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Texas Congressman on Guns: “Arm Public School Teachers.”

Written by Gary North on December 21, 2012

I don’t believe in federal gun control laws, pro or con. It’s none of the federal government’s business. The Second Amendment is just fine. We don’t need more gun laws. We need the repeal of gun laws.

But one Congressman-elect thinks what we need is armed teachers. You know. Like El Al Airline’s pilots.

The gun control crowd is apoplectic at this proposal. It’s not the legislation they have in mind. The Newtown massacre is supposed to be the Great Opportunity. But it’s not turning out that way. The public will soon forget. Meanwhile, the fiscal cliff debate is tying up Congress.

A New York Times writer laments: “. . . those who hope to change the gun laws will have to act quickly, before everyone drifts back to whatever position they held before Newtown.”

In short, “Strike while the iron is hot! The voters are so forgetful.” Yes, they are.

A majority of voters in Texas want to apply a bumper sticker motto in Texas: “Don’t mess with Texas.” That bumper sticker slogan has to do with littering. But it reflects an attitude in Texas. Texans don’t like meddling from Washington when it comes to gun ownership.

Texas is red state central.

Texans think this video is funny. If you think it is funny, you either live in Texas or ought to.

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44 thoughts on “Texas Congressman on Guns: “Arm Public School Teachers.”

  1. Jim McClarin says:

    Video isn't funny, it's scary. It's a horrifying glimpse into the unthinking emotionalism behind the wholesale loss of our individual rights.

  2. If the enactment of laws solved problems, there would be no narcotic problems. Our Utopian brothers and sisters on the Liberal side seem to be unable to grasp the concept that violence is a cultural thing, not a gun thing. The morals that used to make our country great have eroded since World War II. We have taken God out of schools and our lives leaving few moral beliefs in His stead and we now want to blame guns?

    I submit that the banning of any gun is a power move by government and nothing more. 22 people were murdered in a school in China by a man with a knife. That to me is proof that people will kill people with whatever they can get their hands on. No, the problem is people and their values, not the evil guns!

  3. "Sometimes you have to die for something I believe in." Truer words were never spoken… probably a quote from the late Senator Kennedy.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    You CAN'T repeal the second article, that is why they called ti an article in the preamble, as articles can NOT be repealed.

  5. Exactly. That's why amendments take national referenda in which a majority of the states vote to alter the Constitution. If changing it were up to Congress the Constitution might as well be written on a marker board in dry erase ink.

  6. Idylewylde says:

    While serving in the military, I swore an oath to defend the American Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.
    While I was serving in the military, traitor politicians, traitor media, and traitors in general were assaulting the Bill Of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment.
    Every traitor wants his neighbor disarmed.
    Here's the odd thing, while serving in the military, I never had to worry about an American shooting me in the back. I only had to worry about a traitor shooting me in the back.

  7. I think the video is hilarious, but I also think Texas is way too hot in the summer. And besides, it's way too crowded–that's why I prefer Montana. 🙂

    "Montana is exactly like what a Texan would have you believe Texas is like."–anonymous

  8. Some school staff members(including non-teaching staff) should carry concealed. Not all teachers will or should carry, but why disqualify an otherwise qualified teacher because they won't pack. 2 or 3 (or more in larger schools) should carry. That someone is packing should be public knowledge, but not who they are. There should be armed staff present whenever the school is open. This works very well in states with concealed carry, because the criminals never know who will shoot them or when. Most states (all I think) that permit concealed carry have lower crime overall, and much lower gun deaths. But try telling that to the fascist-democraps.

  9. I believe a perfect sollution and at low cost would be to have several teachers or school personal trained & armed with weapons, and ALL teachers & personal carry strong pepper spray. This would put many, many sources of protection throughout the entire school. Plus security doors on classrooms.

  10. I'd bet most Liberals would rather have "their" children at a school with armed guards, than a school that bans guns. Tell these Liberals to put their children in any number of our public schools with no armed guards. Joe Biden said in 2008, "Obama better not go after my guns, he'll have a problem with my Beretta." Many bleeding Liberals cry gun bans but have weapons at home and put their children in saf private schools with armed security. Always hypocrites, do as I say, but not as I do.

  11. DockyWocky says:

    The perennial battle between the highly emotional anti-gun liberal/progressives and more realistic people is in high gear after the unhindered nut job in Connecticut satisfied his secret urges and whacked his own satisfied self coincident with the arrival of paramilitary forces who would have definitely ruined his day.

    The anti-gun patrol is totally uncompromising in their self-delusional state of mind where everyone is weaponless and everyone sits by the campfire singing old Girl Scout songs and smiles at everyone else day i and day out.

    Gun appreciators, not especially gun nuts, instinctively recognize that the liberal/progressive plan of the day depends entirely on (1.) the assumption that everyone else is perpetually in the same state of mind, and never harbors an evil thoughts against anyone else; (2.) a dreamed-of place where guns of any kind are either totally unavailable, or only in the hands of professional Praetorian Guards; and (3.) where …er!…well, where something or somebody much gooder runs the daily life show where thinking is totally unnecessary, and everyone participates.

    Wait a minute! This all depends on some form of a State Religion where everyone is required to submit to the official State god, and…hm!…Sacre Bleu!…this is sounding more more like these liberal/progressive Democrats are trying to sell us an ideal islamic paradise the more I think about it.

  12. If we turned in our guns and tried to call the police and then wait for them to arrive, how many law abiding citizens would survive? At the rate that law abiding citizens died it would soon become an anarchists state and everyone would again have guns. Good shot let's turn in our guns and die or at best loose everything we have and need. You canhavemy gun when you remove it from my dead body.

  13. Sounds like Diane Feinstein made this script!
    Typical liberal wack jobs.

  14. You people are idiots. Arming teachers is so completely stupid an idea as to question YOUR ability to know what to do with a gun. You clearly are not teachers.

    You have a gun fetish that is dangerous.

  15. yes all of these hollering about guns more than likely have some them selves even ob and he has all those body guards if you have money most likely you have plenty of guns. and your slaves have guns also. they think AMERICANS are so stupid well we aren't.

  16. and some that don't have money also have guns. most have been stolen.

  17. The whole cost thing being prohibitive is bunk- most large high schools in this country already have at least one police officer in each high school (supposedly) gun free zone.

  18. All the students in China survived. Get your facts straight.

  19. Actually, most get borrowed from a friend or family member.

  20. what she seems to be saying is that dumocraps are all criminals so if law abiding republicans would turn in their guns then the criminal dumocraps would bbe able to kill them unimpeded

  21. I you people don't like citizens having guns then you should move to England Or Australia.

  22. Australia has banned all citizens from owning GUNS and the CRIME RATE has gone up 27%,, more murder ,rape and home invasions ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  23. Shane 3 comments above mine used the "F" word and the site admins. posted it ,,, I used a form of ODUMBAS name and it has taken over 15 minutes for them to approve it ,,,,,,

  24. Israeli school teachers are armed. They are realistic about the dangers that threaten their children and we also need to become realistic about the culture we have now. Our children have been exposed to a daily flood of violent images from childhood; life has been cheapened by abortion and death on demand.
    Our government is admitting millions of immigrants from Muslim dominated countries where death is the highest value and violent death is preached and practiced. Our morals have changed and our values are changing for a large part of our population. Don't be naive anymore. If we truly value the lives of our children then arm those who are responsible for protecting them. No matter what laws are passed, senseless violence is a part of our culture and I fear that it won't be turning back any time soon.

  25. Excellent post and so very true. concealed carry is the best deterrent.

  26. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC wants to become the next Adolf Hitler sending out Swat Team Goonies house to house and confiscating any firearms found on the premises….Those that resist will be arrested….Those that resist arrest will be shot on the spot…..The victims will be cited as being a danger to the community…..Gun problem solved in NYC by Fascist Mayor Michael Bloomberg….No doubt he will get his face plastered on the cover of Time Magazine…..Probably even win some type of civilian award from our Dictator In Chief Obama…..And the Liberal Commies will proclaim Bloomberg a National Hero!

  27. Interesting….All those who are so much in favor of taking away your guns want to keep theirs…..Mayor Bloomberg…..Chucky Cheese Schumer and all the liberal anti-gun nuts all carry guns or have body guards that do…..But you American Citizen are not suppose to own one or own a collection of them which is even worse….This puts you in the catagory of being a militant or a terrorist….You my friend are a danger to the state whether you posses a conceal carry permit or not….Expect Government Goonies like the ATF to come after you….Like Ruby Ridge they will shoot your wife while the baby she is holding will explode in her arms….No matter….Some ATF agent has a sign next to his desk in Washington DC that reads "One Shot Two Kills"!

  28. I don't like cartoons and won't waste time watching them. Put it in writing or make a video. You don't carry guns in school, you make guns available to teachers through the high administrators present at the school. Then, just like school's fire drills, you have teacher gun drills.

  29. I think it would be more practical to first of all secure all entry ways to all schools so no one can force entry. How about steel doors and security cameras around the peremiters. A well trained security officer that is re-certified yearly. There are hundreds of thousands of retired police officers or military veterans around the country that would qualify. A school teacher armed would distract since a teacher has a responsibilty to teach and then you have the problem of securing the weapon in each classroom and the liability that follows.

  30. Wasp and Hornet spray might be better, as it has a longer range and would be less likely to blow back onto the sprayer.

  31. Why would it be cost prohibitive to have a cop at every school? Wouldn't it just be their job to be posted at the school? Why would it cost extra if the school was his beat instead of the street in a car?

  32. Well, hypocrites are like that, aren't the? They're screaming out exactly what they are, so pay attention to them and see them for what they are. They think they are higher life forms than us peons out here and that we couldn't possibly think without their directions.

  33. History Buff says:

    In the 1970's, Israel decided to arm a small percentage of their school personnel (principals, teachers, administrators, maintenance workers) and even accept help from local parents and and some high school seniors. Prior to that, Israel had experienced several armed attacks on their schools. After that, there have been no successful mass killings in their schools.

    What is it about their 100% successful defense rate that you claim is "stupid"?

    And look how well the U.S. soft defenses worked in Conn.!

  34. History Buff says:

    Allow me to point out the ovvious. There is no way to create a "Fortress Schoolhous" short of rebuilding all our schools in the form of Medieval Castles. 30 foot high stone or concrete walls, massive doors, no windows facing outwards, and all internal doors steel-armored, and with electronically controlled doors to isolate various parts of the school–sounds and looks like a prison, doesn't it?. In my area, elementary and high schools have a meager 8 foot high chain link fence that can be easily climbed (I am middle-aged and I have a back injury, and I am sure I could climb such a fence while carrying a rifle, bandoleer of ammo, a crowbar, and a can of gasoline). Care to guess how much it would cost to rebuild all our schools using that example? Probably five million dollars per school, multiplied by 100,000 schools equals $500 billion. Much more practical to use the Israeli Solution–arm a percentage of the school personnel. It has been 100% successful for them since the mid-1970's.

  35. Laws do not stop criminals. That's why they're called criminals.
    Society is falling apart and they're blaming it on guns, which can't do a thing by themselves.

  36. John,…… John…….I was with you until you came up with the crap; You have a gun fetish that is dangerous. That was illogical.

  37. What does God have to do with anything? Many atheists and agnostics believe murder is wrong

  38. DeanBlaine says:

    Exactly. Exactly!

  39. Rev W McCall says:

    How is concealed carry a deterrent? If I don't see your gun, I'm not deterred from shooting you. And do you really believe that someone who is ready to go into a public place and shoot people at random isn't ready to die himself/herself, and so would not be deterred? It's like asking the question, "why did he do it?" You might as well ask him why he didn't kill one or tow fewer children, or why he didn't shoot them in the chest instead of in the head.

  40. SportShooter says:

    If death is the highest value in Muslim countries, why do all the mass murders take place in "Christian" countries like the USA? You should think before making a blanket statement about religion, race, or skin color. Somebody could just as easily say that Christian countries are violent, and with more justification. And you probably wouldn't be too comfortable with that. So why say it about somebody else's country?

  41. oh no?

  42. So why are there so many?

  43. Teachers have a responsabilty when you hold childen in class. Protecting them is one, lets get them ready for the new times. Lock and load teachers.

  44. Don Lobama says:

    John may be right. There are some teachers who are pedophiles and some who have sex with the children in their class and some teachers who falsified their resume and experience in order to get the job. We are not talking about those teachers. We are talking about the idealized, law-abiding teachers, just like you are talking about the law-abiding gun owners as we are. Right?

    Arming *those* teachers, that is, those liberal America-hating teachers, is a completely stupid idea.