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Walmart Union Flop: Shoppers Cross Union Picket Lines on Black Friday

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2012

Shoppers paid no attention to the would-be union members who picketed on Black Friday. When it comes to solidarity with the would-be union and grabbing good deals, Americans know where not to stand: outside the store.

The would-be union declared it a big success. It was a flop.

I went to both Walmarts in my Georgia town. There was no sign of the protesters. There was not one picketer. So, I did not buy anything. I drove home.

There is nothing that would please me more than crossing a picket line. But there aren’t any these days.

There were groups of a few hundred protesters reported here and there, out of over a million employees.

This cheered me up.

As she neared the entrance of a Dallas-area Walmart shortly before midnight on the eve of the shopping frenzy known as Black Friday, Tammy was both shocked and thrilled to encounter a group of more than 40 protesters.

Having worked for a dozen years as a cashier at another national retail chain, Walgreens, Tammy said she felt an immediate sense of solidarity with the Walmart employees.

“Walmart cuts hours and benefits to push people out,” said Tammy, using her phone to capture video of the protest. “It’s the same thing at Walgreens. The workers are suffering while billionaires make all the money.”

But despite her professed anger at corporate greed, Tammy — who declined to provide her last name lest she jeopardize her job — was not deterred from entering Walmart to purchase a TV on a layaway plan. Her own low wages made her feel a sense of community with the striking Walmart workers, but those same wages also generated pressure to find and buy goods at low prices — precisely the demand that Walmart has fed to turn itself into the world’s largest retailer.

“You gotta go where the sales are,” Tammy said.

Solidarity Forever” did not last forever.

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5 thoughts on “Walmart Union Flop: Shoppers Cross Union Picket Lines on Black Friday

  1. Just goes to show; getting a good deal on a big ticket item trumps a union picket line every time.

  2. Penguin9penguin says:

    Well…most intelligent people realize that unions do more harm than good. When a union takes over a workplace what you end up with is mor and more regulation. And any wage increases you may receive on the front door will just go out the back door as union dues. All it does is make the union bosses richer and the working man poorer

  3. Don't forget it does give bullies and thugs a place to practice their trade.

  4. I agree, I have never got a square deal from the union, only pay your dues and sit down and shut up! My dad had the same results after working for 30 years. So, I'm not on their bandwagon.

  5. Bill McCroskey says:

    2 words describe the WalMart protests nationwide in my opinion … "NON EVENT" …. I, like Dr. North checked my two closest WalMarts out of sense of curiosity a couple of times Thursday evening and Friday morning ….did not see ONE picketer or even a bused in complainer…but hundreds of bargain hunters and buyers.