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The House Will Stay in Session Until Christmas Eve

Written by Gary North on December 13, 2012

“Don’t make Christmas plans.”  House Speaker and other leaders have kind of said this. It’s not an official position, but it’s close.

Why? What is going to change between now and Christmas.

The men at the top must expect someone to blink in this game of fiscal chicken. But who? Obama? Or Boehner?

If Boehner thinks Obama will blink, why does he feel compelled to come to the table on Christmas eve? Is he planning to play Santa?

Does he expect Obama to capitulate, only to change his mind between Christmas and New Year’s? Why would this be a likely scenario? If Obama blinks, why will he change his mind?

Is this just a form of kabuki theater? “See, we’re here. We’re ready to deal.”

Why would Boehner be ready to deal?

Why not stick with the 2011 plan? If it was plausible then, why not now? Why is the looming fiscal cliff today such a big problem, when it wasn’t in 2011?

We hear of the fatted calf. We also hear of the gored ox? Who is the fatted calf? Who is the gored ox?

Boehner’s suggestion — stick around until Christmas eve — sounds like pre-capitulation to me. But I am not inside the Washington Beltway.

Why doesn’t every Republican in Congress take the rest of the month off? Let’s send this message to Obama. “Call us back into an emergency session when you are ready to accept our terms of your surrender.”

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15 thoughts on “The House Will Stay in Session Until Christmas Eve

  1. Just go home and shut the whole dang thing down. You people have screwed things up enough with your out of control spending. Just don't give obama what he wants…..which is more uncontrollable spending.

  2. Thomas Rudy says:


  3. steamnjn23 says:

    I would pay these guys to stay home and never come back to Washington.

    They do way too much damage every time they show up to 'work.'

  4. Many years ago, Everitt Dirkson made the statement that the best thing the Congress could do for the American people would be to adjourn, That statement is just as true today as it was then.

  5. Think about it. If we were to pay every member of Congress, say, 10 million dollars to just go home and stay home, that would be 5.35 billion dollars. Heck let's make it serious wealth–give them all 100 million. That would only be 53.5 billion. How much less is that than an out-of-control congress is costing us? 53.5 billion is chump change–walking-around money. Then we could pay some flunkies $20 per hour to put the congressional record for the past 30 years or so in the paper shredder. Sound like a plan?

  6. why bother? odumbofurher is going on vacation for 3 weeks. Let's just go over the cliff.

  7. Unfortunately it appears that Boehner is all set to cave in. Wrong move, let Obama try extending his silly, stupid, inane, assinine, crazed left field economic games by "His Majesty's" Solo Edicts, or Communist Ukase's, he rules by "Executive Order" and ignores Congress in its entirety. Let him take the blame. If Boehner blinks, later on – Obama will say it is Boehner's fault for making him wreak the country. Boehner cannot win in a test of lies and duplicitous behavior with Obama – who is the best liar and prevaricator the world has ever seen – he even does it with style, panache and his famous boyish grin ! "Aw shucks' – its only another 2 Trillion Dollars !"

  8. Texas Chris says:

    “Call us back into an emergency session when you are ready to accept our terms of your surrender.”


  9. Texas Chris says:


    The only flaw is that most representatives don't do it for the money. They're doing it because they honestly believe that YOU need to be governed, and that THEY are the ones best qualified to do the governing.

    It's for your own good, citizen.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    Boehner's best option is to sudden;y become a federalist. Adopt a states rights, tax-cut, spending cut, agency-closing, troops-home-tomorrow stance. You know, like Ron Paul.

    Then scuttle the ship of state on the Debt Ceiling, and let it rust there.

  11. AD Roberts says:

    Boehner SHOULD be a MAN and refuse to do ANYTHING until Obama comes up with one trillion dollars of REAL SPENDING CUTS and not the PROJECTED ones they are usually talking about.

    By acting first, he is leaving himself as the WEAK man. Tell Obama that HE is the leader and Congress will wait and wait and wait TILL obama DOES SOMETHING ABOUT THE SPENDING. and not until.

    What do you want to bet. Boehner will CAVE.

  12. Hookemowls says:

    ….and 4 years ago, on Christmas Eve, they shoved obamatax down our throats, against the will of the people, behind closed and locked doors! Tyranny!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!

  13. Mary/Atlanta says:

    I agree – shut it down. No compromise.

  14. SumerianMan says:

    SHUT IT DOWN !! And I almost never use caps! Let those freeloading dependacrat liberals find out what it means to have no paycheck coming, no EBT balance at the store, and no job to go to!! SHUT IT DOWN !!

  15. The problem here, guys, is that the press is easily blaming "the Republicans" for this. From a negotiation perspective, Obama holds all of the cards. Not because he won (he got a minority of the vote). Not because he has the power of the purse (he doesn't). But rather because he actually WANTS us to go over the "fiscal cliff". He wants higher taxes. He can live with some temporary spending cuts (he will get them back when the press interviews enough people who are hit by the cuts). He doesn't want to be responsible. But neither do most Americans, who simply want something for nothing.

    So I would recommend the opposite. Boehner should give in on everything, in return for only one concession — that the plan be clearly Obama's plan, so that Obama and the Democrats will be held responsible for the results.

    This is a setup. Obama will get nearly all of what he wants, but the Republicans in congress will be blamed for the results.