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Will Boehner Buckle?

Written by Gary North on December 5, 2012

Pat Buchanan thinks that Boehner should have rejected Timothy Geithner’s demand of $1.6 trillion in tax increases. Buchanan did not mention that Boehner responded with an offer of $800 billion in tax increases.

Buchanan thinks Boehner is worried about what voters will do if the Republicans refuse to go along, and the economy tanks. He thinks the right response is for the Republicans in the House to pass tax cuts and send them to Harry Reid. One tax cut is FICA: Social Security.

I think he’s right. Put the ball into Reid’s end of the court. Let the Senate Democrats block tax cuts for the middle class.

But won’t tax cuts raise the deficit? Probably. Then why should Boehner push for tax cuts. Because nothing can save the federal government from default anyway. The real deficit is rising by $11 trillion a year. As long as we are going over a real fiscal cliff, why not enjoy lower taxes while we are waiting?

Isn’t this a policy of kicking the can? Yes. A little can. That is the right policy when you have decided to kick the really big can until there is a tax revolt by workers against Medicare and Social Security recipients. Delay the inevitable. That’s best for taxpayers.

Why pay higher FICA taxes when you can pay lower? If the system really is doomed, why not let the suckers pay? Who are the suckers? Those investors who lend money to the U.S. government. They think they can beat the system and get out in time. But of course most of them won’t. It’s like a sinking ship with too few lifeboats. Most of the passengers will go down with the ship.

I say: “Kick the can!” No more tax increases. Run the visible deficit to the moon. The real one is halfway to the sun.

Put more of your after-tax money into assets that will survive the Great Default.

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8 thoughts on “Will Boehner Buckle?

  1. Patriot1776 says:

    Of course Bohner will cave, he's one of them. He has yet to show any ability to lead, let alone lead a conservative driven party. He tow's obama's line to ensure himself a continued pay check. If there are any true American's in Congress it is time for them to stand up for America. Put forth a tax cut plan with true spending reductions and work to reduce America's debt.

  2. This is all BS. Raising taxes on the rich is a charade and only the really stupid people fall for it, the ones with no skin in the game. You know the ones that think the federal government spending 4 TRILLION dollars is okay as long as they keep get theirs for free. This is a game of chicken and the ones glued to the tracks are us common folk, the ones with no voice and all the skin in the game.

    I know it will never happen, but I say the Republicans should do exactly what the president wants to the letter with the stipulation that states this is your scheme. Send it to the House so Harry can stall it. Because the real plan has nothing to do with taxing the rich. It has everything to do with dropping the Bush tax cuts and cutting defense spending automatically so they can pin it on us.

    By the way cutting 600 billion out of defense across 10 years is BS too. 60 billion out of a 600 billion a year budget doesn’t hurt an organization that wastes 50 to 70 percent of everything it gets.

    That is the real plan of both parties, let all the automatic stuff happen and point fingers at each other all the while sticking it to us.

    Both parties forgot something though, Most of us are walking on the edge and between Ă˜bamacare and the automatic tax increases, we are all screwed. Many people will go bust. And the millionaires club that runs this country are either just that stupid or just that malicious.

  3. MI Patriot says:

    If Boehner had left Justin Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikart, this discussion would be moot. Well, hopefully anyway. But no…Boehner had to listen to all the little voices in his head and take Justin and Huelskamp OFF the budget committee. Boehner deserves to go down in flames. However, the rest of the American people are going to go down in flames with him. Boehner was given the mandate AND the people to stand up to Obama in 2010. Boehner has squandered the opportunity to have send Obama packing. Instead, he caves to the Dems every chance he gets. He needs to do the right thing and step down. When 2014 rolls around and the Dems take control again, Boehner can look back and say…woulda, coulda, shoulda.

  4. Gary's fine with the status quo, apparently. Let the deficits continue. Let America's credit rating go down the tubes. Blame the politicians when it's the extremists with the loudest voices (i.e. Tea Party) who are effing things up left and right. Status quo, status quo.

    Going over the so-called "fiscal cliff" will sting for a quarter, maybe two. Then people will adjust and get over it. We'll STILL be running a deficit. Not as big, but still there. The only way to get out of the deficit, run a surplus and start paying ourselves back is – first and foremost – by ending the wars, bringing our troops home and cutting the waste from our defense budget. Welfare reform – mandatory drug testing and enacting upper limits on benefits would cut costs dramatically. Third, permanent entitlement reform – ending the $110k upper limit on social security taxes will make it solvent forever. Medicare/Medicaid reform can follow that.

  5. The federal government spending 4 trillion dollars a year has nothing to do with it? So you must have more money than you need right now so please send me some because the cliff with Ă˜bamaCare and the Cliff will add 5000 to 6000 to my tax load so that federal government workers can be fat dumb and happy at everyone else’s expense. They are the ones reaping all the rewards from all this bloated spending. How many Federal government departments can we afford? How many Intelligence Agencies? How many wars on everything such as drugs, crime, property, terrorism, etc. You notice we aren’t winning any of them? You notice too who is getting rich?

  6. Boehner needs to be replaced with a speaker of the house who will stand up against Obama.

  7. As yourhandle suggests what's best – 1776… that is what will be necessary to stop the TYRANNY! "Kremlin West" must be torn done and rebuilt. The AMERIKAN sheeple are Left to defend for themselves but they haven't it in them so it's ADIOS – how appropiate is that? Confucius say: "no borders, no free press, NO FREE COUNTRY"!

  8. i agree . the house elected him why can;t they vote him OUT!!!