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Here’s a Corker: “Tax the Rich,” Says Sen. Corker.

Written by Gary North on November 29, 2012

Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee calls for means-testing Medicare. Charge them higher premiums, he says. “There’s no reason in the world for wealthy seniors to be subsidized with American taxpayer money for healthcare benefits that they can afford.”

I can think of one: they were promised they would be paid.

I can think of another: because of Medicare, private insurance programs drop coverage automatically for anyone over 65. There are no free market options.

I can think of a third: they paid full taxes into the program. They should get full coverage out of it. It’s a matter of justice.

I can think of a fourth: the extra money the government will pull in will be peanuts. So, this position is for political grandstanding.

Corker is a Republican Senator who is seeking votes from liberals, and who wants to be seen as a populist “man of the people.” He is a multimillionaire businessman, so he has positioning problems.

Mr Corker recently put forth a $4.5tn deficit reduction plan that included raising the cost of health coverage for retirees earning more than $50,000, saving about $50bn over a decade, and he is also proposing to make Social Security benefit distribution more progressive. “Especially when Democrats want wealthy citizens to pay more, this is a place hopefully where we would have common ground,” says Mr Corker.

Common ground. Common cause. Corker, the Great Commoner — William Jennings Bryan in drag.

He proposes a $4.5 trillion deficit reduction plan. That’s over 10 years. But the deficit at $1 trillion a year will be $10 trillion.

Why not propose a $1 trillion deficit reduction plan for fiscal 2013? Also 2014, 2015, and so forth? Why not get serious about deficit reduction?

For that matter, why not run a surplus, and begin paying off the federal debt?

Because that would lose votes in Tennessee. I mean, no Republican wants to be seen as a Ron Paul fanatic.

Is anyone going to vote with Corker on his proposal? Of course not. It will not get out of committee. But it makes for great grandstanding for Republican retirees back home, most of whom make under $50,000 a year.

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20 thoughts on “Here’s a Corker: “Tax the Rich,” Says Sen. Corker.

  1. Corker is only partly right. there is no reason a taxpayer should be funding ANY program for ANYONE. That is not what taxes should be for.

  2. NRA Patron says:

    Mike – I paid the max in to the medicare program from day one.. NO taxpayer is funding me.. give me back 100% of what I and my employer paid in, PLUS basic interest, and I'll gladly find something else. It's the politicians and welfare people sucking at the taxpayer teat.

  3. the government requires them to be on mediocre. you can’t require someone top participate and not allow him to participate.

  4. How about we take away the politician's medical and retirement and have them take what we all get shoved up our blanks. While you're at it tax all the miliionare politicians at the highest rate like odumbo seems to want.

  5. Your article shows a lack of understanding on your part, bordering on total ignorance, of the Medicare System. Medicare PART A is what we pay for with our "Medicare taxes" (that have been swept away with SS to pay for other crap in the government). Part A is what was promised and there is no premium for Part A. Part A pays for hospitalization and associated incurred expenses including diagnostics.

    Part B is the "healthcare" portion that you do have to pay for. Part B pays for the doctor visits, outpatient diagnostics… and now wheelchairs, house cleaning, etc. You may opt out of Medicare Part B and buy private health insurance… at about ten times the rate of Medicare Part B, but you are NOT automatically dropped just because you are Medicare age nor are you REQUIRED to take Part B. If you or your spouse work full-time, and have health insurance coverage, that coverage is primary to Medicare Part A & B. When you or your spouse retires, THEN Medicare becomes primary. The exception is Railroad retirement Medicare and that's an entire separate cerumen sphere (ball of wax). You may elect to purchase a medicare gap policy, secondary insurance or cash pay secondary to cover what Part A & B do not such as co-pay, deductible and non-covered expenses (which I would highly recommend), but that is also not required.

    Part C is the "Medicare Replacement" policies (a joke with no punchline) and Part D is the compassionate conservatives' gift to big Pharma… the drug portion.

    Mr. North has a bad habit of writing articles about subjects for which he has no experience or definable knowledge (see the dumb-dumb's take on dum-dum bullets for a prime example). This happens to be one of them. I do agree that just because someone is wealthy should not be reason enough to charge them more for their premiums anymore than they should be charged more to go to Disney World. But it IS the Marxists' doctrine of "fairness" and the Marxist is in control.

    Being informed is your best defense.

  6. Corker has never been anything more than a little redneck skeezer from the amoral village of Chattanooga, Tennessee with its Storm Trooper police forces and indolent uneducated work force.

  7. I agree with Corker, AND I think social Security rates should go up just like Income taxes. No limit.

  8. John J Davis says:

    None of the comments so far acknowledge that Medicare Part B premiums are already means tested. Both my wife and I recently received notification of our premiums for next year. Because of a one-time spike in our jointly declared income for CY2012, our premiums were increased over $3,200 for CY2013. If that is not means testing, I don't understand what it means?

  9. So why don't you start a rival blog to refute everything he says?

  10. Texas Chris says:

    I say call up that shyster Bernanke and have him cut you a check. I mean, he's perfectly willing to prop up foreign governments, banks, and major corporations! Why not Joe Blow Sr. and the missus?

    After that, YOYO.

    You're On Your Own.

  11. Texas Chris says:

    The government made a promise that it cannot keep, and has no desire to keep.

    There are two options: cut benefits + raise taxes, or; print money and buy out the contributors.

    I say #2. For Medicare AND Social Security.

  12. Texas Chris says:

    Problem is the politicians will have to vote for it. Only a few, like Barney Frank, are going to welcome that rectal intrusion.

  13. Texas Chris says:

    And 45mph interstate highway speed traps.

  14. Texas Chris says:

    Make participation voluntary. Let me opt out. Then the free market can come in, offer the same service at a lower price, and we can phase out this boondoggle.

  15. to BLH557 – if Meidcare part B is secondary to my work health coverage – when why do my providers always send the claims to Meidcare first and only when they are refused – do they send them to my insurance company. I tell them over and over in wriring, but keep getting forms from medicare saying I do not have this coverage. Then I have to have the providers submit it correctly.

  16. CedricWard says:


    Because he just did it here!

    Apparently, you are irritated by anyone that disagrees with Mr. North. I do quite frequently as his view are mostly religiously based on the bible which is an imperfect text written by MEN.

  17. Why do we have to give retirement s to Congress people. They should pay for there own just like we had to for all these years before we retired.

  18. Every bill that Congress passes they should also have to live by, that would stop a great deal of this garbage that is forced upon us. Also Congress should have to pay for their own benefits and retirement. They are nothing more than a bunch of leeches.

  19. Agreed! The government is so twisted, hypocritical, illogical, self-serving, psychopathic — dare I say, demonic. It requires seniors to be on Mediocre. You can't REQUIRE someone to participate and then NOT ALLOW them to participate. How twisted, just like the Serpent.

  20. I have long been fascinated by designs that activate the primer electrically.