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Photos: Chinese Road Around a Stubborn Owner’s Home

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2012

You must click the link to see the amazing photos.

It would have been cheaper to pay his price. I guess they figure he will move.

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5 thoughts on “Photos: Chinese Road Around a Stubborn Owner’s Home

  1. Sadly, this shows how far we as a country have slipped into tyranny. I feel if this house was in the US, the parasites would have screamed "Eminent Domain!" and then bulldozed the house with or without anyone in it.

  2. Chinese have more property rights than Americans it appears. Yet, we Americans still go around like a bunch of morons, boasting about how we live in the freest country on the planet.

  3. DieHardPAtriot says:

    Same in Russia too…and Russian Leader Putin does not like the One World Order crap

  4. The only true test of a Government is when you personally cross it……………

  5. Dear readers,

    The USA has plummeted on the freedom scale, plunging below many countries we used to think of as being tyrannical police states.

    Ask yourself this: In which country are people arrested and incarcerated for selling fresh milk? Is it China? Venezuela? Cuba? Russia?

    Nope. It's America.

    And in which country are poorly-trained government slobs given the "authority" to reach down the pants of air travelers and molest them as a condition of travel?

    Is that China? Cuba? Russia? Nope. It's America.

    Read more: NaturalNewsdotcom