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Wealthy Chinese Flee China

Written by Gary North on December 26, 2012

If you get rich in China, you get out.

The elderly Communists who run the country are tyrants. If you get enough money to flee, you flee.

About 150,000 wealthy Chinese have flown the coop this year. Their #1 destination: the USA. Who can blame them, other than elderly Communist tyrants?

Technically, these people can legally take only $50,000 with them. They are rich enough to beat the system.

China is not the poverty-stricken concentration camp that it was under Mao. But it is not a free society. Communism is still the official ideology. It is operationally Keynesian, mercantilistic, and bureaucratic.

China’s economy is growing. But for those who make it really big in China, the best course of action is to take the money and run.

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13 thoughts on “Wealthy Chinese Flee China

  1. Hmm, let's see: "It is operationally Keynesian, mercantilistic, and bureaucratic." So they're fleeing to the United States, eh? I guess the difference must be one of degree.

  2. If I remember correctly, the “Chairman” of the Chinese communists was recently reported to be worth over $1 billion. I guess politicians don’t do too bad over there either.

  3. They had better not unpack! This country is not far behind trying to imitate where they came from.

  4. Where are we supposed to flee to?

  5. siquijrisland says:

    So you have no idea, Better to say that then to try and hide the truth from others. You can feel the oppression in some Communist countries, tourists so often miss the real countries they visit, it takes time for the hidden realities to emerge and be recognized. Being fluent in the language helps, I must laugh at some Americans interactions with the locals who some time with a smile tell them how stupid they are. because the smile tells a different story they do not feel the insult.
    I have spent more than ten years working to improve living conditions in Asia, like the Americans the biggest roadblock in the disinformation and trying to overcome it with the truth.

  6. siquijrisland says:

    So many Americans can not understand the opportunities for a greater chance to succeed in America. However the Asians who have had less freedom thrive thorough hard work.

  7. Sounds like California.

  8. Little do they realize that they are jumping from the pot right into the fire.

  9. So, why are there so many rich Americans living over there?… Why are they doing business over there?… Why did they go there in the first place?…

  10. Yeah…seems nothing makes a good capitalist better than a communist official in power.

  11. And here I thought "getting rich" in a communist country wasn't "allowed" in the first place. Funny even Russia's "Pravda" newspaper are saying to us Americans "why are you electing a communist president? Don't go down that road, we've tried it and it sucks."

  12. Amen to that, Stan!

  13. All governments become a cancer, a festering wound to its host. It eventually self-destructs taking the host with it.