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SWAT Teams on the Streets in Arkansas. They Demand IDs for Doing Nothing.

Written by Gary North on December 20, 2012

You may have read about the police chief in Arkansas who has SWAT teams patrolling the streets.

He admits that it’s like martial law. His excuse? Crime is up.

He says residents can be stopped and questioned for walking their dogs.

He has received national publicity. He does not care. He answers to locally elected representatives.

Let us hope that voters decide to send the mayor a message.

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62 thoughts on “SWAT Teams on the Streets in Arkansas. They Demand IDs for Doing Nothing.

  1. He is demanding people prove they are innocent of wrongdoing before any crime is commited. How insane this is. The whole country has gone berzerk.

  2. where is this occuring and by whom? ie: What city/town and who is the police chief and who is the mayor?

  3. He is protecting life and property of those who elect him! If they're happy with his performance, the peace and security within their community; they will reelect him over and over and over!!! I've lived in such a community….our sheriff died in office…of old age!

  4. Achtug! papers please!
    Illegal ?
    never mind.

  5. There has to be more to this story. Are they looking for someone? Or a group? I don’t have a problem with being asked for proof of citizenship or ID. Some think that it’s an invasion of their privacy, I think it’s protection. Call me crazy, if I have nothing to hide, why be mad? There are so many illegals in this Country, round them up and ship them out. The financial burden, threats to Americans are at it’s high. Go ahead, want ID, want to ask me questions, I personally don’t mind. For those who are upset, remember, it’s for your safety and protection ….

  6. Old American says:

    It might be interesting to go there, show him our ID, explain that we are making a report to tell people about his efforts to keep the area safe, then spot every one that looks the least bit like a possible hispanic, asian, or eastern person and tell him he should check out that illegal/terrorist looking person. Maybe we could run his ass ragged for a day.

  7. The "it's for your safety and protection…" is distubing on many levels. How much are you willing to give up for this theory? After 9/11 Homeland Security was born, its original intent was to correlate all security information from our alphabet agencies. Look at it now; they have expanded to intrude on all aspects of our lives under the guise of safety and protection. What is being done in this town is nothing short of martial law, without cause or justification.
    A police state is never acceptable. This is the tactics of dictatorships. If the concern is for high crime incidents, then I suggest that the police force do their jobs and not harrass citizens.

  8. I feel safe when people with guns leave me alone…NOT when armed thugs interrogate me for walking down the street.

    So what happens when you refuse to answer their questions?

    At what point are we no longer “free”?

    We need to stop and think about these issues. People are so quick to want new rules and restrictions, but in a free society (the kind our Founding Fathers envisioned) we should ultimately be concerned with preserving EACH OTHER’S freedoms. For example: I don’t smoke. I think it’s a filthy habit that endangers people’s health, including my own health. But I can’t in good conscience vote in favor of an all-out smoking ban. I’d rather live in a society that offers the freedom to smoke than one that doesn’t.

    The more freedom, the better.

  9. What the hell is happening? Give a person a little authority and they think they become king.

  10. This unfortunately is the reason why we are where we are at. People continue to reelect ineffective officals based on either a false sense of loyality or lack of an opponent. More people need to become engaged in either helping vote out ineffective candidates or finding candidates to replace the ones in office..

  11. Terry v. Ohio
    10 Jun 1968

    JustiaThis court case clarifide the the 4th amendment, by saying that a policeman is allowed to stop and pat check any person for weapons if he has a reasonable suspicion that, the person is involved in a crime or is about to comit one, but other than that they are not allowed to stop and fisk random people.

  12. I would have no problem.IT WOULD BE GREAT TO BE SO SAFE!

  13. "Let us hope that voters decide to send the mayor a message."

    I will be sending him a message in a matter of minutes. The morning coffee is kicking in and I feel a special delivery is about to sent.

  14. SCOTUS ruled this unlawful a long time ago. Police can not demand someone's ID without suspicion of a crime. The Police can ask and the citizen can refuse and request to terminate the encounter. Police get pissed off, but have no legal leg to stand on for further interrogation or detention so long as the citizen is not suspected of a crime.

    Be a citizen, not a civilian. Know your rights and exercise them.

  15. this is an illegal police action under the constitution and probable cause laws which state that you cannot be stopped or searched without actual proof or knowledge that a crime has been committed by the person being stopped. you cannot be stopped and/or searched for suspicion or just to try to find something. or for that matter just because you don't like the way someone looks. anyone who is should file a complaint with both the police department involved, the police certification board for that state and file a criminal lawsuit against the police department and the city, county or state that police department is working under. do not allow them to get away with a police state mentality and violate the law and/or the constitution EVER!!!.

  16. Kings are always made by authority. It's the abuse of authority that makes a bad king.

  17. i forgot to say that it is the duty of all americans to exercise our rights ( use them or lose them ) and not allow this destruction of our country to happen. this is the main reason our government is out of control because we do not stand up for ourselves and believe that you can't fight the government, have you forgotten that we the people are the government and that they work for us.

  18. Mom2Marine says:

    I'm not allowed to post?

  19. he who gives up his rights in the name of security deserve neither

  20. Unfortunately that is consider racial profiling. But then again it would keep him busy.

  21. Bill Camota says:

    When crime is up, citizens have the right to demand quick solution. Government officials are responsible to respond and find ways to effectively reduce crime quickly. Requiring ID to be shown when you are straying in the streets is the best way. Good citizens would feel safe and protected. In my hometown, cops perform random DUI check at night on all drivers passing by in the main highway. This is one way to catch drunk drivers, drivers with no license, no insurance, kidnappers, carnappers and other crimes. On the other hand, there are also citizens who need help that the cops can provide. So let's be good citizens and cooperate always. By doing this, everyone wins!.

  22. And you don't care if it is illegal? I bet you want to ban guns so you will be "safe." How simpleminded.

  23. I bet that is what Hitler said too.

    I bet that is what Stalin said too.

  24. Camille Williams says:

    I would like to know more about this, we live in Arkansas and have never heard about it..Sometimes adults/kid will walk down the street at 2 and 3 AM, they have no business out this time of morning…I would bet there is more to it..

  25. He who does nothing wrong feels safe and rarely demand his rights. He who does wrong things feels threatened and demand his rights. You can't be on both sides. Right is always right and wrong is always wrong in the eyes of the law and of God. It feels good to do the right thing.

  26. Can you grasp the fact we have a constitution that states it is ILLEGAL to do this. NO I will NOT cooperate with this type of tyranny. Why have laws at all if the police or government can pick and choose witch ones they want to ignore or enforce.
    It is a citizens DUTY to step up and help instead of playing the poor little waif that needs government to protect him.
    IF you can still understand right from wrong. Try reading the constitutions both your states and the federal.

  27. It is called probable cause and with out it these searches ARE illegal.

  28. That's funny you just did.

  29. Welcome to obama world!

  30. why is the shmuck still sucking air ?

  31. Korean War Vet says:

    Montie, you deserve a big hand of thanks for waking-up that poor, misguided ‘citizen’ of the United States of America. He has been brain-washed by the Left for so long that he has forgotten that we free people live by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’ll even bet that he’s never served THIS country to defend THAT Constitution and THOSE Rights. Thanks again, Montie: Keep up the fight…it’s well worth it.

  32. Ibet they are not asking any mexicans for their ID's……

  33. PrincessPhilly says:

    Everyone refuse to tell these Natzis what you are doing and then when they do an unlawful arrest SUE SUE SUE big time.

  34. The sad thing is that the Mayor would probably thank you for throwing him out on his arse!

  35. Seems to me off all their asking is for an ID, and what you’re up to there shouldn’t be any problem… It’s come to the point that this is necessary to prevent illegal immigration, theft, home invasion, illegal carry, and a myriad of other offenses that go unnoticed when police aren’t looking… Do yourself a favor, cooperate, and learn that there is a price to pay for not being vigilant…

  36. Who are you to say when I can walk down the street?

  37. Prelude to Civil War… prepare yourselves…

  38. our president is a muslim who hates americans……..get ready the war is coming……wait till the idiots who voted for obama see what there checks look like with 70 75 percent taken in fed tax to pay for this rip off healthcare system….the only people who will have insurance will be congress welfare recipeints and obamas super imagrants

  39. I think the Sheriff of this county better get the "Chief" under control.

  40. Sumerian Man says:

    What the hell are you doing in America? This kind of police behavior is exactly what you would expect to find in pre-WWII Nazi Germany! And I’d like very much to remind you, what ever kind of idiot you may be, this is exactly what our great grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, and people like me have fought and died for, to keep from happening here! NO ONE WINS when people are not free to move about without being harrassed by Gestapo. Go back to where ever you came from because you certainly don’t know what it is to be an American!

  41. I agree with you everhen. He is doing what he was elected to do and that is to protect the people.

  42. "Those who trade freedom for security will have neither!" comes to mind.

  43. SumerianMan says:

    Yeah, somehow my two cents worth didn't make it either – it was pretty blunt but not offensive, but it seems our first amendment doesn'apply here either.

  44. SumerianMan says:

    Will, you are not American, move to France, they like commies.

  45. John Rigler says:

    ACHTUNG not Achtug

  46. Dean Palmer says:

    Can you say "Jackboots"?

  47. Dean Palmer says:

    Remember that you have the right to remain silent.

  48. Dean Palmer says:

    No! There is a price to pay for not being Free!

  49. I had a corrupt Sheriff in AR. a few years back. Seems they like to give tickets to truck drivers knowing you will just pay the fine and not come back to the Kangaroo Kourt.

  50. thats the problem that the good people don't stand up for theirs rights, the rule of law and the constitution which is the right thing to do. you cannot punish or deny the rights of the innocent for the actions of the criminals or mentally ill. that does nothing to fix the real problem, how about the police learn how to do real investigative work and see who the real criminals are? i can point out almost all of the criminals in my area and even alot outside my area just by paying attention to their mannerisms and behavior patterns. it's much easier then most people realize. criminals display certain traits in their behavior that are very out of place for normal activity when they are up to something or on the lookout due to being wanted by the law. you can also listen to what they are talking about.

  51. Mom2Marine says:

    My husband and I travel a lot and have realized that out-of-state license plates are a target for all of them. So, remember that everyone if you are traveling to another state…they are looking for you.

  52. gordon r. nadolni says:

    I say good, we do not want another Travon Martin, lurking around and when stoped he jumps this guy. These Illegals have gotten out of hand. We will die for some other Country to protect their borders and say Thanks to our Soldiers, but not show them the Thanks by sending them home. Keep your Thanks, just get our guys out of that nasty place, so they can keep us safe.

  53. I'll take care of my own saftety and protection, thank you.I

  54. It used to be innocent umtil proven guilty. Now it's guilty until proven innocent.

  55. I have to Wonder if this Story by Gary North is TRUE. When you have people from Arkansa posting on here saying they NEVER heard of this. I will go to Arkansas Newspapers, etc and GOOGLE for the TRUTH. Gary NORTH is good for making things up. BEWARE of what he says. But on the other hand IF this is TRUE, it's part of the UN AGENDA 21 PLAN. GOOGLE:
    'Tom DeWeese Agenda 21' and learn, get informed, etc.

  56. Bill, there is a nice Communist police state called North Korea you can move to. I'm sure they would be glad to accommodate your fetish for police tyranny.

  57. If you think that military soldiers (that's what SWAT team are, military soldiers with the word "police" slapped on the back of them) prowling the streets like gangs will make you safe then you're nuts. Whose going to protect you from your "protectors"?

  58. Ve haf ways to make you talk. Sieg heil.

  59. Brain dead in Arkansas! The same state that says that if you are over the age of 65 yoa, then you can not carry a firearm, so says the Arkansas State Police! This is the home State of Bill Clinton, who said that just because that woman gave me a blowjog in the oval Office, doesn't mean I had sex with her! Texas and Oklahoma usually don't agree with each other. However, they do agree on one thing, they both don't people from Arkansas. How can you tell if someone is from Arkansas? Their family tree doesn't fork!…

  60. smdares44 says:

    I know several who have been born; raised; educated, and lived professional lives in Arkansas – all are NUTS or criminals.

    ret expat MD

  61. I was stopped in a North Texas city for walking my dog! "We saw you carrying something!" (It was a stick from an old shovel, I have to be able to protect my 17 pound dog if need be). No law against this "carrying." Was asked for ID, I replied the Legislature hasn't required me to carry ID for walking a dog. Then I was accused of having something to drink, "fruit juice" my reply. Then I was accused six times (6) of narcotics use, the last accusation was a "follow the ballpoint pen with your eyes without moving your head" test. I thought, this will go on till he can say I failed. I had visions of these 3 "peace officers" smirking at me the next AM from outside a jail cell (for walking a leashed dog) and telling me, "the shelter euthanized you dog by mistake, we're so sorry!" with lots of maniacal laughter. I considered complaining, but felt I could be retaliated. In my experience, many policemen have no morals, and are totally unjust people, power junkies on the prowl for their "fix."