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Inflation Alert: 12 Days of Christmas Gifts Up by 6%

Written by Gary North on November 27, 2012

Year by year, the prices rise. The gifts given on the 12 days of Christmas get more expensive.

Every year, a company called PNC Wealth Management goes through the lyrics of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and then it does a research project on what the retail price of these gifts would be today if anybody went out and bought them. Over the past year, the price tag has gone up by 6.1%. The total price tag is now over $107,000.

The company first began this research project back in 1984. At that time, you could buy the gifts for under $13,000. At least when it comes to the gifts of the 12 days of Christmas, there has been serious consumer price inflation.

This year, the company reports, the biggest increase was for the six geese a-laying, which rose by almost 30%. It turns out that this was the result of the Midwest drought last summer. The price of gold also rose.

This is a clever public relations project. I don’t know how much it costs for the company to do the research each year, but it always gets headlines. People want to know, for some peculiar reason, what the real world costs of getting the the gifts of the 12 days of Christmas would be.

I am not sure if these prices are Amazon prices, but I have doubts that anyone would have to pay retail. I am not sure if Amazon sells six geese a-laying, or even not laying, but it probably sells a lot of the other items. It seems as though we can buy just about anything we want by clicking a link on Amazon.

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