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Elephants Showed Up After the “Elephant Whisperer” Died

Written by Gary North on November 19, 2012

How would Darwin have explained this?

Back in March, Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist and author known as “The Elephant Whisperer”, passed away. After his death, although they were not alerted to the event, a group of wild elephants Anthony helped to rescue and rehabilitate travelled to his house in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. They stood around the house in an apparent vigil for two days, and then dispersed. Today, the elephants are “completely wild and doing fine” according to Graham Spence, Anthony’s brother-in-law and co-author of three books. . . .

As for the elephants that Lawrence Anthony worked so hard to save, Spence says they are in great spirits at the moment: “The elephants at Thula Thula are completely wild and doing fine, especially with the good rains over the summer”. Spence added that he suspects, “without being overly over-the-top, that the fact they all trooped up to his house the night he died could in some unfathomable way indicate they know he has gone, and accept it as all things that come to pass”.

There are photos of the troop.


Lawrence Anthony was a conservationist and author known as “The Elephant Whisperer” who passed away on March 2nd. In 1999, Anthony rescued and rehabilitated a group of wild South African elephants who were deemed dangerous. And the animals appear to remember what he did for them: when Anthony passed away, a group of elephants visited his house in the South African KwaZulu for a two-day vigil, according to his family. . . .

When Anthony died of a heart attack, the elephants, who were grazing miles away in different parts of the park, travelled over 12 hours to reach his house. According to his son Jason, both herds arrived shortly after Anthony’s death. They hadn’t visited the compound where Anthony lived for a year and a half, but Jason says “in coming up there on that day of all days, we certainly believe that they had sensed it”.

Maybe this was just a random event. Maybe the children of the deceased are reading too much into this. But it may be that elephants don’t just remember. They understand.

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17 thoughts on “Elephants Showed Up After the “Elephant Whisperer” Died

  1. Inohuh Freeman says:

    Not random. Elephants are amazing creatures, especially for their memories and family ties. There are many documentaries some of which have noted how momma elephants who lose their babies stay by the corpse for two or so days mourning. It's no surprise that they would come mourn for a man who helped them so much and became part of their family. Here are a couple of documentary links: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/echo-an-e… AND http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/unforgettable/soci

  2. There is a new and fascinating book, 'Proof of Heaven,' by a neurosurgeon formerly on staff at Harvard Medical School. He went into a coma for seven days, and his book lays out what he saw. His account ties in all details with accounts from children who claim to be reincarnated and who remember details from 'interlife' ('Life Before Life') and with accounts from Tibetan monks (Leary's adaptation of the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'), Aldous Huxley on LSD ('The Doors of Perception' and 'Heaven and Hell'), humans who claim to have visited with ETs off of earth ('Secrets of the Saucers'), and humans who claim to channel ETs ('Seth Speaks' and 'The Law of One').

    So, the neurosurgeon's (he is a nominal Christian) account makes great sense to me.

    I am convinced that there is much spiritual activity going on all around us that we have difficulty perceiving, and it seems plausible that the elephants were expressing true sympathy for the end of Mr. Anthony's (current) life.

    I think we will get great news and will enter a great new chapter on Dec. 21.

  3. gulfpackaging says:

    Elephants understand? Is this a Republican promo?

  4. Of course many would not understand this… just like people living in high rises in the city have no understanding of nature… thye think they can control it.
    It goes along the line of if I can't see it, hear it, touch it, feel it, taste it, it must not be real. Unfortunately, this limits progress and understanding.
    This article is not for the "masses."

  5. hi gulfpackaging why are you such a stupid person????

  6. I do not think the event was random at all. And this rather moving and unusual event is tied both to nature and to the relationship developed between the Elephant whisperer and the elephants. So it was both natural and in a way spiritual, though the elephants certainly do not have immortal souls. Yet Anthony did have a soul and it was nature’s way of paying respect to him, for his kindness, empathy. The elephants have instinctual memory and it is this that led them to Anthony’s house. There is a God who is most just and nature which emulates him.

  7. Jim McClarin says:

    @ James, "though the elephants certainly do not have immortal souls"

    This sounds like an article of faith. I think there are many things possible that transcend our understanding. Don't be so wedded to the answer that you can't remain in the question.

  8. My analysis of elephant’s souls is based upon philosophy and nature — a very deep understanding of philosophy. The souls of the elephants do not have a function in and of themselves, this can be observed, nor can they classify universal concepts (non-particular), communicate this to others, nor have the freedom of self-knowledge and moral actions. Their actions are based upon instinct, which is governed by nature, and not self-knowledge. Their souls therefore are connected to a form and matter (bio-spieces) which passes away with death. Anthony, on the other hand, did have self-knowledge, universal concepts, and the ability to communicate. He alone could save the elephants. He did. His was aware of what he was doing. Elephants simply do not have this spiritual, free capacity.

  9. Henryk Zaleksi says:

    An elephant never forgets.

  10. inthespring says:

    Elephants are amazing.

  11. Norma Stockton says:

    Blessedly, God is not bound by our limited perception of Him or of ourselves and our supposed abilities. We have no idea how much animal species can understand or act upon. At the end of our human lives, I think we will all be saying, "Oh, wow!"

  12. …and exactly how is it we 'know' elephants certainly do not have immortal souls? Just asking.

  13. Yes. When we finally remember where we came from, the life-struggle and all suffering ceases immediately.

  14. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    God created animals, before He created Adam, so I've always believed that, although they may not have souls as we humans have, but they have SOMETHING that is very much similar to it. I've always believed too, that there will be animals in heaven. People think that's silly, but, the Bible plainly says that when Jesus comes back to reclaim this earth, He, and the saints that are with Him, will be riding a white horse. So, if there are horses there, it stands to reason that there will be other animals too. And, the Bible also says that during the millinial reign, the lion will lay down with the lamb, so there will definitely be animals here too. Animals have an inherent ability that humans don't have. And, elephants have it very strongly. Otherwise, why do they travel for so many miles to make it to the elephant graveyard in Africa?

  15. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Because NO liberal will miss a chance to bash a Republican. I don't know why though, since most of our Republican leaders seem to emulate the liberals anyway.

  16. Smart, loving, gentle, loyal, protective, family oriented , great memories and independent …That’s why Republicans symbol is an Elephant .. Now, the Dems are a Jack Ass, feel in the blanks…

  17. If a Democrat died, would a lot of jackasses show up?