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Yes, I Watch Duck Dynasty. What’s It To You?

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2012

Duck Dynasty is about business — big business, bottom-line, keep-customers-happy business. It’s about repeat business. And it’s all based on guns.

It’s about family — just no family that anyone has ever seen on TV. This is not Ozzie & Harriet.

It’s about redemption. The patriarch, Phil Robertson, was a drunken lout. He left his wife. Then he decided he had better crawl back. She laid down conditions. He met them. That was 40 years and millions of dollars ago.

Even in his cups, Phil distinguished himself from most other American males when he turned down an NFL contract, because pro football would have cut into duck hunting season.

It features an uncle who served in Vietnam, sews like a seamstress, dresses up as an elf for Christmas, and says “Hey” a lot.

It’s about beards. I mean born-on-the-Bayou beards. I mean “King Gillette was a wimp” beards.

It’s about good old boys of all ages.

It’s about wives and grandkids who live in at least two different worlds.

It’s about lifestyles of the rich and famous . . . on the bayou.

It’s about 4-wheel-drive, off-road vehicles that are actually driven off the road.

It’s about a culture that doesn’t pay any attention to New York City.

It’s about down-home cooking like you’ve never seen. Take Christmas dinner, for example. You want turkey with stuffing? Wait until you see the stuffing.

A&E gave us Gene Simmons — Family Jewels. It was also about big business, family, and a patriarch who came to his senses. He finally married the little woman (who is 5′ 10″). Now it gives us the Robertsons.

If there is a programming message here, it is this: the family is a versatile institution. There is a secondary message: there are a lot of ways in America to make a lot of money. KISS is surely nothing like Duck Commander, Inc.

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10 thoughts on “Yes, I Watch Duck Dynasty. What’s It To You?

  1. delmar Jackson says:

    I only watched it one time so far but I enjoyed it, however, i don't uderstand their business model, are they making millions off of duck calls? if you have a mass produced high profit margin item, why isn't someone taking their business with low cost foreign imports like most every other item that used to be made here? do they have a distribution or tarriff advantage? is the name brand of their product too strong for competitors, something smells fishy to me as to their profitability over duck calls

  2. Their (duck) calls are in every Gander, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops and on line. And like the millions of duck hunters that are out there who oun 3 to 10 guns for hunting, they own 2-3 or more duck calls and most likely get a new one each year. At $20 to $75 a call…….. do the math. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Living's good in the bayou!

  3. It's not all about the money. it's about family. I'd rather have one of their calls than any mass-made Chinese calls. i watch their shows all the time. the only thing "fishy' is the catfish they catch.

  4. Also wanted to say…… I think the calls are hand made here in the USA.
    Compare it to fishing. You don't just buy a fishing pole, you buy line (several types), a box, hooks, etc……. A duck call to duck hunting is like a fishing lure to fishing. You are luring in the ducks. Different calls for different ducks. A fisherman dosen't use the same lure for every fish, nor the same pole (a gun in this case). It's huge business, and a funny, down home show that you can let the kids watch, little kids, or you can let them watch Jersy Shore for guidance.

  5. dempseycoleman says:

    it is grat watching the mess they get into and out of HAY

  6. Elmer CornStique says:

    Duck Dynasty, like most "reality shows" these days is a little fact mixed in with a whole lot of fiction.

  7. barb patton says:

    Oh oh maybe the ayatollah barack grinch will decide that they are making too much money and want it ALL not just 75%

  8. pointman49 says:

    Most of you are not aware that Phil Robertson is a born-again christian & also a Baptist Preacher. Ever wonder why all the married men wear uncut hair & beards?? Because Phil is a firm believer in the Old Testament and in that it is stated that man shall not cut his hair nor his beard. Phil lives that. Another point that most are not aware of, No man is allowed in Phil Robertsons duck blind without a beard. I know these things because our son was invited to that duck blind and he spent weeks growing his beard~!! There is also a pecking order in that duck blind, not just anyone sits beside Phil~!!

  9. I am pretty sure that it is only the Nazarite who did not cut their hair.

  10. Matthew N Gooseneck says:

    They are not Baptists. They worship at the Church of Christ. Church of Christ are New Testament Christians.