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Headhunter Reveals 3 Ways to Get a Job if You Are Unemployed

Written by Gary North on December 19, 2012

You may not be unemployed . . . yet. But someone you know may be.

It’s a discouraging feeling. I’ve been there. In the first half of 1976, I was out of work, except for my meager newsletter income. Then Ron Paul hired me. I got that job because Larry Abraham (the co-author of the original edition of None Dare Call It Conspiracy) told Congressman Larry McDonald that I was on the job market. He in turn told newly elected Paul. That turned my career around.

If you are interested in three other strategies, click the link.

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One thought on “Headhunter Reveals 3 Ways to Get a Job if You Are Unemployed

  1. Jim McClarin says:

    Both sides in the present debate want to keep children and other innocents from being killed by evil crazy people, we just have diametrically opposite means of trying to achieve this. One side believes that banning guns will result in fewer killings, the other believes that more guns in the hands of responsible adults will discourage violent crime. To find which theory is correct there needs to be a thorough and dispassionate statistical analysis.

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