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Obama’s Mouthpiece Geithner Throws Down the Gauntlet

Written by Gary North on November 30, 2012

Turbo Tim Geithner, who is rumored to be about to resign as Treasury Secretary, brought Obama’s offer to Boehner and McConnell. Obama wants $1.6 trillion in tax hikes over the next decade. Of course, he won’t be in office that long.

He demands that the Congress cease voting on debt ceiling hikes.

He demands that Boehner cave on “no new taxes on the rich.”

He wants an extension of “stay at home and watch TV, or work for unreported cash on the side” unemployment insurance payments.

In exchange, he will defer the FICA tax hike.

McConnell burst out laughing.

Obama is playing hardball with a man who need not play: Boehner. If Boehner capitulates, he will be the odds-on favorite to win at next March’s “Wimps R Us” ceremony.

All talk of an agreement on the fiscal cliff is fairy tale stuff.

Boehner can just sit. Nothing compels him to make any deal at all. He can go to the House Republicans and say: “The President wants us to sit down and shut up. That’s just what we should do. We will do nothing. Let him go over the fiscal cliff all by himself.”

Obama thinks he has a winning hand. He has aces over eights. Boehner is holding four kings.

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s Mouthpiece Geithner Throws Down the Gauntlet

  1. Geithner better pay his back taxes before he goes which I hope is today.

  2. Why isn't Tim the tax Democratic dodger in jail?

  3. BARB PATTON says:

    These swines just do not know how and when to stop. My major fear is that the boehner will fall on his back, legs in the air, tail between his legs and whimper and whine like the lackey he is showing he is. I just do not understand how these people like our Tim has the gall to show his puny miserable little self to the public when MILLIONS OF PEOPLE KNOW HE S A TAX DODGER…..

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    For all the hysteria of the "fiscial cliff" and it destroying the economy; the drama that is unfolding through the media is begining to get a little too melodramatic.
    Of course the king is making his demands, what elese is to be expected?
    But the real question is: will the republicans cave?
    The only loser in this soap opera will always be the citizens, unless they quit accepting the symptoms of the problem as the real problems; and begin to adress the root of all the financial problems of the nation. But first they have to accept that they have bitten the apple by allowing the biggest lie to continually be prepetulated agaainst them ( the root problem); and then individually, with unified voices, attack that.
    I can dream cant I?

  5. 1.6 trilliion over 10 years tax increase, 50 billion infrastructor spending(wasn't that in the "stimulus package"?), extend payroll tax cuts and emergency unemploment benifits, end congressional control over the debe ceiling increases(Constitutional issue) and in returned offers 400 billion in Medicare savings and other entitlement programs over 10 years with no guarentee.
    Basically, my way or the highway deal.
    Suggest revenue increases by collecting unpaid taxes owed by his band of thieves.
    The fault with this are evident. The 400 billion in Medicare is based on fraud and overcharges. Hasn;t happened despite being discussed for the past several years. In other words, we will save this money if and when we get around to stopping the fraud and abuse. Not likely.
    The deal (offered?) is a no brainer and shows obama has absolutely no intentions other tax and spend. This is highway robbery, based solely on his idea that he won the election and has a mandate. Not ture.

  6. Who is Tim Gethner to be making "demands" on anyone ? The last time I checked , he was merely the Treasury Secretary not an elected official and policy maker . His job is to manage the Treasury and answer to and make report to his boss Barry O . As a Tax Dodger , Gethner should be either paying what he owes or packing his toothbrush for his jail term for tax evasion .

    I was tickled to read that the GOP has finally stood up to the White House demands for a blank check . America and her people can no longer afford the type of liberal spending that has been going on for the past four years . But then this is all part of Obamas 'Hope and Change' . Change America into a Communist Dictatorship and hope the people are dumb enough to allow him to do it . If he and the Liberal left and Democrats aren't stopped now , we may our nation as the next third world country or worse broken up and sold off or given away to illegals or worse

  7. Hay all you "useful idiots" of Stalin who voted this Marxist dictator into office, now the real truth is starting to unfold. He says he wants tax increases on the wealthy over $250,000. But, the truth is (if you would wake up to reality), that will only provide about 80 billion. So, where do you think the rest is coming from – thin air? Of course not! Liar in chief intends to confiscate it from you. If I spent more money than I receive (for me it is from value produced, for the government it is stolen from those who produce), I would would not go to confiscate my neighbor's money to cover my shortfall. I would either have to cut my spending to match my income, get a second job, or produce more to warrant a pay raise. The government does none. Instead, it expects you and I to be its endless ATM card. If you don't stop this tyrannical dictator now, your income (or what is left of it) will be next – not just those over $250,000 as he likes to claim in his efforts to create envy and jealousy through his class warfare.

  8. tax cheat tim just shut the hell up

  9. Bob Marshall says:

    Why have a debt celing since congress will never stop spending.There are 40,000 registered lobbyist in Washington,D.C. at last count. How many are unregistered? i find it interesting that once many members of congress leave their former position they become lobbyist. In many cases for the same corporations whose lobbyist they did favors for in return for campaign contributions. It has been reported that in some cases they make as much as four times the salary they made while members of congress. george Carlin once said,there is a big club in Washington,D.C. and you ain't in it. Is it Wall St.or K.St.that holds the real power?

  10. Medicare spends more to keep from paying a legitimate bill, than it would cost to pay the $79. My plastic surgeon required me to have 2 blood tests done before he would do 4 1/2 hours of surgery on my face, to correct a 4 1/2 cm X 6 cm hole. I received 9 pages of gobbledgook from Medicare, saying there wasn't any reason for the tests, so I filed an appeal; after that they sent out 9 more pages, and another 9 pages a couple days later denying my claim. I went ahead and paid it, since I attributed this to the $716 billion Obama stole from Medicare.