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Darwinism, Badges, and Guns

Written by Gary North on December 4, 2012

Gary North’s Reality Check

The Darwinists developed a strategy for promoting their outlook over a century ago. It was first articulated by Lester Frank Ward in 1883. To understand the nature of the Darwinists’ strategy for education, we must first understand established churches.

In 1833, the state of Massachusetts passed a law ending the 200-year-old state subsidy to Congregational churches. This was not the last trace of the established church in America. Local governments throughout the United States continued to subsidize local denominations in various ways. One way was to provide a subsidy in the form of access to tax-funded meeting houses. Competing churches had to build their places of worship. As towns grew, the churches that had built in the path of development prospered. The story of government subsidies to local churches and their subsequent demise is told in a great book by sociologists Rodney Stark and Roger Finke, The Churching of America. Its message: government subsidies weaken those who receive them. The recipients fail to keep up. They cannot compete.

This is another example of how bad ethics, coupled with government coercion, produces bad results. Special-interest groups that resort to state coercion to maintain their dominance eventually lose influence when the state ceases to support them. The subsidies weaken them. Then the subsidies are removed.

This brings me to the subject at hand: Darwinism.


Believers in Darwinism in the United States have a major problem. Almost nobody thinks they are correct.

In 1982, a total of 9% of the people surveyed by the Gallup organization said that they believed that man evolved over millions of years, and that God had nothing to do with the process. This is straight Darwinism. It is the theory of evolution through natural selection. In 2012, 15% of those surveyed said they held to this view. In other words, 153 years after the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, the Darwinists have failed to persuade 85% of the American population of the truth of their position.

This is the case, despite the fact that Darwinists have by law captured all of the public schools, the vast majority of the universities, and most of the media, which inclues captured Hollywood, the news networks, the publishing industry, and cable television. This has been the most concerted effort in government-financed, government-regulated propaganda in the history of the United States, and it has come a cropper. The overwhelming majority of Americans think that the theory is nonsense.

Why have they failed? Because they have relied on the state to promote Darwinism and to defend it against rival views. Once any idea becomes dependent on federal money and federal law, its failure is guaranteed. Its promoters lose their ability to compete in the marketplace. Then the government pulls the subsidy.


When this Gallup poll was released, the media picked up on it. But the entire media misunderstood the poll. They reported that half of Americans believe in evolution. This missed the main point. What is the main point? This: 85% of Americans reject Darwinism.

Darwinists do not rejoice when somebody says that he believes in evolution, but an evolutionary process guided by God. This idea is anathema to the Darwinists. Darwin took his stand against exactly this position. In his day, intellectuals believed in an old earth. They believed in God-directed evolution. God imposes order on the universe, they argued. Darwin’s idea of evolution through natural selection was the answer to this view. This is why the Darwinists are passionate in their rejection of the ideas promoted by a movement that calls itself “intelligent design.” Darwinists reject intelligent design as being as unscientific as the six-day creation movement.

The main point of Darwinism is not the idea of evolution. That idea long preceded Darwinism. It goes back to classical Greece. The main point of Darwinism is to promote the idea of purposeless life prior to the advent of man. It promotes the idea that all life came out of a purposeless universe, and until the advent of man, there was no purpose in the universe.

The main motivation of Darwinists has always been to elevate man as a replacement of God. What God is not allowed to do, namely, shape history, including cosmic history, in terms of His purposes, man is now said to be able to do, and therefore he has a responsibility to do it. It is the elevation of man as the new God that is the essence of Darwinism, not the doctrine of evolution. This is why Darwinism is a religion.

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19 thoughts on “Darwinism, Badges, and Guns

  1. OK great! Let's buy into Darwanism. That means we are all decedents of the same apes. That means we all evolved from a creature that magically decided to stand up and walk out of the African Jungle.

    That means we are ALL african-Americans.

    That means I want my "free" stuff and preferential treatment.

  2. "It is the elevation of man as the new God that is the essence of Darwinism, not the doctrine of evolution. This is why Darwinism is a religion."

    Amen. And when a Stalin or Genghis Khan or Hitler rises to the top of government, he sees himself and everything he does as god-like: mass murder, war, starvation, infanticide, and on and on.

  3. Precisely what the government is doing with Islam right now in an effort to control the population, Tax payers need to quit funding the government to curve this abomination.

  4. Jim McClarin says:

    It is best that we remember that species is an artificial construct that is generally useful to us but does not comprise a rule that God or Nature must follow. One example is less-motile zone-dependent organisms that demonstrate incremental change over their geographic range to the point that organisms from the extremities of the range cannot produce fertile offspring.

    The same drawn-out morphing process is assumed over time, forming the core of our concept of evolution but, as can be seen in geographic cases, the entire gene pool does not evolve cleanly with new characteristics displacing the old.

    Were we able to sample live organisms from a gene pool over millions of years we could expect to find that enough time lapse would yield organisms incapable of producing fertile offspring yet matings just a few thousand years closer together would result in at least some fertile offspring.

    When we combine geographical with temporal genetic shift we begin to see that our gene pool concept is another artificial construct we impose on what might more aptly be described as a gene flow that can demonstrate amoeba-like behavior as populations disperse, contract, and transfer across Earth's surface. Even cellular division occurs in our amoeba model as populations become "permanently" isolated.

    Much discovery awaits us as we continue to study speciation. New models will slowly replace the old and we will marvel at how limited our prior suppositions were. Indeed, we may "discover" that there is more to species creation than chance mutation surviving amid shifting environmental pressures.

  5. "It is the elevation of man as the new God that is the essence of Darwinism, not the doctrine of evolution. This is why Darwinism is a religion."

    This, of course, is the original sin of Adam and Eve that we are all party to as their descendants.

  6. I think this just means that people are still being brainwashed by religion into believing in a book of fairy tales, which is based on the writings of men – not God – thousands of years ago, instead of learning science, which is based on proof and facts. Sad, really.

  7. VeeDub…that's classic twist of thinking on the subject…"I want my Obama phone now! LOL

  8. OK, here is a study by your infallible scientists who set out to prove that benign mutations in our DNA was the foundation for evolution. What they proved was these mutations will actually lead to our demise in about 350 generations. Kind of what the Bible says, don't you think?

    For anyone interested in Creation vs. Evolution, this is a great newsletter to subscribe to.

  9. Seminole Katz says:

    My college professor was a huge Darwinist. After being bombarded by the " Theory of Evolution " I had to ask my professor if he really believed this theory and he emphatically said yes. THEN I said that on Holidays he and his family MUST go to the nearest Zoo and share the holiday with the rest of HIS " family ". I will continue to believe that Our Father in Heaven spoke the entire Universe into being. If there was a big bang – what blew up ? I am No Monkey's Uncle !

  10. I would just like to ask you Shane if you believe in the history of Rome that you are taught today? If so I must follow with further questi9ons like why do you not consider them fairy tales and what makes them so believable compared to a "book on writings of men"? The "man" side of the writings are much more substantiated with consistency, archeology, etc. than the "historical writings" of Rome. There are approximately 500 manuscripts written some 400 years after the fall of Rome from which it's history was derived. As for the Bible, it has been compiled from over 2000 recovered manuscripts, the majority of which, were written less than 100 years after the specifically recorded events and most often by the actual witnesses. With this information, It's a lot easier to call the history of Rome a fairy tale than the Bible.

  11. Shane, the first thing I did was search the comments section for your name to see what sort of formulaic boiler-plate you had for a response. You didn't disappoint.

  12. These 2 Were some very Smart ( Allec ) ANswers ! If all Americans were as smart as you 2 to we Would be living in trees ! Tjhink beyond the prejudice , think beyond the small stuff ! There IS a Greater Idea here & When everyone sees it , there will be Real Peace on earth ! lOOK TO god FOR THE ANSWERS ! read THAT bIBLER , DON,T JUST LOOK THRU IT !

  13. Science has basically proven that man is a mutation of a monkey over 12 years ago. They don't advertize it much so religious people don't get that angry.
    BUT NOT A MENTION OF THAT DISCOVERY IN THIS ARTICLE. So you have to wonder about the reasoning?

  14. If your not filled with the Holy Spirit, you just don’t get it. YOUR LOSS!

  15. Conway Redding says:

    The fact that 85% of Americans reject the Theory of Evolution simply highlights the unfortunate circumstance that 85% of Americans are dumber than a sack of anvils. These are the same people who are likely to believe that the value of pi is 3.0, as the Bible reports it to be. Sad.

  16. Suddenly Gary North finds "mob rule" is A-OK when it gets him something he wants even though the cited majority are wrong..

    So how big does Mr. North think the universe is? Maybe 12,000 light years across because talk of billions of light years across defies Biblical chronology? After all, if there are other galaxies then there's a good possibility there's life out there but that negates Biblical teaching in God will destroy Heaven and Earth in due time because of the wickedness of humanity.

    But the hilarity is that for North it's "if evolution is true then I might not matter". And children today are accused of a super-sized ego!

  17. adamenochnoah says:

    Income taxpayers are not funding the govt, they are funding the international bankers who are the architects of the NWO. The Fed Reserve prints the money to run the govt.

  18. Assuming we all evolved from the black man in africa, why didn't all blacks evolve to the higher state?What did they evolve to? arabs? It is a common Hypothesis that man evolved and transmirgrated to the east into arabia, India, south to australia, north to China, north again and then weat to europe, In this scenario,
    Some blacks evolved to the higher state arab, not all. Some arabs evolved to the higher state indian, not all. Some indians evolved to the higher chinese arab, not all. Some chinese evolved to the higher state european, not all. Europeans evolved into marxists…………
    DArwin came up with this idea and Hitler refined it. Current Darwinists are all racists by default. NOT ALL BLACKS EVOLVED, placing them at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder.