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Short Video: Russian Capitalism at 80 Miles an Hour

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2012

Ever since early 1992, I have heard conservatives say this: “The fall of Communism in the USSR in 1991 was a deception.” They could not come to grips emotionally with the fact that the USSR had failed. The West had won.

I will put it in three words: “Mises was right.” These three words were written by multimillionaire socialist Robert Heilbroner in the September 10, 1990 issue of The New Yorker. He had spent his academic career denying this. So had his academic peers, as he admitted. He still couldn’t quite believe it. Neither could anti-Communist conservatives in 1992. Some of them still don’t, as this pathetic fundamentalist video reveals.

The following home video was shot by a lunatic motorcycle rider. The speeding driver is a fool. That’s why I believe the video.

He is riding on a Moscow freeway.

Pay attention to the cars he is passing. Pay attention to the high-rise apartment buildings.

You cannot tell that this was shot in Moscow. It looks like an American freeway, until 2:10 minutes into the video, when we see the craziest off-ramp that I have ever seen. This is Russian!

This video is the real deal. It shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that capitalism has come to Russia. Wealth has come to Moscow.

If I’m wrong, then explain this. How did Moscow get this rich? Did Communism finally start working? How?

The Commies are gone, folks. The Party’s leaders got capitalist religion in December of 1991. They shut down the Party.

Take a ride on a motorcycle. See for yourself.

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21 thoughts on “Short Video: Russian Capitalism at 80 Miles an Hour

  1. Traffic jams; a sure sign of "prosperity".

  2. Dr. North you have given far too much credit to Russia and have shown me you know nothing of Moscow or Russia.

    I live here in Kiev, Ukraine and this video could just as easily have been made in Kiev. The Apartment Blocks are the same. Pre made slaps of concrete walls, floors, and ceilings that are just slapped together and sold for $1,000 or more per sq Meter (9 sq ft) and have just 4 bare walls, a ceiling, a floor and a metal front door. There is NO, NO toilet, sink, shower, lights, carpet, etc. Only the plumbing connections are there. You have to buy the rest and install it yourself. It takes years due to the low income of most folks to truly finish the inside of the apartment. And the central heating still sucks.

    The fact that you saw some modern high rise office buildings is because they are occupied by foreign companies and most likely owned by the Russian Oligarchs that literally KILL competition. Also you forgot to mention that Moscow is the most expensive city to live in the world and most cannot afford it. Many still live with their parents in the surrounding area.

    I won't bore you with the details but a trip for you to Russia is in order even here to the Ukraine were many of my students have family in Moscow so you can see for and hear for yourself.

    Most Russians live in villages in abject poverty and do not have running water, have an outhouse, and if lucky something resembling a poorly equipped clinic if at all.

    In the future Dr. North I won't tell you about life in the U.S. if you don't tell me about life in the former Soviet Union.

    I did like the sport bike ride….brought back lots of fun and good memories.

  3. IMSweetOlBob says:

    Never mind how they got that rich ! I couldn't get my knees to let go of that bike for an hour. loosening up the other stuff took considerably longer.

  4. Maurice B. Craghead says:

    Let me remind all readers of this letterl: J. Edgar Hoover, the long time Director of Then FBI, and our greatest patriot ever, In his books, MASTERS OF DECEPTION, and his later book, A STUDY OF COMMUNISM, Reminds us:
    "It was their intent then (In 1917 when Communism took over Russia) to Complete domination of the World. Communism aims to destroy all other Social Orders and to Communize the entire world! To establish a world wide Communist Dictatorship by any and all means. At any and all cost.." In order for them to do this they must destroy anyone and everyone who resists. All of this is being planned from within, with out firing a shot.
    "The Citizen must inform himself about the real nature of Communism in order to develope a greater understanding of what it is , and why people are attracted to it.
    "And thus be alerted to prevent it from making future inroads into our SOCIETY through internal subversion.

  5. Great post Steve! I have never been there, but I tend to believe your descriptionis dead on.

  6. This article is like someone taking a photo of one event and judging the status of a country by that one photo. I've been to Moscow about ten years ago. There were plenty of "New Russians" there then —- read mafia types complete with the Benz limos and a driver. The Russian mafia virtually controls all business there —- if you want to call that capitalism. Do a little research and you will probably discover that the people in power are the same as before, only now it serves as an extortion game that pays off well. Those high rise apartments are mostly government housing —- but how could you tell at those speeds. And about the eight lane highways —- maybe you should take in to account the huge population in and around Moscow.

  7. Hoyt Swinderman says:

    I thought people in Moscow were prospering and buying Dachas in the countryside.
    How are they able to afford them?Do they receive govt. help?

  8. Gary North's idle speculation just proves how out-of-touch with reality he is. It's the same case with most of his other "articles."

  9. Bill McCroskey says:

    The Russian mafia …the "Banksters" in this country … is there really any difference ? It certainly appears that Mosow is moving on up … Moscow before 1992 and the USSR countryside was drab and lifeless … I think Russia may not be fair and perfect now …but compared to pre 1992 it appears it (Russia) is coming out of it's 75 year of communist doldrums (not based on this video btw)
    I wonder if the m.c. operator is still doing this type of riding ?? That looks like a short lived hobby to me…

  10. I used to respect Mr. North. However, I'm an analyst by trade. I READ a lot of things, even things I don't agree with. The USSR may be dead but don't tell Putin…people may change their outer shell but it is hard to change what we truly believe in.

    Mr. North needs to stop passing along junk.

  11. Matthew Rensen says:

    It is amazing how some people jump to conclusions without digging deeper. There is not enough information here to make the kind of jump the author has jumped into.

  12. I think both author and commetors herre miss the point: there is communism, and then there is what (and who) is behind communism. You could put all the true communists of the world together, on an island, and they wouldn't be able to build a mud brick outhouse without help. They are not productive, but work like hell to corrupt, destroy, pervert, and oppress.
    The spirit behind all of that is evil, and communists need wiser direction to hold things together.
    Now here is a strange example: back in my college days, 1970's, I chatted with a fellow student on politics. He said, flatly, that in the Bolshevik revolution, a deal was somehow made that the communists would rule for 70 years, and then hand power back to the aristocrats.
    I laughed at him and walked away; never talked with him again. OK, then come about 1990, right on cue 70 years after Lenin and company took over, the Soviet system falls. Now I really wish I had heard more from this fellow student whose name I never knew!!
    It makes me wonder, who is pulling the strings? Not the idiots who seem to be in charge, for certain. And the people, still in the dark and oppressed.

  13. Ah, good old Shane, still showing sour grapes after his attempts to defend Obama's lost law license in the comments failed.

  14. Yes, Mises was right; that's why the Soviet Union fell. But Khrushchev was right, too; that's why the American people have raised the red flag over themselves with a communist president.

  15. I have been there and I agree with Steve. They are great at facades-well up to a point.

  16. It was not the scenery that got my attention or how apparently Moscow has thrived since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the stupidity of this motorcycle driver who on numerous occasions in this video was a split second from death. No doubt that he is a skilled cyclist, but I guarantee that if he is always this bold when riding his motorcycle it will only be matter of time before he and his motorcycle will have come to an end. The motorcycle will be in a junk pile and he will be in his "Coffin". I spent thirty-five years in the aviation maintenance community while serving in the U.S. Navy and I knew a number of bold pilots during that span of time, but except for one pilot, I never knew any old bold pilots. Some survived because they got grounded or they too would have met there destiny prematurely too.

  17. Bill Antonini says:

    My wife and I lived there '97-8-9. Lived in St. Petersburg but often had business in Moskva. What most do not know is that all Federal Taxes are collected and sent to Moskva but the Provicences get very little back. So any progress in the country was all centered in the Moskva area. As for dachas……most are without runing water and electricity and plumbing. If you want to go out into the countryside for the week-end or on holiday you must take most everything you will need. The chances are you will take public transport and then walk the last whatever distance. One young man in our business organization came up thru the Young Pioneers…..it was difficult to get his true assesments of situations. He was adapt at telling you what he thought you wanted to hear rather than his true feelings. As to the dachas….here's a story told to me by a lady who was in her late 60's, which meant she lived thru the hard times during WWII, as we knew it, or the Great Patriotic War as the Russians knew it. While she was a young girl her father built their dacha but he went one step further and added an enclosed back porch. He received a visit from the local central committeeman who informed him he would need to remove it because no one else in the area had one…she told me that when she protested to her father….he assured her that indeed they should have nothing that everyone else did not have Now a story about Moskva Dachas. Our accountant took us for a drive one day to show the Summer Houses of Yeltsin and Putin and others. My statement to him was Andre…."we were taught in America the all Russians were equal so why these ornate Summer Homes for the Party Bosses? Well he said, "We Russians all knew some were more equal than others." Then smiled and laughed. I can tell you that there are millions of Russians who never have meat in a year and women can cook the very marrow out of a soup bone. Our driver could clean an apple to a point that you could actually see through the core. No property rights and a very suspect legal system. Things probably have not changed too much since our departure but when the anniversy of the Oct. Revolution was celebrated with a march down Nevsky Prospect in St. Pete there were three groups…first came those 55 and older who longed for the days of Stalin and Lenin…..they could depend on having flour, oil, eggs, and butter for reasonable prices. Second came those between the ages of 25 and 45 who had been fortunate enough to take English in School, before 1970 only gov't. people could take English and they wanted the dotcom to sweep over all of Russia and finally came the Skin Heads…..they hated everyone, Westerners, Jews, and anyone who wanted freedom. Hell I could go on for hours but old fingers get tired typing.

  18. "Mises was Right" – that would make a good bumper sticker.

  19. Now that almost everyone I knew is dead and gone or no further problem…… 40 years ago my profession was as a "fixer". I mainly worked the ASEAN area for the 7 Sisters, but gained a reputation for silence and making friends. I was passed on to the Miners as a Good Servant as well.
    I was in China in the early 70's, I was in the Russias as well. I worked commercially for the Russians in S.E.Asia as well as a small task or two for the Vatican.
    There is utterly no difference between any of those Systems except timing, in their turn.

    THIS Gary North would do himself well if he read the other Gary North, who wrote "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" , a great primer on reality.
    Thank the gods I don't believe in the business of Religions – because I would be even more worried about dying. 🙂
    There is also a good novel being published next year. It is called "Hurry The Dawn". Certainly not bedtime reading.

  20. On the video clip:
    I wonder if it was real, or a montage, or a cartoon. Mebbe someone could pass it on to their teenagers and get it analysed?
    It was impossible, anyone who was a danger to the planet (rode fast bikes maniacally) himself – or herself – Lucy Liu was a stunt bike rider in Chinese movies as I recall – could comment, perhaps?

  21. I was there in the '70s, Bill, nothing much changed since – except at the top.
    The modern Russias were invented in London after the failure of the Great War (financially). The Great Revolution was financed by the famous "Gold train" literally. It was necessary to turn the country into a serious manufacturing-based economy and that (it is Warrior dogma) is only possible by having good wars.
    It was nowhere near as bad in the UK or USA, but it was nothing like the Hollywood PR machine, either.