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The Silliest Political Prediction I Have Ever Heard

Written by Gary North on December 11, 2012

The second silliest possible statement regarding American politics is this one: “The next Presidential election will be the last one.”

The silliest possible statement regarding American politics is this one: “There will not be another Presidential election.” I received such an announcement from some well-meaning but utterly out-of-touch conservative yesterday. Here’s what the e-mail said: “There will be no next Presidential Race. The dictator has installed himself and will remain until he dies.” I will not say that this is the silliest e-mail I have ever received, but I think it probably is.

I replied:


“That’s a good one.”

Undeterred, the writer mailed back this: “You may as well laugh heartily now, because you won’t in 4 years.”

I first heard the prediction in 1964, before the Goldwater election, that there would never be another presidential election after 1964. I cannot remember any presidential election since that time in which I have not been told by some conservative that the next election would be the last one.

However, this is the first time anyone has sent me a warning telling me there will never be another presidential election. This surpasses what I had previously regarded as the silliest political statement. This is the new reigning champion silly statement.

Think about the absurdity of this statement. First, it assumes that the President of the United States has not been carefully screened by the powers behind the throne. It assumes that they do not have plenty of power over him, and if they choose, they can get him impeached as easily as they got Richard Nixon impeached. Any President who crosses them is gone.

Second, it assumes that the powers behind the throne would let some President hold onto the office after his term runs out. That would be a public admission that there is no Constitution, which has been shredded, but is still regarded as still in force. The take-over by a President would call attention to the moribund status of the Constitution.

Third, it would eliminate the great Punch and Judy show of American life, namely, the Presidential election. This is the election by which the powers that be maintain the illusion that they have not screened both candidates, and therefore the public has some meaningful decision to make. To abandon that remarkably useful illusion for no particular reason in 2016 is the height of silliness.

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19 thoughts on “The Silliest Political Prediction I Have Ever Heard

  1. Like the babysitter who asks the kids, "Do you want to go to bed at 8 o'clock or stay up until 8:30?" and the kids say "8:30!" thinking they had a choice, so they'll be fast asleep when the boyfriend comes over at 9.

  2. IMO, Gary North is out of touch. He is ignoring the fact that the "Powers Behind the Throne" installed this thug illegally in office to begin with and maintain him there in the face of overwhelming proof of his constitutional ineligibility. Their aim is to violate the sensibilities of Americans, to violate our laws and demoralize the people, so that we internally acknowledge our helplessness. It is working. That is why you see the prevalence of the belief that we will have no more elections. It is similar to the despair we used to witness in Russia before the fall of the USSR. The population openly admitted that they were being lied to and savaged by their govt, but they were powerless to resist. That is the mentality they want to engender in us. We know that there is no longer any hope in taking legal action or protesting. Now comes the end game. If Obama does the bidding of the PTB, he will be our Dear Leader for his lifetime.

  3. perhaps a different view of the comments made would be helpful. what happens if you figure out how to steal an election so no one knows you did it of any consequence that is and the ones that have figured it out are few and can be maligned, slandered, and otherwise laughed at? is it really an election if you steal it? i would say no it is not and that it is far easier than one could imagine. so it would appear based on the level of fraud in this past presidential election, that it was indeed stolen meaning for all intents and purposes it was not an election. so really, perhaps the last true presidential "election" may have been… well i'm not quite sure really. you'll have to do research on election fraud, but if it is anything like the 9/11 response by people, then people will laugh at my comments and then move on about their business, nothing to research there.

  4. There is always the unbelievable event of the unseen bullet fired by the unseen assassin hired by the powers that put this puppet in the office of the President just as they did with JFK to HIDE the fact that this country is NOT run by the President and that he is NOT the most powerful man in the world. They are ! MONEY is their God as is the God of the Assassin and they will do the bidding of their God. They forget that money burns and Gold and Silver melt. That is why they usually build a monument to themselves that they might be remembered. Sound familiar? How many can you name that have been torn down or demolished?

  5. I find it hilarious that Gary describes this person as "utterly out of touch" when he himself is the obvious one. It is this kind of denial and disconnection from everything that happens under the radar that will prove this concern as truth (it's not truth yet but will be if we deny it's possibilites). If we as Americans continue to live with our heads in the sand – we will continue to leave our rear-end vulnerable to the Royal Screw.

  6. The next election will be to end term limits. It will be about as fair as the last two elections. They all got away with it twice and they plan on staying right where they are. The silly game will continue but it’s not really an election if the outcome is predetermined.

  7. I have been saying the same thimg since Obama stole the election in 2008. Why are you laughing, Gary? It is very possible that this will happen unless the people revolt which also a good possibility. OPEN YOU EYES AND MIND, my friend.

  8. Sumerian Man says:

    Dagney, I think, I hope, Gary was being sarcastic in those particular remarks, however, your concerns are shared by many, all it would take now ( with all the new excutive powers Obama has bestowed on himself), is some real or imagined state of emergency to be called into effect, then Obama and his board of hand picked governors could easily call off elections until they decide a more favorable point in time, if any. Then, it only takes a matter of a (demonratically controlled) congress to have an emergency vote to forestall, change, or even cancel the voting procedures indefinately. Boy, that word (indefinately) has sure come up in congresss a lot lately, something to think about to be sure, and voila!, no more elections! This idea was already proposed by that low-life N. Carolina governor for the 2012 election when the Dems thought it was a little too close for comfort.

  9. So everyone who thinks Gary is "out of touch" should start their own rival websites to refute everything he says. Then we'll all watch as your Alexa rankings outstrip his. Okay? Are you up for it? Hello? <sound of crickets chirping>

  10. I agree that Obama is not the one running the country, but it is entirely possible for him together with other like-minded people in the govt to go after their handlers with the US Military & easily get rid of them.

  11. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I think that Obama will do whatever necessary to remain in office, & if we have elections, they'll be like the ones in other countries that are shams. It MAY not happen, but, a LOT of people thought there was no way he'd be re-elected. And, IF it had been an honest election, he wouldn't have. But, Obama has broken every law imaginable, & will continue to do so, until somebody stops him, IF that's possible.

  12. These days, it's best to be careful with sarcasm… many people do not know when you're being sarcastic… those who do, know the danger of that sarcasm… This is not the time to be waxing humorous over the situation at hand… Rather, it is high time we take action against the powers who put this guy in office… They neither care what you think, nor whether you exist… I distinctly remember Hillary telling a young Christian kid, when he handed Bill clinton a card during the '92 Campaign… The card read, "When Bill Clinton is elected, GOD will be taken out of this country"…She said, "Your Kind Will Be the First to Go"… Make no mistake, these are hard core totalitarian economic communists… They think they will survive the revolution, and you will conform…

  13. Yes he did not understand, this will be "the last election": it will be the last election for the People's Choice,
    we don't consider illegals, dead, felons legal voters, mentally ill, plus the liberals that voted more than once
    fraud was committed to reelect this pos in office, and so will it in 2016, 2020, 2024.
    By then America will no longer be the United States of America a Republic of many states.

  14. Yipeeiokiyay says:

    Richard Nixon was never impeached, he was just threatened with impeachment, before he resigned.

  15. I don't know why some people continue to say that Nixon was impeached. Nixon WAS NOT IMPEACHED. I was there and should know. He resigned under threat of impeachment. I wish some supposedly knowledgeable persons would get their facts straight.

  16. wltraveler says:

    Gary North isn't paying attention. We go through the motions but they don't mean anything. Barak Obama is President in name only.He rarely meets or communicates with his cabinet.He rarely makes a speech without a teleprompter. He has a shadow government i.e. 43 Zars. Thus he has plenty of time to play golf basketball and take vacations and spend our money, 1.5 billion dollars per year to support the 1st family. The system is so curroupt they don't even try to hide it any more. In Philadelphia 59 precincts voted 100% for Obama. In Ohio 100 precincts voted 100% for Obama. In Colorado they had more people vote than they had registered voters. Barak Obama did not win 1 state that had a voter ID law. With the mess this shodow government created do you believe they can't keep their puppet dancing. Or maybe change the puppet and keep going.

  17. it's not necessary for Mr. Obama to become a dictator. The people who helped get him elected will find someone just like himself to do the same kind of work. Mr. Obama lacks the political legitimacy to become a dictator – even the Soviets saw the need to be legitimate in a the eyes of most Russians. So did Hitler Mao and others.

  18. Wow, what a lot of undeserved, negative, dismissive commentary on what I consider a thoughtful piece! The people making these comments seem to think Mr. Obama is in charge. C'mon, think for a minute. This is a guy who never held any meaningful position doing anything. He was a college lecturer largely on the strength of his being member of an appropriate minority and good speaking skills. He was editor of the Harvard review on–what qualifications? His records have been sealed. He was a community organizer, whatever that is. All of a sudden, he was US Senator, then POTUS. Who on earth comes to those two offices on such meager qualifications? Think about it. You've got to realize that there is a real power behind the scenes that has backed him every inch of the way and installed him where he is. The only question I might have for Dr. North is: Do these PTB really care anymore what the American people think? Are they still needing to play the game (lip service to the Constitution and the "Punch and Judy show") or can they safely dispense with that now? Does it better serve their purposes to leave him or put someone else in? I don't know. I do know, however, that every passing day brings us to the point of their taking the masks (and the gloves) off. I find Dr. North's comments realistic and well-reasoned. And even if you disagree with him, I think you should have more respect for the years and years of study and research he's put in. He knows what he's talking about. He's not an amateur.

  19. Linda J. Morris says:

    Gary is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he knows, he knows the issue is deadly. He is being sarcastic…and he realizes the reality of where we are in history.