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One Republican Congressman Defects to Obama. Media Go Wild.

Written by Gary North on November 29, 2012

An Oklahoma Congressman gave an interview to a Reuters reporter. He said he would join with Obama on the tax hike on the rich. On the basis of this lone defector, Reuters ran this headline: Cracks surface in Republican unity on tax rates.

It could more accurately have said: Obscure Republican Congressman Commits Political Suicide.

The story got worldwide coverage in the liberal media.

The media love a battle, especially over peripheral issues. The “fiscal cliff” is an over-hyped marginal event. Social Security taxes are gong to go from 4.2% to 6.2%, on both workers and employers. There is no fight over this.

If there is no settlement, federal spending will go up by $100 billion less, in a budget of $3.8 trillion. This is “austerity.” Give me a break!

It’s all about a fig leaf for Obama. He is facing pre-Bush tax increases. It’s back to Clinton’s tax rates. If the economy slumps, he will get blamed. He desperately wants to be a faithful Bushman on the tax issue, the same way he is on Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Homeland Security, and Administrative secrecy. But he needs a cover for his nakedness. That cover is a tax hike on the rich.

Boehner says “no deal.” This is exactly what he should say, both morally and politically.

An unknown Republican says he will vote with the Democrats. This is news? At Reuters, it is.

It’s all about giving Obama cover. The media are devoted to this.

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17 thoughts on “One Republican Congressman Defects to Obama. Media Go Wild.

  1. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Tom Cole is a Traitor and has NO back bone or GUTS he is just a Whishy Washy Liberal in Disguise. Yep give Oblammer the Tax Hikes on those Ole Rich People what a Joke. Let the chips fall where they will and let Obuma & his demoncrats OWN their Economy and do NOT give in.

  2. I hope he will be out on the street, shortly. Funny that he waited until after the election to annouce his 'change of heart'.

  3. With electronic vote fraud institutionalized and the courts having ruled corporations are "people" who have no limits on the amount they can spend to buy a political candidate, neither the House nor Senate have to listen to the living breathing voters anymore. "We don't need your stinking support, peasants!"

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    The media propaganda comes down to promoting the higher tax rates and tax code manipulations that will increase everyones taxes, period. They will use whatever little item that they can to make the American people start to believe that more taxes are the way to go.
    The proposed cuts amount to nothing more than holding spending levels at 2010 rates, nothing more; nothing of substance. The whole "fiscal cliff" issue creates the fear that they want, and even the elected officials will play into it, bascially because it really will give them more dollars to spend.
    There will be more so called "conservative republicians" who will fall in line; some will help the propaganda by foretelling their intentions and others will just vote for whatever plan they come up with. Because, as they will say: "Its the the best plan we could get"
    The average American Taxpayer however will not be able to say the same thing, it will cost them more.

  5. TeaParty Patiot says:

    Cole has never been a Conservative. He claims to be a moderate. Do you know what a moderate is? A moderate is a liberal/regressive who is too cowardly to admit he is a liberal/regressive. I refer to liberals as regressives because they want to return us to the era of monarchs, totalitarians and despots like the 0'bomb.

  6. A believer says:

    This tax hike will fund the federal government for only 8 days! so what is the real purpose for this tax? Look at who is will cripple and you will see!

  7. TeaParty Patiot says:


    If Boehner would grow a pair of cajones. He would stop the 0'bomb in his tracks by reminding him he pulled the same carrot on the stick the last time budget talks came up . . . . Boehner caved with the promise that the 0'bomb would give spending cuts AFTER the tax rates were continued. Guess what? ? ? ? the spending cuts never came. Now dingy hairy is claiming that the 'rats have proposed a billion dollars in spending cuts. BIG FLUKING DEAL. (as in sandra fluke) What dingy hairy calls spending cuts are merely cuts in the rate of increase in the spending and entitlement. CUTS mean spending less this year than you did last year and spending less next year than you did this year..A decrease in the rate of increase is still and increase in spending.
    BOEHNER: Get the cuts in writing BEFORE any deal is made. This affirmative action fraud in the White House will deny that he made the promis if you do not have it in writing. Either that or we start seeking a new Speaker of the House

  8. barb patton says:

    I am ashamed to live in Oklahoma— the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

  9. This brain dead RINO from OK is looking for his pile of cow patties to hide in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. MI Patriot says:

    "…Boehner says “no deal.” This is exactly what he should say, both morally and politically…."

    Boehner will say this until somebody makes him a better offer. Boehner has no spine to stand up to Odrama. OK has some really good laws on their books especially regarding Sharia law and illegal immigration.

  11. The two are separate issues.

    The Citizens United decision pushed back against muzzling Corporate voices. Corporations were free to use alternate means to secure their voice. Now we know who is supporting whom.

    Electronic voting fraud, while unfortunate, will eventually fall to the wayside. People will not stand to have their votes stolen over the long term. They will "opt out".

  12. Sounds like various interest groups are "trying to generate consensus". The GOP will vote its interests, as always. They don't really want to cut spending because it buys them influence.

    The real heavy burden from DC is not Taxation but Regulation. If Mr. Obama and the Congress were to rationalize regulation they could secure the same benefits as a tax cut. They could probably peddle influence while "reforming regulation". I see this as their new gimmick down the road – pretend to fix things while selling influence at the same time.

  13. Texas Chris says:

    The "opt out" will not stop the fraud. If a candidate only gets one vote, his own, he wins and rules over everyone in his district.

    Now if "opt out" implies armed resistance, then it *may* work. With sufficient resistance.

  14. Texas Chris says:

    Yeah, he will be primaried.

  15. Texas Chris says:

    Regulation, great point. Taxes are a direct cost to business, but regulation is the more insidious, more corrosive cost.

  16. by, by jerk, and traitor! Colesky!

  17. AMEN ,, vote him out !!!!!!!!!!!!!