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College Fires 400 Full-Time Teachers — ObamaCare Strategy

Written by Gary North on November 24, 2012

A community college in Pennsylvania has turned 400 full-time teachers into part-timers. It will save $6 million in ObamaCare expenses.

They had no medical insurance before, but they had full-time jobs. Now they will have neither.

All across America, businesses will be imitating this school. Marginal workers will be fired or turned into part-timers.

ObamaCare is going to backfire on millions of marginal workers.

For colleges, this is an easy way to save money. Adjunct (part-time) professor with Ph.D degrees are a dome a dozen in the liberal arts. They have been ever since the fall of 1969. The Ph.D. glut only gets worse.

The health care delivery system in the USA has been a government-regulated mess ever since World War I.  The government has made it bad. Now it will get even worse.

Maybe they can get jobs here.

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18 thoughts on “College Fires 400 Full-Time Teachers — ObamaCare Strategy

  1. And so it begins! Did these people vote for OBUMMER! If so you get what you deserve! NOW how you gonna pay for INS with less $$. THEY WANT you on a Gov plan…TO CONTROL your LIFE! Plus, now that you'll pay less in taxes, who's gonna pay for the entitled!!! (I mean the ones with their hands out, not the AMERICANS who NEED IT!) Thats why he wants the WEALTHY to pay more, but that won't even touch what is being spent! And A LOT is being spent OVER SEAS!! This is a disaster!!!!

  2. For all of you Liberal Democrats, how do you like Obama now? You get what you deserve.

  3. you get what you vote for. A liberal arts degree BA, MA, or PHP are almost useless except for Government jobs.. It is well known that teachers are at the bottom of he academic barrel in grades and learning. $ 250,00 in educational cost to work part time in a public school, this shows just where they are on the curve.

  4. all of you knot heads that voted for the chimp dick-tater are you proud of yourselves

  5. When are the senators that voted for this Obamacare fiasco going to realize that they SCREWED UP, BIG TIME and repeal this monstrosity.

  6. Statists really believe that people don't adapt to rules and regulations, that they just sit there and get pummeled like a Joe Palooka punching bag. They're adapting already and Obamacare hasn't even been adopted yet. Somebody needs to let the statists know that those are real live people out there with minds and awareness. No, on second thought, don't tell them…


  8. How that for poetic justice? These are the, "Boobs," that teach all that Liberal, claptrap, to these, naive, unsuspecting, students!

  9. You have a point there!

  10. Well, how are they going to like working for lunch (not lunch money!) or for table scraps?
    During the depression that is exactly what happened. My great grandmother fed people of all stripes, but only after doing some type of chore for her. Those chores could be anywhere from mending clothes to hoeing in the garden she kept…or even sweeping the front porch. It was menial, but they EARNED their food! And she never let anyone go away hungry! She even would bathe the little ones and give them food and clothes to take with them when they left.
    That is what America will return to before too terribly long.
    Thanks Obama and all you good little welfare thugs who voted for this liar.
    You make me sick.

  11. I think they would have voted for Obama since they probably belong to a union. They are teachers and you would think they would know better. SAD!!

  12. Our so called representatives are EXEMPT from the laws that they write. Government employees and unions are also exempt from this horrible scheme. Communists hate the middle class, including small business owners! This is about control of an entire population.

  13. Why do I get this nagging feeling that now those people who voted for Obama and Obamacare are going to boo-hoo-hoo all over the place looking for sympathy while at the same time accepting absolutely no responsibility for their ignorant choices. I know it is expecting too much for "educators" to actually have any knowledge and have researched any and all matters on which they were making decisions! Good Grief!

  14. barb patton says:

    Agreed. I am pleased that it is happening in Pennsylvania because those sods voted him in by 118% and Mitt Romney never got 1 vote. So much for cheating – I am very very happy. So it should also happen in corrupt California as well as Ohio. Let those that voted for the latte one be the first to feel what he is capable of doing with his communist buddies.

  15. which community college is this….im interested because i attend a PA comm college

  16. How is Baracko Clause and the teachers union working for you now.

  17. The time will come when even the libtards in the Higher Education Industry will regret putting the Kenyan into office for another 4 years. We could truncate that some, if our spineless congressweasels would impeach the crook like he deserves.