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High School Students Are Now Digitally Monitored by Schools. “Your Papers, Please!”

Written by Gary North on November 20, 2012

Taking a cue from Nazi Germany, a Texas school district is forcing students to carry new ID cards. These cards are tracked by a computerized system of monitoring.

“Your papers, please!’

If a student refuses, his parents get fined. The student can be suspended.

The idea is spreading. Soon, it will be in your town.

What about civil liberties for parents to opt out? They are not informed of any such right by the district.

Here’s how it works.

Texas launched its controversial “Student Locator Project” last month. When fully implemented, it will reach more than 100 Texas schools districts and around 100,000 students. Two San Antonio schools are among the first to participate, John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School in the Northside Independent School District.

Basically students returned to school this fall and were informed that their old ID badges were invalid (even though last year school officials said they’d be good for four years). Students were told that unless they wore their new ID badges equipped with radio frequency tracker chips, they could face fines, “involuntary transfers,” or suspensions.

The state pays money for students to attend local classes. The ID system is designed to combat truancy.

How’s this scheme working out so far? Well, government schools being the models of efficiency they are, the district has not assigned a single person to track students’ whereabouts…yet.

The state has these plans to extend control. But the state has to employ marginally competent people. They never seem to get their act together.

The Bill of Rights is losing authority, but the sheer incompetence of government bureaucrats helps to preserve our liberties.

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10 thoughts on “High School Students Are Now Digitally Monitored by Schools. “Your Papers, Please!”

  1. I was thionking of moving to texas with talk of them leavig the Union and becoming a separate Republic. Now they are a police state!!! The next thing they will do is make little girls get gardisil shots because they eventually will grow up to be sluts and get warts.

  2. People need to check out Agenda 21 initiated by the UN. If things keep going like they are, this will be a very scary place to be in a few years. This is serious.

  3. Texas Chris says:

    This is going nowhere. Once Texans get ahold of this, it'll end, and quickly.

  4. Texas Chris says:

    These students need to check out how to disable the RFID chips in smartcard passports.

  5. funding these projects in place of things like better education will soon enough arouse the ire of those who repeatedly vote to raise the debt ceiling to support an increasinlgy worthless school system. Let the taxpayers find out how much moneyb is wasted in nannying their offspring, this will end soon enough. Oh, and it won't take long for the kids to learn how to smash the chips and render them useless. Then, as the schools rely on machinery instead of humans to take attendance, their revenue will shrink as many students will not get counted with their smashed chips. A few libertarians will also rise up and cry "FOUL". And more parents who really care about their kids will keep them home to teach them there. Time to boycott the government daycare centers for all children.

  6. I would rub my RFID chip across a magnet and see if it deactivtes it. But then they can always put it by their homework and say the dog ate it. Just remember the old adage: You can lead a students to a class room but you can't make them learn.

  7. Does anyone see the irony of the high school involved being named after John Jay?

  8. I wonder what a microwave oven would do to the RFI chip? Oops.

  9. This is where home schooling comes in. It elimenates micro-chipping at the door step. On the other hand the students could be tattooed. It worked for Hitler. Why not Texas.

  10. Bill Smith says:

    ID badges? We don’t need no stinking ID badges!