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On the Road. Three Dead Computers. Beware of Windows 8.

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2012

This report is made possible by Pastor Glen Zimmermann of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Eugene, Oregon. I am using his Toshiba laptop. Let me explain.

I have been on the road, visiting my 95-year-old mother. My laptop PC computer failed. So, I went to Best Buy to buy a replacement. I bought an Asus notebook for $279. I just wanted to be able to keep writing my required output of articles.

I got it back to my guest room. It loaded, slowly. The Windows 8 imitation Windows 7 screen was a nightmare. It was barely recognizable. Attention PC shoppers: big learning curve ahead!

About two hours later, this message appeared: Your PC ran into a problem and is forced to restart. It announced that it would send information to Microsoft. It logged me off. I could never get it to work right after that.

I took it back. I exchanged it for a more expensive Asus. I was now up to $479.

I took it back to my room. It happened again, only this time for keeps.

I got the same message after two hours. It logged me off. At 1:22 a.m. EST, it announced: Attempting Repairs. I waited. At 3:44, I got this message:

Automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC. Press “Advanced Options” to try other options to repair your PC or “shut down” to turn off your PC.

Log file: C:\Windows\System32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt

When I saw this, I knew the machine was a goner.

Log file: C:\Windows\System32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt

Whenever you see programming code on a screen, it’s all over. It means that something users are never supposed to see has appeared. The crisis is beyond anything a normal user can do.

At 3:46, it started over.

Preparing Automatic Repair
Diagnosing your PC

Choose an option

Continue: Exit and Continue to Windows 8

Turn off your PC

Use a device: Use a USB drive, network connection or Windows recovery DVD

Troubleshoot: Refresh or restart your PC, or use advanced tools

I tried the first option. I got the same screen. I shut it off. I got this:

Preparing Automatic Repair
Diagnosing your PC

I was caught in an endless loop.

I could make no corrections to my articles.

About 10 hours later, I returned the computer to Best Buy.

Is Windows 8 a disaster? For Asus, it is.

If it does the same with other brands, Microsoft is in trouble.


Microsoft is trying to make Vista look good. So far, it has succeeded.

Windows 8 is a hybrid program. It tries to be “fun” like a tablet. It is not fun. It sits on a desk.

It tries to be a serious business program. It is a disaster. It operates nothing like Windows 7. The learning curve is worse than Vista to Windows 7.

It shuts down good computers.

In short, Apple has just received a shot in the arm.

Best Buy promised that if I buy a new computer, and buy Windows 7 on the Web, they will install Windows 7 for free. But Best Buy is not allowed to sell Windows 7 in their stores. My guess is that Microsoft doesn’t want salesmen to recommend Windows 7. That would make Windows 8 look like a turkey. It was introduced on Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving. That was appropriate.


If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 8, don’t.

If you are thinking of buying a new PC, factor in the cost of a copy of Windows 7. Have an expert install it.

I will be happy to get back home to my backup Windows 7 computer.

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91 thoughts on “On the Road. Three Dead Computers. Beware of Windows 8.

  1. Eric Holder should have ben fired at the beginning. Why keep bringing it up?
    Either do it or stop wasting time and money talking about it.

  2. Buy a Mac !!! OS X is a better and more stable OS system than Windows, period !!!!

  3. I know your pain, went down the same dirt road, also on 2nd laptop
    I will cough up for an apple very soon
    it had to update on day 3, why would it not come equipped for a week
    need to find 7 before I go out of my mind

  4. geronimo schmidt says:

    It is XP for me
    If I want it an Apple looking thing I would have bought an Apple

  5. the entire computer-based Mifrsft to me is a waste – Windows XP worked absolutely fine for me..I have much document, form, preparation. I could do a job in half-hr, be on my way. Some computer firm "virus-help" in Calif. (where else) screwed it up so bad, even the techni on-line remote fixing it..) advised me "get yourself a new comp, there was nothing more he could do – thank goodness, he did a real-deal already………..OffcDepot only had Wndws 7 which is about the worse I've seen. All my previous files, forms, etc on hard-disc were transsferred to the new W7. Surprise surprise surprise – – it will NOT open

    Here I am in my evening-years, still trying to hack out a few bux a month to exist, and I have to learn / re-learn, someone's dream of a nightmare. ",,,but Windows 7 can do SO MUCH MORE…"games, movies, I'll go to Blockbuster if I want Movies..

    If Micrsft wants to do it's best deed in yrs, PLS go create the W-XP again. Make lots of us 70yr olds feel free again.

  6. Heck, I use Linux. No viruses, adware, spyware and rock solid. This is my current uptime:

    root@fireball / # uptime
    08:03:47 up 86 days, 1:13, 9 users, load average: 0.39, 0.35, 0.29
    root@fireball / #

    Yes, that is 86 days since my last reboot. My longest was 242 days. Hurricane put my lights out for that one.

    Of all the OS's out there, Microsoft is the worst and costs to much too.

  7. I bought the cheapest floor demo Acer from Staples. I told them to wipe the hard drive, and put Gentoo linux on it. Been running great for over a year.

  8. I gave up on windows in 2001. Started learning Linux, and there is NO WAY I will ever downgrade to a windows POS. Mint Linux is easier to use than windows, faster, more stable, and will do everythiing windows does except get a virus, shutdown unexpectedly, reboot without notice, etc. Plus it boots up in nine seconds from an SSD. And, it will be as fast after a years use whereas windows will slow to a crawl after 6 months. It should be illegal to be FORCED to buy a windows license when buying a new PC.

  9. Microsoft in making Win 8 look and feel like a handheld device has lost me forever. I don't want my desktop with the 20-inch monitor to act like my cellphone. They've been going downhill ever since Gates retired. Same thing with Norton AV and Hewlett-Packard: when the founders/inventers leave the company, it goes to crap.

  10. This explains a lot. I just had to do a total factory original restore on my computer to fix the issues I ran into when I tried to upgrade to windows 8. I thought it was something I did, turns out it's on windows (imagine that). Fortunately I still had all of my files saved on an external HDD, and it's now just a process of moving them back where I want them….. again! Fixin' to go to the cloud too.

  11. If you purchase a windows machine with windows 7 professional or better, you can run a virtual version of windows xp. Windows XP does not support enough RAM and does not network nearly as well as windows 7. Windows 7 is a very robust operating system and only needs an occasional defrag (auslogics has a very good free version). You also need to use a cleaner such as Ccleaner (free) to remove malware you get from surfing the net. Windows 8 seems to be basically windows 7 with an interface designed for tablet computers, even though it works just fine on a standard laptop.

  12. Richard D Davis says:

    thanks for this article. I'm a dummy when it comes to computers, and have been trying to update, even the eight program. but now where do i go, before i mess up royally in the name of loyality to Microsoft.

  13. Another problem with APPLE: IT has joined the BDS MOVEMENT AGAINST ISRAEL.

    I was going to buy a Mac but found out a few days ago. No Apple for me.

  14. Gary I am SOOOO glad you put this post in because I was thinking of upgrading. Now I can see it would have been DOWNGRADING.
    I'm fast getting to the point of where Linux might be my next stop.

  15. Gentoo is what I use. Strange huh?

  16. I,m a littl older – like now 86! I certainly understand! I am in a worse state – I have several older, but very likable programs that will run on Win XP, but nothing later! I bought a new notebook with Windows 7 and with a Vertual Machine mode that allows the installation of Win XP on the Win 7 notebook. The XP mode is quite limited for access – will not recognize USB drivess, for example, but thanks to a Drive A plug-in to a USB port and the disk drive, I can still transfer data from other PCs.

  17. I certainly understand! I am in a worse state – I have several older, but very likable programs that will run on Win XP, but nothing later! I bought a new notebook with Windows 7 and with a Vertual Machine mode that allows the installation of Win XP on the Win 7 notebook. The XP mode is quite limited for access – will not recognize USB drivess, for example, but thanks to a Drive A plug-in to a USB port and the disk drive, I can still transfer data from other PCs.

  18. Buy a Mac, install VM WARE to run Windows on the Mac and you will be loving life. I bought a used 2006 Macbook Pro earlier this year and run XP Pro on it. The fact is, Windows works better on a Mac than it does a PC. What boggles my mind is why my more people don’t do this and Apple doesn’t promote it. For Apple it would probably go against their philosophy.

  19. Are you daffy? This is an article about computers and Windows 8, not politics. Keep on topic or STFU.

  20. I used to build computers for my family. Set up dozens over the years.
    The one thing I tell everyone – for free- is NEVER buy a new version of Windows that hasn't been out of r ayear. by then the 1st – or 2nd or third – 'upgrade pack' (error correction) will be available.
    I get tired of messing with windows omputers. this latest version of 'windows' has driven me to get an apple ipad 4.
    Guess I better get used to is.

  21. Windows will not be updating XP in the near future, so you will be stuck in yesteryear when it dies

  22. I purchased an Acer laptop with windows 8 and it has worked like a champ. The computer was $350 and boots up as rapidly ( 15 seconds) as my fastest windows 7 desktop with a SSD for the operating system. There is a bit of a learning curve, but after about two hours I had a windows 8 desktop virtually identical in form and function to my windows 7 machines. I suspect it might be somewhat easier to use if someone who used smart phones and is used to using thumbnails. You also need to know that everything is handled by dragging your mouse to a corner in the screen to perform most any function. My computer has never once displayed a "blue screen of death" or any other unwanted actions.

  23. MI Patriot says:

    Our computer is a HP/Compaq. It is now 4-5 years old. It came with Windows Vista but I didn't want to be bothered with a learning curve, if there wsa one, with Vista. The tech guy partitioned off Vista and re-installed my Windows XP Pro. He said that way, when MS drops support for XP PRO, the Vista will be an upgrade. The computer hs been running along quite well since then. We defrag, clean, and run AVG for our firewall, virus protection, etc. I am very happy with my computer. I saw the Windows 7 ads and want one in the worst way, but since my XP Pro is not broken, I am not fixing it. LOL. I use my Nook Color for a lap top. I am REALLY happy with my Nook. I don't use it for a reader as much as I do a computer. I like XP Pro and am going to be lost when MS drops support forever on it.

  24. Gene W 1938 says:

    You too!
    I was going to update because websites are starti balking at my Exployer 8, but next version will not work on Windows XP Pro … and later operation systems want 64 bit machines … Ouch, Pain, Windows 8, Cry…
    I am back to and keeping Windows XP with Explorer 8 … Thank you :>)

  25. OK – Mac is Mac ( Apple) Clue Steve Jobs basically stole the techology from Xerox.
    XP worked fine until update 3 — then to work correctly after – redo your HD.
    Even MS tech support will tell you that
    And some updates are not always reversed.
    Win7 does fine.
    Updates from them or anyone else is not always good.
    Case in point – If things work as is – leave it alone.
    Another thing people forgot. Microsoft was being sued by the US goverment for a so-called monopoly – amazing it went away.
    Why? The deal was YOU do THIS for the goverment or your done!!! Guess what? The goverment now can track everything you do via a PC-internet

  26. Purepatriot says:

    I have to disagree. I have both, a iMac and a Windows machine. I install the trial version of Win 8 on the Windows machine, since I had bought the iMac to replace it, it was buggy but they kept upgrading as it was being developed. It was a Win 7 made to look like 8. I installed 8 when it was released. It has never crashed and only gotten better as updates are released. I have installed it on the iMac, and it is smooth. The only problem with the iMac is drivers. I actually now use the Windows machine more than the iMac. It is easier, faster, and has never crashed.
    Now I also realize that Apple people are the most dedicated people on earth. To them,, their Mac is like an only child, it can do no wrong. I do have to admit, the hardware is phenomenal. Can't say the same for Safari or the OS and I do have the latest..

  27. I used XP for years but bought a new, much faster, machine and it had windows 7. It was a tough transition for an 84 year old man, but now I love it. My Office 2007 wouldn't work very well but I bought Office 2010 and it has lots of improved features. I'm staying with 7 the rest of my life.

  28. Solution: Ubuntu 11.10

  29. Why did we need Windows 8 if everyone wants it to work like Windows 7? The whole thing reminds me of the fiasco Microsoft ran into with Windows ME. If I wanted a tablet, I would buy one. Trying to make a PC act like something it isn't seems stupid to me.

  30. My experience with Windows 8 was very similar to Gary North's. I bought a new HP Envy with Windows 8 for my wife's home business. After 2 weeks she had lost all kinds of business because of the slowness and unreliability of Windows 8 and finally she couldn't get anything to work. I have an old copy of Windows 7 I purchased at least 3 years ago and got an expert to wipe the hard drive and install 7 for over $100. Even he couldn't find all the drivers needed, but I took it and in 15 minutes I found all the drivers through AMD's website. Anyway, the $100 was well spent and the new HP is working like a champ with Windows 7. It's faster than my 1 1/2 yr-old HP with Intel's 7 chip. DON'T GET WINDOWS 8!



  32. I think we all are. I've been using an iPad to try and figure out what the hooplah is about there…I can't figure it out! They are NOT user friendly in the slightest, you gotta go to iTunes to get "apps", you have to use a stupid touch screen. Then, there is MS, they will not be supporting XP for much longer, blue screens are common, all of the hardware guys load them up with bloatware. Most Apple users know nothing about apps, you can't get hardly ANY free apps.

    Anyway, I'm going to Linux, I'm sick of MS AND Apple. And give me a real keyboard not the touchy feely junk.

  33. See my earlier post, you will not like iPads.

  34. are chits similar to chads?

  35. Why would the terribleness of Windows 8 (We'll call it Windows ME part 2) help Apple out? LMAO You bought a laptop for $300 loaded with Windows 8. The CHEAPEST Apple laptop is $1000!!!!!! Not exactly an equal market competitor. What Windows 8 will do is give Linux a real shot in the arm. Linux is free, if you carried around a flash drive with a Linux OS installed on it you could have wiped that useless Windows 8 off your perfectly useable $300 laptop and been typing away on your articles in under 30 minutes.

    Linux has always been pushed aside by those who refuse to actually learn about it and by Windows fans who know the threat it represents. They claim it is "that geek OS where you have to type code", or that it's so different and hard to use.

    Well that's all gone now thank you Microsoft. The normal computer user could learn the minor differences between Linux Mint and even Ubuntu in far less time than it will take to figure out the mess that is Windows 8.

  36. Timothy Yorgan says:

    You can't continue to make money if you make a nice solid platform that continues to work. I'd gladly pay $25 a year for updates, upgrades and support for a good OS. Too simple right?

  37. I would say Mint 12, or Ubuntu 12.04LTS, but exactly. Windows 8 is nothing but an advertisement for Linux.

  38. Cliffystones says:

    I’ve been using Linux since 2006. I run Linux mint on all of my computers (kids incl.) No major problems, freezes once in six months if at all. And the price is right! The net book I’m writing this on has LM9, as there were some issues with newer versions installing. But if you’re sick to death of “eye candy” and you expect your operating system to just stay out of the way and let you get things done you can’t beat Linux.

  39. Ive been using Linux for 12 or 13 years. I currently use ubuntu linux, windows 7, and windows xp. Linux has become as user freindly as windows and in some cases more user friendly. Macs are too expensive due to there proprietary hardware software
    policy so Ive always had PCs.

  40. I'm so happy I stuck with XP! It does everything I need, and it's rock solid. All of Microsh*t operating systems seem to go through similar evolutions. When Windows ME came out, it was very buggy. But, eventually they fixed everything and it became a rock-solid and very smooth OS. Unfortunately, it was FAT32, and couldn't handle NTFS, so an upgrade was necessary. I went to 2000, and ran into all sorts of problems. But, eventually Microsh*t plugged all those deficiencies, and it was a splendid OS. So, of course, it was abandoned by everyone and you couldn't get the necessary drivers, updates, etc., and you were forced to go to XP, which had big problems in the beginning. Today, XP is very nicely fixed, all the bugs are taken care of, and it works just fine. But, THIS time I'm NOT going to be forced to upgrade. I run XP on all my machines, and have NO intention of "moving up." Vista was a problem because it required enormous horsepower and memory to run. Then 7 came along, and more problems. Now Windows 8, and here come the disaster stories? Well, I'm sorry for Windows 8 purchasers, but you'll find me over here running XP on all my machines until the Sun goes supernova! It runs flawlessly!

  41. Cliffystones says:

    Apple is one of those products people buy to join the “in crowd”. For the premium you pay for Apple you do not get any better customer service after money changes hands. I could tell the tale of my nephew’s trip to the Apple store, but let’s just say we were treated like Soviet Subjects by their employees. There are plenty of really good brands for a lot less money out there. you just have to do a little homework.

  42. Brian hill says:


  43. The answer? $$$$$! Apples cost MUCH more than comparable PC's. Why should I pay $1000 for a computer, when I can build up a nice, decent PC for $200 or $300? And XP Pro runs just fine on any PC out there. It's been reworked and bug fixed until it's VERY stable. And XP is all you will ever need to do anything.

  44. José Hutter says:

    I changed from a PC to a Mac 3 years ago. That was when my computer troubles stopped.

  45. I bought a new Toshiba for my wife that had Windows 8. 8 requires a password. I entered one when I set up the machine. She forgot the password and so did I. Not sure what happened, probably hit the rest password link which requires a recover disk you make before you have trouble. Toshiba does not ship a recovery disk with the new computers, they install it on a partition on the hard disk which you access by holding down the 0 (zero) between the 9 and the -. I took it to a tech who attempted to recover the computer the way he knew how from past experience. It destroyed the partition so the computer would not boot. He could not reinstall Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, anything. We ended up reformatting the entire disk, adding a single partition. I'm going to buy Windows 7 and install it.

    The Toshiba tech told me that Windows 8 has a lot of "good features" that just take some time to learn. I replied that I had word to do and did not want to invest time in learning a new operating system.

    I'm not ready to go Apple mostly because the machines are more expensive. An alternative is Linux Ubuntu. I'm going to try it on the laptop I just gave up. The graphics are not as pretty as Windows but I want functional, not pretty. Good to read the positive comments about Linux here. My tech friend tells me it is more stable than Windows and nearly virus free. He used Linux on a USB to repartition the disk on the Toshiba, supporting evidence to the claim by Guest above, "with a flash drive with a Linux OS installed on it you could have wiped that useless Windows 8 off your perfectly useable $300 laptop and been typing away on your articles in under 30 minutes." Thanks for the confirming info on Linux! Besides the more stable operating system, the programs are free, at least all I have seen.

    My tech friend here says it's best to avoid the Windows updates. According to him they are all unnecessary garbage, mostly spyware to track what you are doing with your machine. All our Windows laptops run slower and slower with time. Could very well be the updates that are causing the problem.

    Helpful discussion. Now to get back to work.

  46. I see lots of XP-pro fans speaking up here–I too am an XP fan. I am also over 70 and appreciate what XP does for me, for I have gotten along for years with loving XP-Pro after Windows 98. I have 2 year-old PCs (desktop & lap) with Windows 7 and I do not like it as well as XP. My work-issued computer has XP-Pro and just love it, I am not an icon-fan for my computer–my tablet is based on icons and it works just fine there, but I don't want it on my computer, I want efficiency and XP sings for me. I have the starter Office 2010 and want to know if someone can recommend the better version to buy, home or business, for I have a full Office 2007 on the XP computer I am using for this message and I love this issue.

  47. And here is the remainder of my message since too long.
    Here is what I would like to see–Microsoft re-release an updated version of XP-Pro, to handle the bigger, stronger and more powerful PC's. To be able to use XP on the big powerful desktop would be great. I want the business efficiency XP provides, with all the other Windows 7 software/programs for movies, videos, pictures, etc. How about it Microsoft, lets have an updated, powerful XP-Pro OS that handles business and all the entertainment items; I use my computer to watch TV, don't use the TV any more, cheaper than cable costs. So I want my computer to be efficient and versatile. How about it Microsoft??????

  48. Walter Jones says:

    It sounds more like a bad lot of net/notebooks. I've been using Windows 8 on my Gateway since the day it came out and never had a problem. Yes, there is a learning curve. Until you figure out the tiles are the old start button, you'll have problems. From the sound of your complaints, it sounds more like bad hard drives. I've worked in the computer field since the 70's, and while there have been lots of improvements in hard drive technology, the hard drive is the 2nd most common point of failure, right behind memory. Whatever it was, it wasn't Windows 8 that caused the problem. Windows 8 uses less in the way of resources then Win7 and far less then Vista.

  49. I had two computers with XP and they were good but both computers broke or quit working. I now have two computers with 7 and while it did take some doing to get used to it 7 is working fine. I hope to be able to use these until MS figures out what they are doing wrong and get back on track. Seems like every other version of Windows is a dud.

  50. I never did update 3. I think it was supposed to make Windows look like Vista and I didn't want to get into that at home. We had Vista at the office and it was awful.

  51. We have about 6 laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and have had ZERO problems. Perhaps you have a hardware problem, has that occurred to you? We have 3 kids in college, and all their friends have the new Windows Surface and love it. Nobody has had a problem. You would think you would at least try a different brand of computer. sigh

  52. Also, if your learning curve is that slow, there is something wrong with you. For slow learners, they send several emails that have videos in them that show how to easily use it. You could try reading the directions. But if you prefer windows7, you can set up a tile to look just like windows7. I don't know why it took you so long. The things you are used to right clicking for, like select all, copy, etc, are in the upper took bar. Put your mouse in the upper left corner, and it takes you to the previous window. Move your mouse to the far right, and you see start, settings, etc. I haven't had one single problem and have used it since it was released, as have everyone in our family.

  53. Amazing an unstable kook like Jobs could make a stable operating system.

  54. "Eric Holder should have ben fired at the beginning." {Glenna}

    Eric Holder was responsible for the Windows 8 debacle too? He definitely needs to go.

  55. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I've heard some bad things about Windows 8. I'm not crazy about 7, either. And, Vista & XP no longer have any tech support. So, apparently, they are going to FORCE us to either cough up big bucks, or do without internet.

  56. Microsoft for some reason seems to be on tilt. XP was a rather good product at least a big improvement over vista. Why they did not make 7 an ungradable improvement to XP however, I’ll never know. When I purchased 7, I had to install it bare and try to transfer many of my old programs over. After about 4 tries I got it done. But even after that I had comparability problems. At least after it is installed you don’t need to call to activate it. Now that was a pain if you had to replace hard drives motherboards or other components.

    I’m glad I read about your experience here, I was considering buying 8. I don’t think I will now.

    Thanks again. Don

  57. Blair Franconia, NH says:


  58. Thanks for the information ,,, I will stay away from windows 8 ,,,,,,,,

  59. You hit the nail on the head! Win7 hasn't been out that long, why then Win8, I guess Microsoft needs more money, poor things. You are spot on about the tablet too.

  60. Gee, the government now has a monopoly on everything, can we sue them? lol

  61. I have an 8 yr old laptop that was a brick with XP on it. I was going to give it away but thought to give Linux a try. I'm glad I did. I installed Lubuntu on it (a light version of Ubuntu Linux) and now it runs great. Imagine how good it would run on a new computer!v You can even run Microsoft Office on Linux. I like it so much I now have Linux Mint installed on my main computer along with Windows 7 in a dual-boot configuration. I can do everything and more with Linux except run Inuit software. If they had Quickbooks and Turbotax for Linux I would ditch Windows forever.

  62. AD Roberts says:

    This is a preacher from the church that likes to take over the property and possessions of viable local churches when they run short of fund on their upper levels of management. And this guy thinks I will hear his report on a computer. Who is to say that it was not the computer and not the Windows 8. But even then, I won't listen to him.

  63. jmp

    I bought a new lap top about 3 weeks ago with windows 8. I had problems when windows attempted to download updates. Got stuck a 12 % while configuring. Would not budge. Called microsoft and they said in a nasty way tough. They did not install win 8 the computer mfg did. I called HP and they were very helpful. Tech told me the problem was their fault.. When they loaded Win 8 in the computer some of the drivers were incompatable. He had me make a few delets and additions and fixed the problem. All seems to be good now but do not have h high level of confidence. Would have been nice if HP had warned buyers that they may be problems with Windows 8. Will see. Actually I like 8. Wish me luck. Think the key is to buy a computer from a mfg with good tech backup.

  64. I learned years ago . . . NEVER, EVER use the first version of any Windows OS. I just moved to Win 7 this past Spring. From what I've read here and other places, I doubt I have any interest in ever moving to Win 8. I have an older XP machine that I might convert to Linux in order to start moving beyond Windows entirely. And also, Best Buy places a whole bunch of garbage adware on every machine they sell which they will CHARGE YOU to remove. I doubt that stuff has been fully vetted Just watch, if Microsoft keeps getting pans and coverage like this for the Win 8 interface, there'll be an update where they release a Win 7 overlay on top of the Win 8 engine.

  65. Hal Howell says:

    Get a MacBook Air or Pro. Yes, you will spend a bit more but then quality does cost more. You get what you pay for. As plus, if you MUST use Windows Mac OS X and the Intel chip inside will let you do that. Once you go Mac, you never go back. I've been a Mac user since 1993 and have never regretted it.

  66. HaditwithMS says:

    And you have been employed at Microsoft for how long…?

  67. HaditwithMS says:

    Another loyal MS employee.

  68. Hal Howell says:

    Freeman, you need to get better informed. Macs have used Intel chips for at least the last 6 or 7 years. Macs can run OS X, Windows XP to Windows 8, and Linux. That's hardly proprietary! As for expensive my 2009 iMac still runs very well and due to the all Aluminum/glass enclosure also looks as good as it did the day I took it out of the box. How many PCs can say that? So while you might pay a little more upfront for a Mac, it will more than pay for itself over time and it will just work.

  69. HaditwithMS says:

    Why is it that since windows XP, every OS that MS has put out has been a downgrade, literally. In the "old days" a new OS built on the previous OS, retained the good functions and features and improved on the problematic ones, and there was virtually no "learning curve". Now, every new MS OS seems to be inferior to the previous one and has a myriad of bugs. All this because MS either doesn't have the brains or resources to actually improve their OS so they simply change it and quit supporting proir OS's to force you to buy their new one. MS, you are headed the way of the dinosaur, and good riddance. It should only have happened sooner…

  70. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Before Microsoft perfects the system they had, Microsoft goes on to yet another operating system that they wont perfect? Who the hell is running the show at Microsoft? I wish they'd just fix what they have and enough of yet another new system!

  71. that tracking part is most interesting and I would and should look at that just a bit
    I remember what Google did to the Chinese, they are doing this here
    so love your country hate your government

  72. Nowhere did I read about this user’s firewall or virus protection or virus check. He could have had a virus that he was transferring from machine to machine.
    I don’t like Windows 8. My new Dell Latitude laptop was ordered with Windows 7. That being said, I use virus protection and a firewall. When I suspect a possible problem, I boot in the safe mode and scan with Malware bytes.

  73. Windows 7 isn't too bad. But you're right. Windows XP was great. Maybe the best of all was Windows 98, which was simple and ran like a charm, having eliminated all the bugs from Windows 95. But they want to keep adding new toys–when most of us just want a working computer that will permit us to write documents and send and receive email without complications.

  74. Can anyone explain WHY Windows machines indeed tend to "slow to a crawl after 6 months (or less)"? In my experience they do tend to slow markedly, and rather quickly…but why? I use virus protection and various spyware products so one would think it is none of the above.

    Please don't reply "Because windows sucks" or " you should by and Apple or install Linux", or whatever.

    I certainly do not know the answer and am at a loss so am hoping to hear a clear objective and accurate answer, please!

  75. Linus seem so hard to use. Are you a programmer? Do you are anyone know of a user-friendly interface for Linux. It seems like it would be easy to instruct Linux to have visuals that make easy sense and it seems like someone or a team could make a killing if they designed on. The free market would respond.

  76. Old timer! says:

    Sounds to me like a lot of novices on here, including the writer! Let me qualify my statements beforehand by prefacing it with;
    I’ve been in the computer business, MAKING computers, servicing them, and as I just did 15minutes ago, getting back home late from working at night on them!
    One! Windows 8 is windows 7 with a new UI! It has a learning curve for those that don’t use one a lot, and by that I mean for more than just writing articles and answering email! You CAN set it up to reflect the Win 7 UI if you want!
    Two: for those of you on here shouting Mac this and that, you need to know that us real IT guys are aware that the guts of a Mac are the same as a windows machine! IE they use the SAME Intel i5 processors that I use! The ONLY difference is the BIOS! If you reprogram the BIOS with the x86 instruction set, you have Windows machine! Macs were better (at least to ME) when they used ‘power PC’ processors and the IBM modified boards.
    Three; if you like what you’ve already got, take care of it, as you’re not going to get Win XP or Vista back if your machine goes down! By taking care of it I mean to take the shell off and get the dust bunnies out of it EVERY THREE MONTHS! Dust will kill a unit by either heat buildup or absorbing moisture and rotting it out!
    Four: Build (or have someone like me do it for you) the machine from scratch with quality parts, and use full retail versions of OS software like XP, Win7 or 8, or Ubuntu Linux! Why? As Gary found out, a “brand name” computer uses parts that may be subpar, made specifically for the manufacturer that SOUNDS good, but uses parts that aren’t top of the line, like capacitors on their motherboards, fewer memory slots, cheap memory, fans, and hard drives-etc! They also tend to fiddle with the OS, which is probably what was going on in Gary’s case! Also you don’t get the OS software (Win7-8) on disk! It’s on a partition on the hard drive! The hard drive goes down? No way to restore it! A full version of Win7 or 8 is on DVDs and you can reload anytime! And YES you can build laptops from scratch just like a desktop! The parts cost more! I tell people to think about this! If the top of the line Intel processor is $1029.00 and you can buy a machine for $300, how much does this tell you about the machine?
    Apple has Foxconn build their motherboards, to Apples’ specifications! And Apple engineers are AT THEIR PLANT to test random boards coming off the assembly line! Although they use x86 parts, and are not fully top of the line, (ie they use an i5 processor instead of an i7) they make an effort to keep quality at a high level! I wish that they would build a Mac with an i7 processor, 64gig of High speed RAM, and use a 2100 mobo that has 40 lanes on it! Combined with a 500 gig SSD hard drive…. Bet it would scream!!

  77. Old timer! says:

    Depending on version of Windows, slow downs can be caused by several factors. One of the biggest is when someone repeatedly shuts the machine down improperly! This causes ‘data’ that is in memory to be lost, causing errors that the OS has to go around to conti us with the job function that it’s doing! Always make sure to shut down correctly! Another is rogue programs that write “junk” to the registry, or leave stuff behind in the registry when you uninstall! Again the OS tries several cycles to match up said junk with it’s corresponding program that is no longer there! After so many attempts, the OS gives up and moves on to the next job! One of the WORST offenders, is a (now) totally useless subprogram in Windows called indexing! Turn it off!!
    These are just a few of the things that slow a machine down! There are many more! I recommend setting up the OS with “boot” choices that you use in conjunction with configuration files to limit things that may be unnecessessary for the specific use of your machine you are going to do (such as gaming) to keep them from loading upon booting! For instance if you are going to play a game, you don’t need printer drivers and spoolers loading!
    I recommend highly “Blackviper.com” to learn EXACTLY what all the stuff is that loads when Windows boots; whether you need it or not; and how to set up a boot menu that stops this stuff from loading! Viper has been breaking down Windows for users ever since the early versions lik 3.11 on through today! If everybody here that is having problems with their OS would visit his website and STUDY everything he has published on each version of Windows, put it into use, your troubles would disappear!
    Hope this helps you!

  78. Old timer! says:

    Whazza matter? Truth from a happy owner Hurt?? I’m happy with it! My Apple oriented grandson’s happy with it! My customers hate the learning curve, but love the speed!
    Not everyone is a MIcosofty imployeee! Not everyone is having trouble with it! And not everyone hates either Microsofty or rotten ‘core’!

  79. My tech says Windows slows over time because the updates are mostly useless and much of it is spyware to see what you are doing, make sure you're not using unlicensed software, etc. His recommendation is use the system as is and never update. Turn off the automatic updates and roll back the updates that have been installed. Might make a difference. There is a manual update option where you have a choice. I suspect the security updates are often spyware so you could update the rest and avoid that kind of problem. Makes sense to me and seems to be worth a try.

  80. The following refers to a Toshiba laptop Satellite P875-S7310.

    I've had marvelous service from my Toshiba laptops. They are rock solid. My tech researched the problem with installing Windows 7 on the recent Toshiba I bought that came with Windows 8. According to what he found on a tech blog there is something in the BIOS that does not allow installation of any Windows operating system from the DVD/CD drive once it's gone. Four people on the blog attempted to install Windows 7 on this machine. Apparently all had to go through the BIOS to make it happen. Two succeeded installing Windows 7 on this computer; two failed and ruined their computers.

    Have to send it back to the factory to rewrite the image and install Windows 8. Toshiba does not ship a DVD/CD recovery disk with this computer. They partition the hard drive and put the recovery information on a partition labeled drive D. If the system fails you access the recovery partition by holding down the 0 (zero) between the 9 and the – while turning on the computer. If the partition is damaged you're out of luck and have to return the machine to Toshiba for repair.

    It may be possible to install Windows 7 from a USB drive. This laptop ran wonderfully with Linux running off a USB and we could have installed Linux on the hard drive. I sent the computer back to Toshiba rather than risk it.

  81. W8 and Metro is the most vile OS ever invented. I installed the pre-release version of W8 and was stunned by the absolute perversion of all accumulated human computer interface science. I knew I would not be installing it until I had absolutely NO other alternative.

    So, I recently rebuilt one machine with Vista and it's humming along smoothly and does everything a computer needs to do while looking attractive. And my other machine running W7 is solid and never crashes or does anything wrong. I will keep using them for a long, loooong time.

    Why MS ever thought they could make one OS for tablets and PCs both is far beyond my ability to comprehend but I have a saying that 'you can never anticipate people's [or in this case, a massive company] capacity for stupidity.' My hope and suspicion is that Metro will hurt MS finances so badly that they will be forced to either make two OSes (PC and tablets) or rebuild W8 to allow users the ability to turn Metro off when installing the OS.

    Did anyone else wonder why it is called 'Windows' 8 rather than 'Tiles' 1?

    Die W8, die ….!!!!

  82. So much for this pastor guy and his humility. Where can he afford a brand new laptop. Must brought it with his congregation's donations.

  83. bonniewheeler says:

    I thought I would lose my mind when I had to learn windows 8 (at 85 yrs of age) I'm better with it now but it is so different – even those who repair computers don't know how deal with it- not as simple as the old windows .

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