactly what they are worth, which isn’t much. They bitch. They whine. But they buckle down. They place their tails tightly between their legs and do what they are told.

It’s about time.

With Greece sinking deeper into recession and no other jobs to be found, she meekly agreed last year to monthly pay of 160 euros in cash and 700 euros on the books – allowing her struggling firm to pay lower social security contributions.

At 26, Reggina had joined the ranks of a growing number of young Greeks resorting to informal work to get by during an economic crisis that has left Greece with a youth unemployment rate of 56 percent – the highest in the euro zone.

“It’s not just psychological war, it’s abuse,” said Reggina, who like others declined to give her full name because of the illegal nature of her work.

“I get fewer social security vouchers and I can’t get a loan because my salary on paper is so low. But they tell us if we talk about this, we’ll lose our jobs.”

She’ s all upset. The business world doesn’t owe her and her peers a living after all.

My advice: “Suck it up, sweetie. You are at the tail end of a civilization-wide Ponzi scheme. You now get to pay for those who got in earlier. That’s life in Keynes City.”

All over the West, this story will be repeated. It’s hitting early in Club Med, because the welfare state mentality is entrenched and work habits are mostly “Made in the Mediterranean.”

The grasshoppers fiddled all summer. Now winter has arrived.

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5 thoughts on “Welfare State Young Greeks Whine Over Liberty. Tough Dolma.

  1. Interesting article. And this is what is coming to the USA very, very soon.
    And won't the 47% who pay nothing and contribute nothing as well as those snot nosed brats coming out of college are going to be very surprised and very disappointed.
    Wonder how many of them in either group will actually buckle down and go to work???

  2. Work doing what? Funny thing about a liberal arts degree, it is supposedly able to teach you critical thinking. First thing that comes to mind for me is critical thinking would ask why I’m getting a zero skill degree that millions of other people are also getting. How’s that self-esteem thing the federal government has been preaching for years working out for all those “critical” thinkers?

    The other end of the American dream is going to come crashing down real soon. Money for nothing will come crashing down too. Unfortunately the people that are bleeding us, better know has public servant, believe they are owed a living too. Just how long can the Federal Government keep spending 4 trillion a year while only taking in 2 trillion?

  3. Fred Campbell says:

    A suggestion:

    That each university department must present an objective analysis of the historical employment success of previous graduates in each of its departments.

    Some years ago I was talking to the head of the student employment placement at California State University, Northridge. I asked about placement office's success in finding employment for graduates of their various "liberal arts" departments. She admitted that there were very few jobs available to graduates in these departments (unlike graduates in engineering and the applied sciences).

    I suggested that the honorable thing to do would be to advise entering students as to the marketability of the skills provided by each of the respective university majors.

    Her response was a look of horror. She said that if she even hinted to "liberal arts" undergraduates that there were few employment opportunities available to graduates in these majors, the respective department heads would have her fired.

    Enough said.

  4. I asked some first-generation Greek acquaintances about life in the old country and did they think Greece would be the first to leave the EU and start unravelling the whole one world government scam. They blamed the average Greek more than they did Papandreou and the debt he racked up with the help of Goldman-Sachs. "Everyone in Greece wants to retire at 46!" they said.

  5. Won't help here much since the job market is already closed to anyone over 40 to 50.