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The Swing Voters Who Elected Obama

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2012

It was the voters who select “none” as their religious preference.

So, the question is this: “Why?” Will political columnists ask this question in print? Was this an anti-Mormon vote? Will pollsters investigate? I hope so. But I don’t think this will happen.

Will the next Presidential race give one candidate the same degree of support from the “nones”?

Are “nones” the swing vote of the future?

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5 thoughts on “The Swing Voters Who Elected Obama

  1. awkingsley says:

    The GOP has a branding problem across the board, especially with Independents. (Just because someone does not claim a religion does not mean that they have no value system.) In addition to a fiscal issues branding problem, we have a Values Voters branding problem – Values Voters who are conned into voting for candidates playing the “Christian Card” to cover their flaws. Values Voters must display their values across the board. Honesty needs to be the first value Conservatives look at when ascertaining which candidate to support. Republicans need to stop giving Democrats and Independents ammunition for calling Values Voters hypocrites on both fiscal and social issues.

    With the exception of Ron Paul and Rick Perry, all of the Republican candidates had major flaws, enumerated here as divorced, thrice-married, lying lobbyist, and lying “flip flopper”. When Republicans stop running RINO candidates who have bad character, they can win elections. Many voters are now on to the game of candidates playing the “Christian Card” to win elections. Candidates who loudly proclaim their Christianity have major flaws to overcome: Bush – alcoholism and criminal allegations, Santorum – lying lobbyist, Gingrich – thrice-married, Romney – lying flip flopper, Clinton – amoral. My granny always insisted, “Christian is a Christian does”. Republicans need to leave the bad character behind when they select their slate, if they want to celebrate the day after the elections instead of crying as so many report. Supporting candidates who start off with negatives to overcome doesn’t make sense.

    If Republicans want to win elections, we need to establish a base criteria and strategy for electing candidates that actually works. Every single issue that is a “Hot Button” for Republicans is solved by a return to State’s Rights, putting control of the finances and social issues back into our own backyards on the state level. Voters can have much more impact on the state level than on the national level. Most Republicans do not understand this concept, and are staunchly refusing to take back their power. Republicans have an enormous education problem on their hands, if they want to win elections. But first, we need to establish a base criteria for Republican candidacy, then go from there to a strategy. The means to our goals is through State’s Rights and freedom.

    Here is a good article on branding in The Blaze. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/the-gops-br

  2. There is a great deal of prejudice against Mormons in the U.S. Although blacks howl and complain about slavery, they cannot top this:

    IN the early 1830's, the people of the state of Missouri were so enraged at the Mormons that the governor, Liliburn P. Boggs, signed an executive order calling for the extermination of all Mormons found within the borders of the state. Even in the days of the KKK in the south, no governor or legislature ever did this. It was only a few years ago that the state of Missouri officiallly apologized for this.

  3. Little to nothing to do with why Flip flop Mitt lost. He was a flip flopper in 2008 and everyone remembered it. The RNC pushed him to the front anyway and so they lost when enough of the rank and file didnt follow their puppet.

  4. Thank you! I believe you hit the nail on the head.When there is not enough differences between the Republicans and Democrats, why bother supporting or voting Republican. It is not a horse race or popularity contest, it is the fate of the nation.

  5. Branching out says:

    we the people spoke. Live with it. Down with Boehner and Cantor (Koch brothers lackeys)