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600,000 to 800,000 People Are Expected to Attend the Inaugural. Why?

Written by Gary North on December 27, 2012

Why would anyone pay to fly to Washington, D.C., pay $600 a night at a hotel, just to see President Obama inaugurated? A staggering 1.8 million people did in 2009.

That was then. This is now. The crowd will be smaller this time.

There are better deals available at smaller hotels and motels.

Still, I won’t be there. If you attend, post a video on YouTube. Tell us why it was worth the money to stand in the cold to see him at a great distance.

I don’t understand the motivation. If I wanted to see him get sworn in, I would watch it on cable TV. I suppose some network will broadcast it. Or I could watch it on YouTube later in the day. I would be warm. I would not have to fly to Washington.

People still believe in political salvation. They still believe that they will be watching an historic event. They still believe in deliverance by the President. I don’t understand why.

I hope he has his teleprompter in good working order. Otherwise. . . .

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18 thoughts on “600,000 to 800,000 People Are Expected to Attend the Inaugural. Why?

  1. You're right, there's no good reason for it. I think people just like to take part in big events, such as mobbing large retail stores on the day after Thanksgiving. Being there at that time makes no real sense, but they do it anyway just to be a part of the crazed mob.

  2. It's like a Woodstock for people with no core values. They think they're part of "history in the making". Whoopee.

  3. I wouldn't walk across the street to see Obama inaugurated. I would walk across the street to see him arrested and removed from the White House.

  4. sooner4ever says:

    He's smart enought to fool 51% of the American public a second time. That just goes to show how stupid the American public has become. What a sorry testimony to our educational system.

  5. A more important question we should all be asking ourselves:

    Why have we allowed a dog-eatin' Kenyan with a fake birth certificate to usurp our nation's presidency not once, but TWICE?

    The Tea Party postures itself as an upholder on the Constitution. Yet it has said virtually nothing about Obama's ineligibility to be president, nor has it even shown any support for Joe Arpaio's efforts to vindicate the Constitution. WHY?

    The Republican party has failed to stop the Democrats from spitting on our Constitution. And the Tea Party has been no better.
    This saddens me as a true Conservative and 100% disabled veteran who served our country honorably. Who, if not the Tea Party, can we turn to?

  6. I'd sure pay to see him impeached.

  7. IamaproudAmerican says:

    He won by fraud and intimidation. I think there will a lot less people there just for those reasons. I will at home, warm and watching anything but the fraudsters inauguration.

  8. Why fly the distance and spend all that money, when I can throw up at home.

  9. ALAN ROHNER says:


  10. I totally agree except there is no question on being impeachable. That should happen before the inauguration. If there is an inauguration I thInk I WILL STAY HOME AND OPEN A BOTTLE OF BRANDY and drink away my disappointment and I have not had a drink of alcohol for 7 years.

  11. The sheeple that go there will be there for the party! They are hero worshippers who want to be "in" with the "in crowd!" They are not there as patriots just to celebrate their win!

  12. You've got that right! He is popular among the crowd that thinks anything new and different has to be better. Look at all his big money backers, all the big money whites and blacks who have made their living promoting themselves as icons while no one knows who they are really or what they stand for. I was more disappointed in seeing hollywood people who's work I respected, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, and many others, who turned out to be really anti American scum while playing roles that promoted them as wholesome people with values. No wonder they backed a man who is also just acting, about whom nothing is really known. So I suppose they will be there in droves, to see their pet sworn in.

  13. Your not invited to attend my inauguration, you saw it in 2008, it's the same thing in 2013, save yourself time & trouble,
    just send your travel money to help pay for my party to: obamame/i/me/i.com

  14. I hope they have a freaking cold blizzard and no one shows up, they have a black out (oh is that a racist remark?) .

  15. Why watch it at all? Why legitimize the second coronation of an amoral, illegal, anti-American mulatto Hitler. Dictators don't need inauguration–they need hanging.

  16. To bad are solider dont go there and put the hand cuffs on all of them

  17. I would donate to see him impeached, would you?

  18. I think he should have to be vetted prior to being sworn in this time since Emil Jones sure did not do it in Chicago when he forced him upon Illinois as a State Senator. I want to know it all from Birth Certificate, Selective Service Registration, Social Security Number(or should I say numbers) College records(how he Registered)Peercy Sutton said that it was paid for by connections to a Saudi Arabia Prince(this is documented but I don;t have the actual names involved handy, you can check it out, I also wonder if his mother really died and think the Grandmothers death is questionable. It seems that anyone who could expose him, just up and dies. Just the tip of the ice berg with this group. Don't you think that blogo had to go and be taught that he needed to keep his mouth shut about Obama, I think that is why he went to prison. He certainly has not done as much as most of the Chicago thugs along with Obama, so why is he in prison?