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Hillary Clinton Says American Taxpayers Can and Should End Foreigners’ AIDS

Written by Gary North on November 30, 2012

Lat year, taxpayers worldwide forked over $17 billion to Third World dictators, who probably pocketed most of the money. It was all done to “fight AIDS.” Of this, U.S. taxpayers contributed $5.6 billion.

It’s not enough, says Mrs. Clinton. Taxpayers must do more. Lots more.

She says it’s our responsibility to clean up the effects of Third World sexual maniacs. Her slogan: “They diddle. We pay.”

We can do it, she says, which means you. She gets paid to spend our money. She gets free plane fare and rooms in 4-star hotels in exotic lands to promise goodies from us.

The sales device is to save the children. We owe it to the children.

Some 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and despite a decline in new infections over the last decade, 2.5 million people were infected last year.

Given those staggering figures, what does an AIDS-free generation mean? That virtually no babies are born infected, young people have a much lower risk than today of becoming infected, and that people who already have HIV would receive lifesaving treatment.

So get busy. Earn a little extra money, which the Feds will extract from you. All over the Third World, young men are working hard all night. You must work harder during the day.

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35 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Says American Taxpayers Can and Should End Foreigners’ AIDS

  1. I will follow your lead (your money) there Mrs. H. C.!!!
    We help these country's for years and there is NEVER any improvement, just more devastation!
    HHHMMMMM- sounds like our budget under our great politicians!

  2. Since it appears that Hillary's husband has done more to increase the risk of the spread of aids, I suggest that any additional monies be extracted from HIM!!!

  3. She is clearly out of her mind. Why should we (Americans) send money to countries that HATE U.S.? When are we going to start taking care of U.S? We just had a disaster on OUR East Coast. It is going to sap N.Y. State and New Jersey of BILLIONS of dollars. Are any of these countries sending any aid to U.S.? KEEP OUR MONEY HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How about just ending foriegn aid, PERIOD,

  5. Hey Hillary… Put your money where your mouth is!… Were busy right now, putting things back together after a storm, and dealing with your kind… Go spend your own damn money…

  6. BARB PATTON says:

    The hillary loves to spend money.. If these third world swines abstain THEN AND THEN ONLY will there be less hunger and starvation – less AIDS and less having to continue to bleed the American taxpayer. I am so sick and tired of the vultures that bugger around from country to country and DEMAND that the American man in the street pay for other countries sins…. Enough already.

  7. Just what I was thinking; she's made enough off of the taxpayers to put up her own money if she thinks it's so vital.

  8. Amen…it is long time to stop giving money away!

  9. olduglycarl says:

    I say, we should end aid for AIDS. Our funds are simply NOT being used effectively. There are many private individuals that are doing the job more effectively, besides the fact, "We the People" just can not afford it, we can barely afford to take care of ourselves. Those that have created this mess should be made to pay, maybe even prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Only then might we come together as a community and tackle this problem. Until then, the thirld world should just keep it in their pants.

  10. It is not my responsibility, nor Americas responsibility, to pay for the problems in third world countries. With America fastly approaching the reality of becomming a third world country itself, we need to concentrate on ourselves first and formost.

  11. "It’s not enough, says Mrs. Clinton. Taxpayers must do more. Lots more." === She will soon be unemployed and should start a private charity. newsandopinions dot net

  12. Why is it America's responsibility Hillary ? Because you say so ? If we were able to cure AIDS , and last time I checked there was no known cure or wonder drug that was effective , than Aids would not be a problem here in the United States . The fact that it has been kept from epidemic proportions here is basically from education and people taking basic precautions . And when you look at where Aids does exist here , you have to wonder about those of that alternate lifestyle and , those who are engaged in the worlds oldest profession . For the most part , those in the latter , who are pros are very aware and careful taking precautions .
    But maybe ole Hill is worried she might catch something overseas while munching carpet . Oafter his r that Bill might bring something home with him after one of his escapades

  13. HIllary makes me want to throw up big chunks. She can go to _____________, well you fill in the blank. I'm sure you get my drift.

  14. So much for H.C.'s solution! The above pretty much much covers it.
    Next problem!

  15. You should work harder and give more of your money instead of sitting on your largest side.

  16. I guess she wants to Castrate all the men in these countries as that seems to be the only way to stop AID's for sure. WE should start with the Dictators of these countries!

  17. This is what we have the queers to thank for, the aids epidemic started in their community & spread to the heteros by the bisexuals we now have a world wide epidemic & they want "us" to pay for it

  18. Just rem,ember it was hillary that started the conversation on the vat tax (value added tax), it hasn't gpot anywhere yet but I look for it to come to about under oweblowholes 2nd term this will mean an immediate inflation rate of whatever the tax is. That is the way the democrat party operates someone startts the dialog & then it is taken up later by the "leaders"

  19. Not supporting your blame comment. Facts matter in any discussion and the fact is that AIDs originated in African regions and came from the consumption of monkies. Sexual activities promogated the disease throughout the world and were not limited to homosexuals only.

  20. IamaproudAmerican says:

    Why is aids our fault and we need to pay for it? No thanks! They need to abstain rather than us subsidizing their irresponsible behavior. No more money for foreign countries!!

  21. Mostly AIDS was transmitted here to heterosexuals by way of druggys in the homosexual community. Those who used recreational drugs by shared suringes Why else would the medical world be using surgical gloves toprotect against blood contact?

  22. Right on Will She needs to copy Opra's lead. At least Opra used her money to open a girls school in Africa. Libs need to use theirs to support their own causes. We have enough money problems in our own country.

  23. Fed up Lady says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Dean. We need to be spending the money THEY ARE SENDING TO OUR ENEMIES, to help the folks who were hit by "Sandy". Not to mention the DEFICIT. NAD THE HOMELESS, because of obammy and mooshelles SPENDING.

  24. Sure it is our problem. We gave foriegn aid called the Marshal Plan during WWII to our allies.Our politicians just enlarged upon it since. You start giving welfare tosome one and then it becomes a right. Its just apandora's box syndrome. Pakistan threatens us when our POTUS suggested stopping aid to them following Team 6s invasion to get Osama. Cann't deal with rejection from our enemies I guess.

  25. Now just what are they going to do with all that money to stop aids? We need that money H.C. 'Sorry you have AIdS, take this money and buy yourself something nice to make feel better.' Hey stupids, instead of stopping foreigners' Aids, let stop foreign aid.

  26. your over paid so you take care of them

  27. Bob Marshall says:

    Hillary Clinton speaking to the UN general Assembly told those members present that the Obama administrations number one priority was population control.

  28. Freedom Lover says:

    Sorry – don't see ANYTHING in either the Declaration of Independence OR the United States Constitution that declares the US the caregiver for the world. What about OUR AIDS patients? What about OUR homeless? What about OUR children??? Where do you politicians get off giving away our hard-earned money!!! Go get a job and give away your OWN money!!! I could do your job just as easily! But – am unemployed! Thanx to you and your buds.

  29. awkingsley says:

    Whenever Elitists like Hilary want more money for their charity projects, we need to ask them to empty all of their own personal fortunes into the project first. Then we will take a look at the project. Take the shirt off your back for AIDS Hilary, then we'll decide about ours.

  30. Ahhh….this is the same woman who during her and her husbands presidency she put her stamp of aproval on a chinese abortion mill. Later a woman that worked there escaped china and testified in a congressional hearing about this "woman's clinic", all about the liscenses to have a child, abortion and infanticide paperwork, and what really goes on there. Of course the MSM didn't cover it much.

  31. This is just a Prep. job for Hillary, she's using this for her run for office when Obama leaves. Don't be fooled by her. We all been saying this for years and also to have the United Nations removed from our country and yet nothing was done about it. So, now she all for it, you know if you put her in office, she'll never do it any way. Only fools will believe her.

  32. Rather than send more foreign aid overseas, why not arrange for half a dozen AIDS sufferers from overseas to come here to live with and be cared for exclusively by an open borders advocate?

    Considering the vast number of open borders advocates populating the Libertarian, Republican and Democrat movements, not to mention journalism, corporate America, universities, churches, private foundations and local/state/national governments, the problem should resolve itself in no time.

  33. Thus Money drain gas been going on for YEARS, & Mrs Clinton should peddle get song and dance to done if their Hollywood friends who can afford it; we cannot. I am up to my eye brows with this administration treating treating WE THE PEOPLE like slaves. The Obsma administration has ruined our futures by putting huge numbers if people in welfare and food stamps. Even better, let Hillary, Obama/Biden & all their people take a one way ship to their favorite country & stay there. we’re sick of every destructive thing you have all perpetuated on working AMERICANS! Your decisions are ruining America both now, and into the future.

  34. If Mrs. Clinton wants money to give to provide free medical care for foreigners, when 40% of Americans have no health insurance, she should go to Kenya and hire herself out as a prostitute. That way, she can pay to end AIDS, and provide us with another future president at the same time.

  35. USAmerican says:

    The only AIDS we United states citizens should stop in foreign countries are the ones where Cinton reaches into our pocket books and passes out money. Stop foreign aid to begin balancing our budget.