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Ban Public Schools, Not Guns

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2012

Gary North’s Reality Check (Dec. 31, 2012)

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Newtown. What do they have in common? They are shorthand for “tax-funded schools where mass murderers plied their trade.” The murderers all were students in, or graduates of, the tax-funded, state-run educational system in the United States.

The murderers were enrolled students at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

The killers at Columbine and Virginia Tech were on personalty-altering drugs. They had become drug users as students. These drugs are legal when prescribed by physicians who have been certified by the state as reliable. These drugs cause side effects. What is a side effect? It is an effect that is widely considered as bad.

School administrators let these mind-altered students into their schools. You can read about this here:


Public schools are shelters for drugged students. Sometimes the drugs are legal: “by prescription only.” Sometimes the drugs are illegal: “for currency only.” Public schools are the nation’s largest and most cost-effective retail drug emporiums. They bring drug buyers and drug sellers together every school day. Transportation costs are borne by the school districts. If the various civil governments — federal, state, and local — really wanted to win the war on drugs, they would close the public schools. I wrote on this over a decade ago: http://www.lewrockwell.com/north/north31.html.

Critics of mass murder need to pay attention to underlying cause and effect. The liberal critics of mass murder argue that guns cause mass murder. I argue that mass murderers do. Critics of mass murder say that we need to ban guns in order to protect defenseless children. I argue that we should not send defenseless children into harm’s way.

If public schools really are where mass murder occurs most often, and if you want to reduce the number of mass murders, then eliminate the cause. The problem is not gun ownership. The problem is an educational system which produces mass murderers and then provides them with victims.

When was the last time you read about a mass murderer invading a Christian day school to shoot students? I can think of only one — where the teachers were unarmed by religious requirement.

When was the last time you saw an evening news report on a mass murderer shooting students at a home school field trip?

The media liberals and a few liberal politicians call for bans against guns as a way to stop school shootings. The better way is to pass laws banning tax-funded education. Just stop the funding.

Skeptics will say this. “The government needs tax-funded education. The government needs public schools to educate children in good citizenship.” What is good citizenship? Good citizenship involves the acceptance of a system which taxes your money by force in order to place your children on a yellow bus which takes them to a drug emporium where they are taught that they are descendents of wild animals, and where drug-dependent psychotics can walk into a classroom and shoot them.

If you don’t approve of such a system, you are publicly designated as an imbecilic Christian fundamentalist or a dangerous anarchist or both. Important people say things like this:

“And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Still, I do not want to appear utopian. Nobody wants to be out of touch. Forcing minority ideological citizens to pay taxes in order to teach their children ideas that they don’t approve of, which are taught in schools that are staffed by state-certified bureaucrats, is as beloved an idea as mom and apple pie.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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85 thoughts on “Ban Public Schools, Not Guns

  1. can't finish the artical

  2. No linky, North.

  3. Archy Cary says:

    You're obviously immune to logic.

  4. Archy Cary says:

    No brainey, Otis.

  5. GrustyOldGeezer says:

    There was a shooting at an Amish or mennonite school a few years ago.

  6. Archy Cary says:

    It's time we put the mental health community under a strict review. The one thing in common, shared by mass murderers across the world, is mental health deficiency. Crazy people with access to guns kill people. Where's the outrage against the mental health professionals?

  7. Prove your not crazy… And just who will be the judge?

  8. Can't link to the rest of the article. Hopefully he addresses the 2 October 2006 School shooting in the one room Amish West Nickel Mine School. I don't think that was a Public school. Personally, I like Sheriff Joe's use of Possies to protect schools. I know there are many of us, retired law enforcement and former military, who would be willing to donate our time to protect our children.

  9. Archy Cary says:

    Ill-framed. Judges rule on competency every day in courtrooms. When those decisions are made on political rather than medical matters, we'll need the firearms that the Germans didn't have in the 30's.

  10. Mary/Atlanta says:

    Our tax dollars are funding these institutions. If the fed. gov. can not spend our tax dollars responsibly and ethically then we should not pay any taxes into this system. We are being forced to support failing and immoral institutions. US education ranks about 39th in the world. Much of our tax dollars that goes to education does not educate the student, it goes to bureaucracy. Healthcare is funding practices that many tax payers find immoral. Perhaps everyone should become a 1099 employee and ignore April 15th! Do not send Washington any tax dollars. I think that may be a tax revolt.

  11. larrylunts says:

    You've got to be effing kidding me. To seriously advocate the elimination of universal public education–one of the bedrock principles of this nation and of all free societies, one that fosters the development of a literate, articulate society, so the democratic process can flourish; and to argue instead for a class-based system in which the few, privileged children of the wealthy are permanently raised up over the rest of society by birthright, while the underclass is cut off from access to history and math and science; and taught to be happy with the meager living they are permitted to eke out from the low-wage temporary jobs–this just takes my breath away.

    This suggestion goes against every principle we have embraced as a people since the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution. I have seen a lot of batsh*t, tinfoil hat-wearing, crazy proposals on this site, but this one takes the cake. You are essentially advocating for the return of the divine right of kings. Didn't we fight a Revolution, and a bloody Civil War, to defend the principle that all men are created equal?

  12. Archy Cary says:

    Charles Carl Roberts was an undiagnosed nutcase with a grudge against God.

  13. cle

  14. Archy Cary says:

    To seriously advocate the elimination of universal public education–one of the bedrock principles of this nation…" Oh, really? Where do you come up with that assertion?

    We already have a "class-based system". Name me the last time a President's child attended public schools in DC? The urban public education system is the intellectual ghetto for poor kids. The Catholic Schools are their best choice.

    "This suggestion goes against every principle we have embraced as a people since the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution." It may well be a bad suggestion, but not on the historical basis you ignorantly claim.

  15. Geeze you are too right! The fact is that shooters go to gun free zones. Because liberals are a genetic aberration and cannot think clearly and straightforward–they think backwards and love the deplorable: that is what makes them liberals, they cannot see the simple solution to the problem of shooters which feinberg's laws will not solve in any way, but which is so simple a first grader could come up with the answer. Eliminate gun-free zones like the theater in Aurora. Allow teachers with backbone, and there are some in every school, male and female, who have training and are willing to carry concealed. A shooter might get one or two before the sheepdog gets him. Too simple for commies like feinberg and obongo who don't really care about dead kids anyhow–they are excited that Newton gives them ammo to fool the proles.

  16. Wow! I am a public school teacher and NOTHING could be further from the truth. I am also a product of a private school…..for your information it can happen anywhere, we did not have nuns packing heat or guards at my school, when I was attending private school. What we did have were PARENTS who were involved! Who did not expect the teachers to raise their children. And as far a "drugs?" I am going to assume you mean ADD meds? They are need in some cases and yes in some cases they are over-prescribe, but the teachers and administration does not give out these med…family doctors do, with parental permission…check your facts! You are a fanatic!

  17. Inventormiss says:

    What you don't really get is that the privileged children of the wealthy already ARE being raised up over the rest of the dumbed down publicly "educated" (and I use that term loosely) rest of society, as you put it. Our children are already systematically cut off from access to history, math and science, as we've dropped steadily downward at a rapid rate in the world's ratings of industrialized nations. Take a look at THAT history and weep for your children! This is why we have the degrading culture we have today–our children leave school ignorant and unable to think for themselves, half of them (or more) drugged like the article says. We need to truly educate our children by putting education back into the hands of the parents and local school boards that are not mandated by the Federal government what they must teach. But it's too late for that. Too many of our populace are already mass-infected with the garbage they've been fed the last 40-50 years. Save your own while you still can. Teach 'em at home!

  18. You don't need a link. Just think about it. Public schools are obsolete. Now with television and computers, home schooling is the obvious choice of those who really care about their children. Children can be made to care about their education by having contests every six months where cash prizes are awarded winners in each subject. Forget child labor laws and permit apprenticeships in some occupations. I am 84 and started work when I was 7. Although I completed college to the masters level, I think I may have learned more at work than I did at school; and schools were better then than they are now.

  19. Willy Makeit says:

    Why protect our public schools? Big deal. A shooting takes place. Innocent people are killed. Our federal governement disarms the military while on duty, i.e., Ft. Hood massacre. BTW, Ft. Hood was redefined as "workplace violence". Also, it has been over 3 years since the crazed Muslim terrorist killed the unarmed innocents. Justice delayed, justice denied. Newtown, CT is just another brick in the wall to the Left and its crazy dysfunctional idealogy.

  20. Mental Illness was unheard of when there was dad's taking authority over his family, making them mind, show respect for their parents and others property , had chores to perform and very little TV

  21. Parents are the problem! I am a baby boomer and we have forgotten or moral foundation! We got caught up in making money and all the new means of communication like TV's, video games,fast cars, big houses and neglected to train up our children in the ways our parents did us! We trusted others to teach and to implant a unnatural lifestyle of not showing respect to their parents and others, Others own them, they think they deserve everything and have no concept of what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is! As a result Baby boomers are working 2- jobs trying to take care of parents and grand babies that the young will not do and the system is not designed to!

  22. Marilyn, it seems quite obvious by your grammar that you were trained in a public school! Kids buy and sell illegal drugs every day, all day, in public school, as well as come to school legally drugged for depression and ADD. Scary! I was so frustrated withy last child’s schooling I ended up counseling with the school superintendent. He apologized that there was no history, science, grammar or geography in his elementary schools and said they were “working on that!” I pulled him out and homeschooled him. Years later he went to public high school and is a 4.0 student out -shining the other poor students. Go figure

  23. You silly goose. The answer is not a ban on public schools. Instead it is a demand for cleaning up what is being taught in so many of these schools. Return the curiculum to teaching Patriotism, Love of God, Obedience to family and law inforcement officers. Respect for these authority members of our society and the learning of self respect and seeking to impove ones self by being serious about learning. Teaching the value of family, Teaching the TRUTHS of our Country and its history! There is so much wrong with what is being taught our young…… and that is the cause of these problems!! Not the schools, but what our youngsters are being taught!!!

  24. No one could dispute your argument. I've been through and around his system for over 70 years. My primary education was mostly as you describe; but then things changed. The country doubled in size, got carried away with her self-styled "world policeman" role, embraced fiat money and rule by Federal Reserve, and moved increasingly in the direction of governmental control and intervention, discarding respect for the Constitution along the way. Folks who think the way you do are now in the minority, so what's the chance of your "new" program ever being implemented? It ain't a gonna happen.
    I am intimately involved with the Chicago Public School system—believe me, it is beyond redemption but remains the cash cow for unions and facilitating politicians who will bleed the rest of us dry for personal gain.
    Welcome to today's America.

  25. Archy Cary says:

    The public schools exist, primarily, to serve the teachers' unions, who contribute heavily to Democrat candidates. End of lesson.

  26. Archy Cary says:

    Did you learn the meaning of hyperbole in school, jaye? And how do you seperate the schools from what "our youngster are being taught"? Think that through.

  27. Archy Cary says:

    Don't forget – this is the same gov't that sent assault weapons to Mexico that brought death to hundreds of Mexicans. They count, too.

  28. I am for public FUNDED education, but against the public school monopoly. Just attach a voucher to each student and let their parents decide where to send them. We would have religious schools, for profit schools, trade schools, company run schools for the children of employees, magnet schools, theme schools and, yes, public schools (but only the good ones would survive).

  29. But the schools push the parents to administer ADD drugs to their children. Teachers aren't allowed to discipline students any more, so they push for drugs instead. It starts early when they note that a child (usually a little boy) is hyper or inattentive. That leads to an evaluation, which leads to a diagnosis, and we all know the rest.

    You want little boys to be less fidgety in class? Give them 30 minutes in the middle of the morning and the middle of the afternoon to blow off some steam (maybe dodge ball or something like that). At my son's middle school, the assistant principal once told me that on the mornings where they had an early dodge ball game (they did it once or twice a semester), they had absolutely no problem with the boys all morning long.

  30. Wow. I don't even care that the link doesn't work, I don't event want to read the rest of this BS article. Banning public schools is not the answer, not unless we want to damn future generations to utter stupidity. Good grief Gary, you're obviously not an economist if you can't understand that educating the public translates DIRECTLY into personal profit. No bones about it.

  31. I'll finish it for you: Separation of school and state.

  32. Bill McCroskey says:

    This entire article may take several, slow reflective readings before it totall sinks in. The middle schools here (Hillborough Co. FL.) are exactly what Dr. North describes. They offer "Charter Middle Schools" for bright, motivated 6th to 8th graders, but the non charters (which I have had first hand experience with) are exactly what Dr. North describes here. Non charters are nothing more than 'free' day care full of drugs, cliques and thugs influencing young minds coming in behind them.

  33. North's article above points to the Amish shooting.

    "When was the last time you read about a mass murderer invading a Christian day school to shoot students? I can think of only one — **where the teachers were unarmed by religious requirement.

    mouse click this line in the article: **'where the teachers were unarmed by religious requirement'

  34. The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) ran from 1953 to 1980. The United States Department of Education (DE) began operating on May 4, 1980. From 1953 – 2012 there has NOT been one child educated by the DE. The DE annual budget has surpassed $60,000,000,000.00 ($60-BILLION). This is not a bedrock issue, its rock-headed to continue doing that which is a demonstrable failure!!! Apparently the people that have swallowed Public Education's delusional concept that we "evolved" from apes cannot overcome their latent desire to think like their ancestors and never learn from their mistakes. Monkey See Monkey Do is a cycle not a solution. If you insist on massive unnecessary spending then at least support a per child voucher system that allows parents and the children to decide where they "MUST" go to school. Vouchers would likely destroy the current Public Education System in favor of student targeted education plans. Academics will replace destructive 'Social Engineering.'

    larrylunts wrote: "Didn't we fight a Revolution, and a bloody Civil War, to defend the principle that all men are created equal?"
    NO, NO, NO, every war Americans have ever fought was to procure and defend LIBERTY. One can never be equal or pursue happiness without first acquiring LIBERTY. You must be a product of the failed Public Education System. Forced public education has as much to do with Liberty as the TSA at our airports. You mentioned the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution; where do either mention Public Education. As for the "British" Magna Carta of 1215 AD I have never heard of its requirement to provide Public Education.

    I understand your reluctance to lose your NEA Member Benefits, but "WE The People" cannot afford you anymore.
    The U.S. recently dropped out of the top ten most prosperous nations. The spirit of King George now resides in D.C.

  35. SherryJ, if Dr. North's economic concepts were put in place and the tax burden were reduced accordingly, then the need for two incomes would go away and that may allow more parents to stay home and raise their children on their moral foundation rather than the inconsistent morality of Public Education.

  36. Marilyn wrote: "Wow! I am a public school teacher and NOTHING could be further from the truth."
    As an educated woman, surely you are able to see the educational failure and economic unsustainability of the current Public Education System.
    I understand your reluctance to lose your job and pension but both are already in jeopardy.

  37. The hyperbole is the phrase "public schools." Obviously, public schools will continue; there are no alternatives to a mass banning of public schools. There are serious problems, yes, but there are also systems which function well for the benefit of our young people. Guns cannot be banned either. They are a reality that will continue to exist. And, of course, they should not be banned as the Second Amendment will always be needed to protect the populace in case the government tries to take control. It is unfortunate to mix these issues (not that they aren't related). Many school safety policies/programs are not effective but programs do exist that are. It is common, at present, to simply have "lock down" as a safety plan. "Lock down," was, of course, started in prisons to keep the inmates contained, hardley a full remedy for dangerous school situations. Let's have meaningful dialogue. There are obviously many folks out there that have genuine concern. I and others look are interested in your beliefs and opinions. I look forward to comments from all you good people.

  38. Undoubtably you have a different outlook on public schools. I see and work with people every day that astonish me on how badly the public schools have done to educate their pupils. Yes, there are smart children, but I have seen examples almost daily of how stupid most people are. You can see those out takes from Jay Leno and other prime time shows asking general history or politics questions and you have to laugh at how ignorant people are. Even though it's funny, it is a sad commentary about our schiil systems. But it doesn't stop there. I have seen people that graduated from high school that can't read. They have to have someone help them with taking a safety test for firemen, driving test, or just learning simple tasks in most anything. Kids that just graduated high school will ask me questions about subjects I learned in grade school. What are kids learning? Johnny has two mommies? There is no wrong answer in a math test?

  39. cedricward says:

    Until then, there is serious doubt cast upon your intelligence and ability to analyze problems.
    It's a wonder this country has made it this far with people like you in it.
    Thank goodness the end is coming soon so the more intelligent survivors will have the opportunity to create a more workable society.

  40. With the way you botched your ability to write a complete sentence, I’m not terribly surprised you couldn’t finish reading it.

    The icing on the cake: you misspelled “article.”

  41. Or, go back to the rural, or neighborhood schools (by the way it is '11 man football', there is no '12 man football'). These schools were the most effective because the students were local and important, not lost in the system. Public schools with 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 plus students!! Who ever thought that would deliver a quality education was on something. How many have been lost in a school with a population larger than many small towns?!

  42. I suppose when "going postal" was all the rage Mr. North was thusly advocated the dissolving of the Post Office?

  43. Michael/Nashville TN says:

    Public education is not a bedrock principle, and the system is not fostering a literate and articulate society. It is in fact the public eduacation system that is teaching the children to be happy with the meager living and to eke out a living from low paying jobs. There is always exceptions, but the majority of our graduates are leaving school believing the government owes them, and that the government should take care of them. Only to be reinforced by the liberal university system. I don't agree with class sytems either…..but the reality is there are rich folks and then there is those who are not. The wealthy will almost always choose private schools. So for all of those that do not have a private school option, what is there? My question is, Parents what kind of life do you want YOUR children to have? Getting your children out of this government school system is the first step. And realizing that the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Indepence, as well as the The Constitution have absolutely nothing to do with your childs education. We did fight a Revolution to defend that "All Men are Created Equal", but in the public school system they are not.

  44. Michael/Nashville TN says:

    The end is coming Cedric. It's sad to think it is coming so soon. Those left wing, liberal whack jobs sure know hot to expedite things. The use of capital letters through an entire sentence is not proper.

  45. Larry, the system we currently have is a copy of the Prussian system which was implemented in the 19th century under Bismarck. It is NOT as American as apple pie.

  46. Homeschooled youngsters outscore public schooled kids by about one standard deviation. That's a huge gap. And it's done without all the bells and whistles we pay for in public education, and the kids spend far less time than six hours a day doing it. Public school IS just daycare with a little education thrown in. Unfortunately, most of the educating is done by peers, not teachers. And the subjects taught in the "peer school" are not the ones parents generally want their kids taught.

  47. You took the words out of my mouth, Dick. Well said.

  48. I'd ban public schools, excellent idea. The public school system is nothing more than an indoctrination system.

    Home schooling, or group schooling, i.e. a group of parents write a schedule, where one parent teaches 10 students for a week, then alternates with another parent for a week. They also plan social events. This gets parents involved, it's a win-win. Let's go back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Home schooling takes only a couple hours a day through elementary. BRING BACK prayer to the home classroom.

    My Dad only went through the 8th grade in the early 30's. They had education then. He invented a musical instrument, become a machinist, he learned blue printing on his own, he learned car mechanics on his own, he built our two story home, he built a three car garage, with no formal education on the subjects. He was a self made man, he wanted to learn, he believed in doing quality work, took pride in his work..

    My Mother was a stay at home mom, excellent cook, seamstress, took care of the home. We had dinner together at 6:00 every evening, beginning with a Prayer said by my Dad. We didn't pick up a fork, until Grace was said..

    I was blessed to live in another time, blessed to have the parents I had.

  49. MetaCynic says:

    Shane, you reason like the product of government schooling. In your mind, the choice is either government schools filled and funded at gunpoint or an illiterate citizenry. Really, is nothing else possible?

    I'm sure that the leaders of the former Soviet Union repeatedly told their subjects how fortunate they were to live under that collectivist utopia whenever there was grumbling about the lack of variety, poor quality and low quantity of consumer goods. Why, without food produced by government collective farms and apartments provided by the government housing ministry, the people would be left homeless and starving. So, comrades, stop whining, just because you have to spend hours in line every day to get your food and are sharing a one bedroom apartment with three other families. Consider the alternative. And if it wasn't for government provided phones, you people would be unable to communicate with each other. Waiting years to get one is a small matter by comparison.

    Too bad the deliberately misled Soviet people had to wait decades to discover that free markets had for a long time been providing a cornucopia of high quality, inexpensive consumer goods elsewhere in the world. Likewise, the deliberately misled American people are finally waking up to the fact that the free market can also provide an inexpensive, high quality education of every imaginable sort. We don't need government to provide education any more than the Soviet people needed government collective farms to provide food. We just need government to get out of the way and quit taking our money.

  50. Shane. In fact, Americans a dumber now than they have ever been. If you knew the history of public education, you'd know this too. Here is an article that just scratches the surface: http://www.absoluterights.com/how-to-create-a-mob

  51. You left out few things.
    1) Public schools are re-education factories.
    2) Public schools teach entitlement.
    3) Public schools promote race bating (Hawaii is really bad)
    4) American school children do less homework than any other country.
    5) Many times, the teacher recieves little more than a total wild animal to educated.

  52. Public schools removed the Christian religion from public schools and replaced it with the Governement religion. Look it up in any dictionary and you will see that Polictics and government fall under the defination of religion.

  53. Under the liberal dysfunctional mentality, if you banned number 2 lead pencles and scantrons, that would get rid of bad grades.
    A much better approch would be to do what Germany does. If your not getting it by the end of 4th grade, you are moved to a trade school.
    If you really did get rid of scantrons and did all your grading like western Europe does, you would find that grade avgs are really much lower than they show now. Just shut down all public schools and outsource the children to another country to get them away from the crapy lazy bad parents. Certainly the3y would have a hell of a much better work ethic.

  54. There are other ways to get children educated, such as using the internet to home school all childred. You can have the very best teacher on the internet teaching, with other teachers helping each child with their special needs.

  55. I am sure he did, and would, advocated dissolving this inefficient, slowly-dying government monopoly as well. Down with all government-sponsored-enterprises! Let the free market handle it.

  56. Wats u meen dere wat endz uze talcin bout I went to gud cristshun skool and I am reely smaht.

  57. Time to require posting on the internet mapping of everyone who is on a psychotropic drug, especially kids over 12.
    It is time we knew who is on these drugs. every one of the mass shootings taking place involved prescription drugs.

  58. G Schmidt says:

    Comments and attitudes like these is what landed Obama in the White House for a 2nd term.

    I survive religious schools as well as public schools and the biggest difference, is that if you are smart, well balance and disciplined you get a much better education in public schools than you do in Religious Schools and save yourself a indoctrination.

    When the conservatives get rid of these wackos as their spoke people, them we will win again.

  59. God Bless you for your service to America and the Community! I am afraid of sissy liberals who were raised by hippies who wouldn’t even let them play with squirt guns never mind cap guns!
    Thank God we still have patriots like you to protect us from them!

  60. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Let's blame everything else but the availability of weapons of mass destruction. This announcement is brought to you by the NRA.

  61. some people have intelligence in other things then proper english. some of us spend our time doing more important things then remember crap from 30 years ago. i could care less about proper english then i am not a writer who needs to.

  62. The government is set to take over 1000s of cell phone towers throughout the country. No one is sure of how these towers are going to be used. The Nextel system is one of them. My question is with all the animals and fish dying over the last couple years are we being set up?

  63. Joan Neuman says:

    Marilyn you grew up in a different 'tme', a different 'era' – just like me.
    I look back now with 'rose' colored glasses. It's safer that way.
    But, we must face what's happening now and what's to come.
    We must act now and change what needs to be changed.
    Otherwise we are doomed. Don't close your eyes to what's really needed.

  64. Pete Rogan says:

    This probably read better in the original Arabic.

  65. MI Patriot says:

    Note to Cedric…you forgot a serial comma in your first sentence. There should be a comma after the word grammar. I just thought you might like to know that little grammar fact before you start yelling at people.

    Does the missing comma cast doubt upon YOUR intelligence and ability to analyze problems? I didn't think so, so why berate others. I think you are a person who needs to feel superior to everybody else and uses any means necessary. There are more important things to worry about. Just because some people are not as well-versed in grammar as other people are, does not mean they are stupid.

  66. cedricward says:

    Michael in TN
    The caps are correct if used for emphasis as I used them.

  67. cedricward says:


    That's just your excuse for being ignorant.

  68. cedricward says:

    MI Patriot…

    Sorry, but you are wrong about the comma. Not necessary because of the 'and' in the concluding list of items in the phrase.
    You ARE correct about me thinking I am 'superior', but NOT to everybody else. Just the ignoramuses (ignorami?) that post here on Mr. North's ultra-conservative website who appear to be illiterate and very shallow thinkers.

  69. Howdy Doody says:

    Only a MORON LIBTURD would get on a BLOG and criticize the spelling and puncuation.
    Why don't you jump on the errors in the article?
    Oh! Guess What? Who cares so get a life AHole!

  70. cedricward says:

    Howdy Doody was a puppet controlled by his puppeteer Master.
    Who is controlling you?
    Your comment only proves what I said about you ignorant, small-minded types.


    May I tell you a short Indian story?

    About 150 years ago Mexicans traveling through Indian country with their
    families when Indians showed up. The Indians fearing the armed Mexicans
    made a deal with them. They approached peacefully and unarmed and told
    them if they gave their weapons to them (rifles, pistols, etc) they
    would leave them alone and they could go on their merry way.

    The Mexicans believed the Indians and handed over their weapons. Shortly
    after, the Indians tied the Mexican men upside down on their wagon
    wheels and burnt them alive, ravaged and scalped the women, slaughtered
    the children and ate the food the Mexicans had with them.

  72. Everyone needs to make up their mind that govt force will be met with citizen force should they choose to continue to violate the Constitution.

  73. Howdy Doody says:

    My wife is my puppetmaster and "PULLS" my strings.

    Your god Maobama pulls your strings along with all the little Libtard sheeple.

    Oh….yea…your still an A$$HOLE!!!!

  74. cedricward says:

    You are so ignorant it's unbelievable. No…I take that back…it IS believable.
    You know NOTHING about what I believe, yet you make such drastic assumptions.
    If this is how you go through life I bet you the only acquaintances (you have no real friends if they think like you!)
    are low IQ cretins like you.
    You are nothing more than a pot calling the kettle black.

  75. cedricward says:

    The two most dangerous weapons are THE TV, and THE MICROPHONE.
    Just look at what damage they have done to all of you.

  76. It was an Amish School. the Amish not only closed the school, they tore it down so no one would even have to look at it. Was the shooter Amish, or just a criminal looking for defenseless Amish victims?

  77. Marilyn, private schools can be just as bad as public schools. After all, where do students who have been expelled from the public schools go? To private schools!

    The only difference with private schools is that the drug dealing bazaar and transportation to and from the bazaar are not paid for with tax dollars.

    The public schools don't want to expel drug dealing and drug abusing students from school, if they can help it. After all, the schools' funding is dependent upon how many enrolled students are attending classes.

    The whole problem is the money trail, and the money is tax money.

  78. It is an issue of control.

    Jaye, GM could not be reorganized to make it a viable business because the UAW now control it. It will go under again, while other manufacturers in the U.S., mostly foreign, who do not have to deal with the UAW, are doing fine.

    Reforming public schools will not work because the same old crooks who ruined the schools in the first place will be the ones to meet, convene, and decide what needs to be fixed, and how to fix it. Hint: Nothing that makes money for them, keeps them employed, or gives them political power will be changed. Nothing.

  79. Yes, wayno, it is called "premedicated murder." Now, whoever is in on the planning and execution of "premedicated murder" should be prosecuted along with the gunman. If they don't like it, they can get out of prosecution the way the gunman does — shoot themselves.

  80. Public schools originated, I believe, with the help of churches, as did hospitals and other institutions. However, they also used the Bible and McGuppie (?McGuffie??) Reader that my father learned from. Now as stated in this article, Evolution, that is a racist THEORY is taught as truth. I have also been saying for a long time that the answer is to get rid of public education that spends more time and money on Social Engineering and brainwashing of our children to learn that Marxism and Communism are good and that Free Enterprise and Capitalism are evil, then learning Electrical Engineering and Engineering and Math and Science and Literature that doesn't push sexual immorality, and learning how to properly communicate, read and write. And, yes, there is drug pushing that goes on in the schools, as stated, whether medically prescribed or illegal. For example, why are small children put on Ritalin instead of taken off of sugar and caffeine that would make any human being more excitable. Children are supposed to be energetic. Instead they are put on Ritalin and worse drugs to make it easier for the teachers or powers that be. I have said for quite some time that Homeschooling is the answer and I agree 100%–not changin our gun laws.

  81. Publicly funded schools are failing in performance. They are just indoctrination centers to brain wash our kids into moral relativism and Marxism. Privately funded schools always out perform the teacher union schools that resort to lowest common denominator as far as standards of performance. Pumping more money into public schools never seems to help any one but the bureaucracy. Education is not in the scope of responsibility of fed per U.S. Constitution. Let competition in the free market dictate a better future for our children.

  82. Howdy Doody says:

    Turdricwards's parents said he could be anything he wanted to be in life……..
    So he became an A$$HOLE!

    Hey boy! If wanted to hear back from an a$$hole I would have F@RTED!

    I think we met in a past life….You were an A$$HOLE then too!

    Admitting that your an A$$HOLE is the first step

  83. Now who is the Communist? Sounds a lot like gary North to me. What or who do we ban next. Much like the Nazis before, after they get done getting rid of the poeple they do not like, you can and probably will be next to be annihilated.