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Short Video: How the Free Market Reduces Theft

Written by Gary North on December 7, 2012

In just three minutes, this simple, low-cost video shows why the free market creates institutional arrangements that reduce theft. This is a clear, simple video on why the free market overcomes the supposedly dog-eat-dog world of social philosophers who do not understand liberty.

This is part of a wonderful series of videos. They are all short and to the point. They get across the idea that big government is a threat to our wealth and our liberties.

These videos do not rely of a lot of expensive graphics. They are not home-brew efforts, but they are not Hollywood productions. See what I mean.

If you want to see more videos like this, click the word at the lower left corner: Playlist. A series of videos will appear at the bottom of the window.

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4 thoughts on “Short Video: How the Free Market Reduces Theft

  1. Rob Holmes says:

    Thanks Dr. North! These are perfect introductory videos to share with friends and those new to liberty.

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    Agree Rob…. these are great for educating the masses with a bit of humor to keep them learning while watching.

  3. Bruce Clair says:

    I like what appears to be some commonsensical and insightful reasoning without so much of the emotional arm twisting. However, I am concerned about the blanket comments on "wasting money on war." This strikes me as a little shortsighted. To make such a claim makes the entire world less safe and especially America. Please consider re-framing the comments to something more specific. Perhaps allowing our troops do what they have to without the political misinformation and then come home. It is the prolonged efforts that drain so much money. Maintaining a capable and responsive advanced military presence is far far safer than not having a considerably gutted one that leaves us virtually defenseless, in effect placing a very large target on our backs, even though it may make us feel better about living in what may think of as a peace loving world. But, I can tell you, there is no one who wants peace more than the soldier on the front lines. If you doubt that then I suggest you take their place for a day. Thank you.

  4. Dear Bruce,
    If the USA stayed home, the world would be a much, much safer place.
    Good fences do make good neighbours is an old saying, trite but true.

    No US soldier should die on any ground but his own.
    All the USA needs it already has to defend itself.
    Little places like Australia have to fight the USA's wars or we will be "punished".
    Or, do we?
    What about making friends with our neighbours instead?

    The problem for the USA and all Western nations is that technology transfers too easily and except as a customer – who needs the USA?
    Where has one "incursion"/invasion of nearly 50 carried out by the USA, ever benefitted those locals?
    Finally – Who on earth would WANT to invade the USA of today?