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“Chinatown” Next Door Is Booming

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2012

Chinese buyers/investors accounted for 7% of the $82 billion that foreign investors sank into U.S. housing last year.

That’s right. Foreigners see U.S. housing as a bargain, which it really is. This is the lowest-price, highest quality urban housing on earth.

This is why I’m bullish on buying rental homes today. If you buy right, using John Schaub’s strategies, you can lock income at 7%, 10%, or more. (Schaub is the moderator of my Real Estate forum on GaryNorth.com.)

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One thought on ““Chinatown” Next Door Is Booming

  1. It's true. A large portion of the U.S. debt traces back to the U.S. government having to pay off lenders for foreclosures. And the goverment very often gave the house back to the bank to get rid of it. With so much real estate going in a fire sale courtesy of heavy U.S. subsidies for subprime loans, real estate is at rock bottom. After all, a Sikh immigrant who comes here from a country where consumer credit is unknwon has no trouble coughing up $30,000 in cash to buy a foreclosed home for which the U.S. government already reimbursed the bank to the tune of $120,000.