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San Francisco Apartments: 220 Square Feet

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2012

When does “cozy” become “cramped”?

The city planners in San Francisco (boo) are going to vote on whether to cap the number of these micro apartments at 375 units. This is another reason not to live in San Francisco. Not only are rental units so expensive that someone might rent a 220-square foot apartment, the city planners have the authority to cap the number of these units.

I cannot imagine why anyone would live in 220 square feet. I lived in a mobile home in college. It was 360 square feet. For one person, it was adequate. But what would be so great about living in an expensive apartment in San Francisco? I paid the equivalent of $350 a month for my rented space in a mobile home park. I bought the mobile home for cash for under $10,000 in today’s money. And I knew it was temporary: grad school. I got back my $10,000 when I left. I sold it.

There may be single people looking for a start in SF. But with so many great places to live cheaply in the USA, why would anyone decide to build a life there at this kind of lifestyle entry price? Salaries are not that much higher than the rest of the nation.

To each his own. But if tiny apartments are the wave of the future in coastal cities, this is a great case for living in heartland America or the Southeast.

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12 thoughts on “San Francisco Apartments: 220 Square Feet

  1. 220 sq feet, thats hardly big enough for ONE fat obese American

  2. Ant farms for techies.

    Then again, there are only a very few large cities left in America that remain in any way habitable thanks to mass 3rd world gimme-gration (thanks, Libertardians) and the family-destroying effects of the welfare state (thanks, Left-wingnuts). Despite it all, San Francisco has a lot going for it for those who are young and able to find work there.

    If I were a young tech hot-shot looking to make bank with a promising start-up, I'd go for it. In San Francisco. Where else would I go – Buffalo, Memphis, Atlanta, Detroit, Newark, Philly? Fat chance!!!!!!

  3. The US has had a birth rate under replacement levels for the past 30 years yet swelled another 100 million at the same time. Legal and illegal immigration, keep ignoring it and focusing on things, though true will not be changed as the numbers leave you as the few and not matter in the end. http://www.numbersusa.com / http://www.goooh.com

  4. Admiral America says:

    The master plan of the plutocratic elites, and their governmental pawns is to pack, and stack everyone in cube rooms in skyscrapers in the hellish urban centers. They can't stand rural areas, and anyone who might be the least big self-sufficient in any way.

  5. Pat McMahon says:

    Agenda 21 folks, get used to it unless we stop these people

  6. Have you always been an ahole?

  7. Wow, just like Japan. Such a novel idea, bet fridihem and cipher can't wait to move in.

  8. I lived in a studio apartment during my last two years of college which was 500 square feet. At 220 square feet for one of these shoe boxes, a person would have to go outside to change their minds.

  9. That's more then enough room for the health nut queers who live there ,,,,,,

  10. Yep!!! You are right Admiral America! This is Agenda 21 coming true to America people. WAKE UP YOU CRAZY PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Don't invest in these small apartments. You are sleeping SHEEP to this Administration!!!!! All I'm saying is, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Get out of California ASAP!!!!

  11. Paul,

    I'll pass, thank you. However I've lived in settings like this one for months at a time. Very livable at twice the square footage of the proposed San Francisco ant farms. Knowing what I know through experience, 220 square feet is too small by half.

  12. people who live in such places HAVE no minds to chnage. Dweebs, drones, 'diots. My Ford Van has almost the same square footage, though not ehe ceiling height. AND its portable, so I can escape the SF madness. REI sell camp tents larger than that.